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Wednesday 29 March 2017

Guido Fawked - Press Backside Wiper

Although his name is largely absent from the dubiously sourced copy churned out in his name nowadays, the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines of Guido Fawkes alleged notoriety has not been totally idle, as the print-only Blogosphere Magazine shows: Staines has featured in an article for the coffee-table bi-monthly, where he no doubt gets to expound the pretence that he is a free spirit of the new journalistic frontier.
This is, of course, total crap, and the only nugget of any worth to come out of the interview is that The Great Guido blew £10,000 betting that Combover Crybaby Donald Trump would not win the US Presidential Election last year. Thus he confirms his continuing conformity to personifying a latter-day Loadsamoney, brandishing his wad as a way of telling the world the his is bigger than yours, and don’t you forget it.

Meanwhile, back at Staines’ obedient rabble who actually write his blog, the idea of independence had the final nail hammered into its coffin yesterday, as readers were treated to not one, but four examples of gratuitous press establishment backside wiping, and typifying this grovelling to his press masters was “Legs-It’s Not Bigotry, It’s Popular Journalism” as the Mail was backed and Owen Jones ritually kicked.
Staines' real boss tells him where he gets off

The idea that the legendarily foul mouthed Paul Dacre and his obedient hackery are in any need of support from Staines is preposterous, as is the idea that yesterday’s puke-making article by Sarah Vine (aka Mrs Michael “Oiky” Gove) was anything other than a typical Dacre broadside to tell his readers that the Little Ladies should know their places, and submit to being made objects of mail gratification rather than independent human beings.

Not that the all-male line-up at the Fawkes blog would be deterred by such considerations, of course: after all, they had more press establishment backsides to wipe, like all of the Europhobic press: “Leavers Walk Out Of Brexit Committee Over Benn’s Highly Partisan Report”, for instance. Trying to set the agenda and pave the way for their pals to behave as badly as ever. Sadly, the “partisan” was not true, nor justified.
Ross Kempsell - the new Fawkes sandwich monitor

And that was only the half-way point: next up was‘Marine A’ Alexander Blackman Could Be Free Within Weeks”. What was the point of the Fawkes folks running a story that the press establishment has already covered exhaustively, other than to let them know of its continuing loyalty? And then came the Pièce de Résistance.

Paul Mason Loses Complaint Against The Sunreally took the biscuit. So sham press regulator IPSO wiped the Murdoch goons’ collected arses. Big deal. But interesting that, unlike the Fatima Manji complaint where Trevor Kavanagh got himself in trouble for putting the boot in on her when he was supposed to be an IPSO board member, the Sun has farmed out the post-complaint kicking to The Great Guido.

There was even an opportunity to gloat, which also reflects badly on Staines: “How does Guido know all this [about how Mason was caught on video]? He hired that reporter”. That “reporter” is called Ross Kempsell. Yes, The Great Guido is so in hock to the press establishment that he hired one of their wannabes. Another fine mess, once again.


Anonymous said...

You sound very very bitter, Tim.

Alan Clifford said...

As establishment mainstream media (that is, all of it) gradually seeps down the drain the sewage flushes back up in the shape of Staines and co.

For just one small example, take a listen to Starkey's loony outburst on the BBC. Which was too much even for far right Nick Robinson. Christ knows how the arm-waving Klingon Norman Smith would have coped.

Meanwhile, take note of the "possibility" of Channel 4 TV "moving out of London." Which sort of fucks up the increasingly dotty Jon Snow's claim that our capital shit hole is "a blessed place."

Plainly, our in-house reactionaries are having a bad time dealing with the internet. There's a rough parallel with the introduction of licensing of printers and pamphleteers in the seventeenth century (and later of newsagents, radio and TV). It didn't stop the inevitable revolution, but it could and did divert it into the hands of a different set of spivs from the monarchy and its hirelings.

Only an alert citizenry can stop a different kind of corruption. But maybe they prefer the drivel of soap operas and professional sport. A bit like the decline of the Roman Empire really. For confirmation of which, consult Edward Gibbon. But definitely not crackpot David Starkey.

Anonymous said...

For your consideration.

Anonymous said...

Ross Kempsell. Not Ross Kemp who, I'd imagine would want to be kept as distant as possible from certain circles.
Oh, he isn't?
A pact, is it?