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Thursday 2 March 2017

Laura Perrins Ain’t Making It

As Zelo Street regulars will have noticed, the double hypocrisy of intolerant and humourless hard-right gobshite Laura Perrins passed before my inspection recently. Ms Perrins, or perhaps she would prefer Mrs Perrins, has inexplicably been given a platform by more than one broadcaster to spout her Europhobic and otherwise anti-Real World views, but sadly very few viewers were impressed by her efforts.
Laura Perrins - far more tedious than she looks

This may not be unconnected to her monotonous and clearly over-rehearsed delivery, the use of abusive terms to describe her targets, the false assumption that her opinion and fact are coincident - rather in the Michelle Malkin mould - and her inability to actually learn from what others may have to bring to the discussion. So how does someone like this push their way to the front of the broadcast bookers’ queue?

Simples. First, Ms Perrins is co-editor of a pretentious blog called The Conservative Woman. Its mission statement praises Andrew Cadman, Paul T Horgan, Chris McGovern, David Keighley - and George Orwell, just to make up the numbers, you understand. These are, of course, all men. But, as with her talk of pride in her married name while using her maiden name for work, and pretending to be a stay-at-home Mum while not being one, hypocrisy is never far away with Ms Perrins. And there’s more.

She and her pals are determined to “take on” the BBC. To this end, she has secured appearances on the BBC News Channel and The Andy Marr Show (tm), which is actually a very good idea for those out on the right looking to get on - after all, this kind of hypocrisy - taking the Beeb’s money while kicking it - is now de rigueur there.

Also to be kicked regularly is feminism. Why? Don’t ask. Just remember that “Women have won their battles. Now they must turn their attention to those they have hurt most - children and men”. So it is that The Conservative Woman attacks feminism: we read thatFeminists have ruined dating for women”, “Feminism is a get out of jail free card”, and Ms Perrins chips in by reminding us that feminism is Marxism.

To keep in with the hard right, The Conservative Woman is virulently Europhobic, so when John Major suggested recently that we might do well to consider carefully what was being done in leaving the EU, Ms Perrins appeared on the BBC News Channel paper review and loudly and monotonously denounced him as “discredited”, dispensing abuse as she went her humourless way. That her native Ireland is so pro-EU did not get a mention.

And then comes Political Correctness. The RAF has banned the wearing of skirts! How terrible an indictment of “lefty lunacy” is that? Er, actually this only applies to the parade ground, so it has sweet Jack to do with the operational effectiveness of the armed forces. But it’s very useful for humourless grandstanding. This is yet another attempt at self-promotion - and it’s another one that has fallen flat.

We’ve already got Katie Hopkins, Julia Hartley Dooda, Isabel Oakeshott, and all the Mail and Sun pundits. Some of them can even muster a sense of humour. Laura Perrins may be having her fifteen minutes right now. But it will, thankfully, come to an end.


Alan Clifford said...

Careful, Tim...."hard right"?

Didn't you know, there's no setch animal? But everyone knows there's a "hard left" that is taking over everywhere.

Meanwhile...."...feminism is Marxism..." - Jesus wept, Emily Pankhurst was a commie! Who'da thought THAT?

rob said...

"Laura Perrins Ain’t Making It"

Worcester Sauce? One of Guidos?