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Tuesday 7 March 2017

Karen Danczuk In Legal Trouble

One thing that has been made crystal clear to all those who follow the Parliamentary car crash that is Rochdale’s still nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk is that his former wife Karen is not the sharpest tool in the box. And this is a serious problem for someone who aspires to be one of those real Slebs: Kazza, as I noted recently, has a writing style that will not be supplanting the memory of A A Gill. And her self-awareness is no better.
Karen Danczuk - may not have brain plugged in

That does not augur well for someone who goes attention seeking as a means of garnering More And Bigger Media Opportunities For Herself Personally Now. Nor does it help when combined with a clear lack of understanding of our defamation laws, which brings us to a Kazza Twitter excursion on Sunday in which she expressed views about Kate and Gerry McCann which she cannot back up with a shred of evidence.

For reasons not only concerning the defamation law, but also out of respect for the McCanns, who have had more than enough in the way of smears and abuse thrown their way over the recent past, Zelo Street will not be publishing the worst of Kazza’s Tweets, although I have screen shots. Suffice to say that both the Mail and Sun, which carried the story of this particular social media faux pas, have steered well clear.

The Mail gives an idea of why: “Madeleine McCann's parents 'are set to sue' Karen Danczuk over cruel tweets saying they 'have guilt' over their daughter's disappearance … MP's estranged wife launches attack on the parents online following report”. Kazza is not “estranged” from Spanker Si, they are divorced. But hey ho. Do go on.
Kate and Gerry McCann - been through enough already

Ms Danczuk, the estranged wife of Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk, has come under fire after her explosive tweets regarding Kate and Gerry McCann yesterday … She tweeted: 'Anyone who says McCanns are innocent, just remember they left 3 children under the age of 4 alone to go out. Either Way they have guilt! KD’ … Sources close to the family have revealed that the couple … are aware of the comments as are their lawyers”.

And the Murdoch Sun’s headline says it all: “'THEIR LAWYERS HAVE SEEN THE POSTS' Karen Danczuk ‘could face legal action over string of cruel tweets attacking parents of Maddie McCann’ … Her shocking outburst against Kate and Gerry ‘is worthy of being investigated by their lawyers’, their friend said”. Kazza has now deleted the offending Tweets, including the one featured by the Mail and Sun.

So what is going to bring Kazza to the attention of Messrs Carter, Ruck (that name means that if anything happens, it will be painfully expensive for her)? Well, she made the (offensive and wrong) comparison with Karen Matthews and daughter Shannon, for starters. But Kazza was more than happy to leave her kids with Spanker Si, and even have him in under the same roof on that now notorious Spanish holiday.

And we know how that turned out. But after her Twitter tirade the other day, the kind of pain she is likely to undergo will be felt only in her wallet. And the loss of whatever reputation she had. Karen Danczuk’s fifteen minutes is almost up. REJOICE!


@OffCentreNews said...

The Daily Star was not so squeamish, and published more of the really vile tweets. So deletion hasn't removed them from public perusal and yes, many of us took screenshots. Without proof of her claims, certainly I'd say libel.


And yes not so long ago Karen Danczuk was claiming Spanker Si was quote, #alcoholic #arrogant #badtemper #goodwithhis..... and that #truthwillout. That was BEFORE he put her in hospital in Spain, but she's still happy to leave her kids with him? Well who else could she dump them with while she went off to do a publicity seeking stint on the Island? Or off to Spain with David the waiter for photoshoots for the gutter press?

Let's not also forget when Karen's away Simon likes to play... with a 22 year old, on her sofa, with the kids in bed, in 'her' bungalow?

Glass houses & stones anyone?

Still, she got her picture in the papers again and that's all that's important hey?

Bird Dog said...

A shocking series of tweets and allegations. If she is sued 'Madam' Danczuk will be regretting every word she quoted.

This is what happens in our wannabee society - people don't think of the consequences but only about what they can gain from it.

Not only has she lost all admiration or respectability but her two boys will yet again face probable teasing over it in the school yard - it's amazing she thinks it is ok to make comments which will upset other parents (Mccanns) children and yet when people comment on her 'Boys' it's a different matter and she turns feral.

I'd hate to be KD on the school run today or will she be hiding and get the sitters to do her dirty work?

Perry Mason said...

Would there be any financial point in suing her?
Though I suppose it might make her do some tv to earn the damages. Maggot-eating on I'm a Not Very Well-known Celebrity, or what's that one where everyone breaks their legs?

@OffCentreNews said...

Possibly not. Has she even got a job? Doesn't seem like Simon Danczuk's employing her in his office any longer.

The cash she got from selling her original abuse story to the Sun ('family friend' but didn't go to police) she earned £23,000 for it was said in court, and she told police it went to pay off Simon Danczuk's debts. She changed her mind in court and claimed it was in trust for the boys, so who knows.

The cash she got from giving the Sun an 'exclusive' for the rape trial story I doubt would cover her legal fees.

mbc1955 said...

Perry: Would there be any financial point in suing her?

Bankrupting her?

Pour encourager les autres to keep their filthy gobs shut?

Join the Daily Star in the action?

There's fun a-plenty to be had.

Bird Dog said...

Perry Mason. I suspect after this latest car crash following on from her unproven accusations made on Radio 5Live a few weeks ago that she is now regarded as a troublemaker and won't get much of the 'respected' work she says she wants to do. So, yes from now onward it's going to be a downward spiral of cringe worthy appearances. But how low is she prepared to sell herself for her last 5 minutes of fame?

I suspect her PR agent is getting rather fed up of the Cock ups too which won't gain her any favours from them or being put forward for 'work'.