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Tuesday 28 March 2017

Katie Hopkins Hates Reality

Last week’s attack in London is starting to fade from media view, helped on its way by Police confirmation that there was no evidence to suggest the perpetrator Khalid Masood (formerly Adrian Elms) was connected in any way to ISIS (or whatever they’re called this week), or indeed to al-Qaeda. It was also described asspeculation” to suggest that Masood had become radicalised while in prison.
Viewers might want to look away now

So while the authorities will put in place measures to stop anyone with murderous intent getting into the grounds of the Palace of Westminster, and make it nigh-on impossible for a car to be driven at speed along the Westminster Bridge pavement, London and Londoners will very much carry on with life, all creeds, colours and faiths rubbing along together as they have done for decades past. But there has been a dissenting voice in all this.

And that voice, to no surprise at all, comes from pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins, now needing more media appearances than ever before due to that non-trivial legal bill she ran up losing a libel action brought by writer and campaigner Jack Monroe. Hatey Katie has seen an opportunity to generate interest by coming over all contrarian - while at the same time trying make the rest of the world as frightened as her of Scary Muslims (tm).
So off she went on another Mail Online rantfest: “Even if we were to accept all the other answers from the Met Police - about not being radicalised in prison, what he was doing in Saudi, why he chose to relocate to an extremist community - surely one very difficult question remains”. Like what, apart from accusing the cops of lying?

It’s this: how many other Khalids are there out there not being watched? How many other knife-wielding Muslim converts with a penchant for random short visits to Saudi and multiple homes amongst extremists are still operating unseen?” Ms Hopkins manages to miss that the not-yet-a-Muslim Adrian Elms was also a violent criminal.
But she does know that “The faux liberals of London have been brainwashed into believing 'we stand united', that somehow 'walking down a pavement' is the new brave, and that 'carrying on as normal' equates to being resilient and not cowed”. In other words, nobody is listening to her any more. Well, not in the UK. So what to do?
Simples. She is always assured of a hearing on Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse), and so has taken to Twitter to tell “Back with @TuckerCarlson at 2140 eastern - talking about the great multicultural cover up happening here in the UK … Joining @TuckerCarlson tonight. Called a Nazi sympathiser for refusing to sing from the 'we stand united' songsheet”. No, she was called a Nazi sympathiser way before that.
Try again. “This is not the Blitz. We aren't defending the UK. We're asked to be accomplices in its fall. And I refuse to join”. Still no-one cared. How about kicking the BBC? Sure thing: “Mother. Wife. Shocked & saddened. Same language. Same song sheet. Same propaganda. Was there an actual script @BBCNews? N Korea feels free”.

But still no-one who mattered cared. And how will she pay those legal bills after Fox News loses interest? Who knows? And, indeed, who cares? Katie Hopkins doesn’t get London. Worse, she doesn’t get tolerance, fortitude, or forgiveness. Or reality. Sad, really.


Tim Clark said...

You could equally ask "how many more Thomas Mairs are out there?"

Alan Clifford said...

The woman has become so stupid it is now sad.

Take this: "...what he was doing in Saudi, why he chose to relocate to an extremist community..."

Answer: Ask the other thirty-thousand odd Brits living and working in Saudi Arabia. To say nothing of other civilian expats working all over the Arabian Peninsula. Or the military "advisors."

Then take this:"This is not the Blitz."

Answer: No, but she could try "shock and awe" in its place. It sounds SO much better and "acceptable."

What an utter, utter berk.