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Tuesday 21 March 2017

Mail BBC Brexit Bias Baloney BUSTED

A “76-strong group, made up mainly of Conservative MPs and including former cabinet ministershas claimedmany leave-voting constituencies have felt that their views have been unfairly represented” by the BBC, and added that this was “weakening the BBC’s bond with the 52% who voted leave and all who wish to make a success of the decision made”. Nothing more than anecdotal evidence and “samples of one” is cited.
Those backing this latest assault on the Corporation include, predictably, Iain Duncan Cough, for whom representing views fairly has always been a challenging proposition, as well as Owen Paterson and Theresa Villiers. All of these august beings backed the Leave campaign. It was not the most difficult job for a BBC source to tell the GuardianIt is notable the letter is general in nature with no specific examples”.
Why the f*** does my photo have to appear, c***?!?

But the very suggestion of BBC bias was enough for the legendarily foul mouthed Paul Dacre and his obedient hackery at the Daily Mail, where the move was instantly elevated to front page lead, the thundering headline tellingDozens of MPs accuse Corporation of gloomy coverage … BBC’S BREXIT BIAS STORM”. And there was more.
The letter comes as BBC1’s Countryfile has been accused of pursuing an anti-Brexit agenda”. Well, that’s the whole of New Broadcasting House bang to rights, innit? But do go on. The BBC “was giving too much prominence to diehard Remainers who refuse to accept the referendum result” and “there was too little scrutiny of the aggressive anti-Brexit statements made by some EU officials and leaders, which are often reported as fact”.
Together with all the aggressive anti-EU statements made by the kinds of British politicians signing that letter, which are all too often reported as fact. But the Mail is serious about its attack, and today’s Daily Mail Comment, the authentic voice of the Vagina Monologue, whines plaintivelyIts EU coverage is unremittingly gloomy and, as MPs argue today, dominated by ‘regretful Remainers’ … Is it too much to hope that, once Article 50 is triggered, the BBC will stop painting such a relentlessly negative picture of Brexit Britain?
And, as Jon Stewart might have said, two things here. One, the Beeb is not there to propagandise, which is exactly what pro-Brexit happy talk would be. And two, when it comes to peddling aggressive views on the EU and passing them off as fact, the Mail has no room to talk. From “THE GREAT DELUSION”, shouting down Young Dave’s Brussels negotiations, to “WHO WILL SPEAK FOR ENGLAND?”, it’s done nothing else.
Moreover, the deliberate lying in the last days of the referendum campaign was not merely aggressive, it verged on racist incitement. Readers were treated to totally untrue stories such as “FURY OVER PLOT TO LET 1.5M TURKS INTO BRITAIN”, and of course the unforgettable “WE’RE FROM EUROPE - LET US IN”.

As with the Mail’s stance on libel actions - shoo away the little people and sue sites like Byline Media into silence while cravenly caving in to those who have the means to take them to court - the paper’s attacks on the BBC are utterly hypocritical.

Paul Dacre would not know impartial reporting if it jumped up and kicked him in the undercarriage. Nobody should take lessons on that subject from him. End of story.


pete c said...

Crikey, there I was (and a few of you too, no doubt) thinking that the Beeb wan't doing anything near enough to skewer the Leave position, and - for want of a better word - philosophy.

As for Countryfile. In case you all missed it, this weeks edition reported that it wasn't just the folk who pick your Strawberries and Peas that were already in potentially short supply - Vets specialising in farming work were rather more likely to hail from an EU country than from the UK.

And we all know how secure they feel under the Cruella Mayhem, don't we.

Anonymous said...

"Many vote leaving constituencies" What, whole constituencies where everyone voted to leave the EU? IDS and his fellow r swyppes should be treated like an extreme religious cult.