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Friday 24 March 2017

Littlejohn - The Terrorist’s Friend

After the London attack has come the array of variously clueless pundits spewing out their drivel for the right-leaning part of the Fourth Estate - drivel that, by the most fortunate of coincidences, matches the agenda of those papers, which holds, more or less, that it’s all the fault of Tony Blair. Yuman Rights, Political Correctness, and not being able to share a joke which calls all brown and black people racist and abusive names.
Multiculturalism, Guv? Iss too long a word, innit?!?

This has, with sad inevitability, brought us to the latest rather less than magnum opus from the Daily Mail’s tedious and unfunny churnalist Richard Littlejohn, who knows all about the state of Britain today, living as he does not in north-east London, which he occasionally pretends to do, but in North Vero Beach, which is in the southern US state of Florida.

Dicky Windbag can find a good word only for one person involved in Wednesday’s attack, the Police officer who was fatally stabbed by the attacker, whom he persistently labels as a “jihadi”, although Khalid Masood was born Adrian Elms just over 52 years ago and was a violent criminal before he converted to Islam. For everyone else involved, Littlejohn has only contempt, and is prepared to lie through his teeth to back it up.

His first big lie is aimed at demonising MPs: “The real heroes were on Westminster Bridge and in New Palace Yard, trying to save lives. They weren’t cowering in the secure confines of the Commons chamber, tweeting … Although this attack has been painted, with justification, as an assault on the Mother of Parliaments, there was never any danger to a single MP inside its walls”. Where does one start?

One, there certainly was danger to MPs: had Masood known where to go, he could have found dozens of them in one or other division lobbies, and without being stopped or having to show a pass (this is being reviewed as I type). Two, MPs did not “cower”. They were locked in by the cops. And three, I’m sure Tobias Ellwood, the MP who selflessly tried to save PC Keith Palmer, will appreciate Dicky Boy suggesting he’s a coward.

Still, it was the “political class” at fault: they “have fostered the conditions which allow Islamist fundamentalism to flourish in Britain … They encouraged the pernicious doctrine of ‘multiculturalism’ - which is just a fancy word for apartheid and has created vast, monocultural Muslim ghettoes in our great cities”. Apartheid, is it?

Do we have pass laws? No. How about segregation on public transport? No. Any sport where we segregate by race and/or colour? No. Segregation in education and higher education? No. Segregation in politics? No. Racial discrimination in the workplace? No. Racial discrimination in the Police? No. NHS? No. Fire and rescue? No. So we don’t have Apartheid - except in the disease-ridden bonce of Richard Littlejohn.

The politicians have opened the floodgates to mass immigration without insisting on integration”. What’s “integration”? Not being allowed to follow a chosen religion? Being shamed and bullied by the Daily Mail into behaving as the Vagina Monologue dictates?

But that political class also “permitted foreign hate preachers from cruel theocracies to set up shop here”. Who? Abu Hamza? He was from Egypt (not a theocracy). Abu Qatada? He was born in Bethlehem. You heard of Bethlehem, Dicky boy?

Still, “As a result [of what the political class allegedly did], it is possible to spend your entire life here without ever subscribing to one of our traditional values”. You mean the Scary Muslims (tm) don’t read the Daily Mail? Well, that’s them bang to rights, and no mistake.

And don’t forget, “Over the past couple of decades, politicians have turned Britain into a safe haven for terrorists from all over the world, thanks to Tony Blair’s disastrous yuman rites act, which he once described as his proudest achievement in politics”. Two things here. One, if there are so many terrorists, why does it take so many years for any of them to kill anyone? And Two, that “Yuman Rights Act” is being cited by the paper you write for when it suits it. But do go on.

They lavish welfare benefits on the scum of the earth and refuse to deport them even when they are convicted of serious offences or are quite clearly hell-bent of doing us harm”. One, you’re just lying, and two, we don’t. This dishonesty would get Littlejohn’s arse wiped by IPSO as it’s “only an opinion column”, so don’t bother complaining about it.

Try some humour. “Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of young men and women born and bred in this country have travelled to Syria to join Izal”. Dicky, you’re a twat. It isn’t funny, and in any case, Masood didn’t go to Syria.

Oh, and don’t compare this to Jo Cox’s killing, because that was a specifically targeted attack (he says). That’s why someone else was gravely wounded in it.

The reality of Khalid Masood, né Adrian Elms, is that he was a violent criminal before he became a Muslim. Had he knocked someone over in his car, but not been a follower of the prophet, Littlejohn would have either not batted an eyelid, or excused him as being a “lone wolf”. The Westminster attacker wasn’t part of some international jihadi conspiracy.

Telling his pack of lies, which concludes with another whopper - “In the Nineties, the political class took the view that provided the Islamists didn’t commit any acts of terror on British soil, they were welcome to operate with impunity” - doesn’t excuse this tactic.

Richard Littlejohn is a liar, a bigot, and a prime example of “Power without responsibility”. He has the brass neck to lecture us from the safety of his gated mansion in Florida. The only certainty is that this kind of shit-stirring and rabble-rousing will only inflame tensions and bring closer the moment that someone else does something inadvisable - whatever their race or religion. But then, hatred is what the Mail and its pundits are all about.

In this way, they and the terrorists continue their symbiotic relationship. I give you Richard Littlejohn, the terrorist’s friend.


Arnold said...

England is the mother of parliaments. I hate it when people misuse the quote.

GCU Grey Area said...

Rush me my subscription to those traditional values. I understand that if I'm not entirely satisfied with Daily Mail Traditional Values that I can cancel my subscription at any time, and use the papers I've received as a handy substitute for Izal, in the event of a total collapse of society, brought about by not subscribing to traditional values.

Alan Clifford said...

I have nothing but contempt for Blair......But "...Tony Blair’s disastrous yuman rites act..." isn't one of the reasons. Not that that concept had much to do with him anyway - not the notion, and not in action in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

In any case, Littlejohn's tories don't subscribe to Human Rights legislation. They keep saying so. You would have thought a crackpot sock puppet like him would be "happy" with that.

Stephen said...

I love the way that whenever something like this happens the Right all queue up to do exactly what the terrorists want them to do. It's almost like they're being paid for it.

D Trump said...

I gotta tell ya folks. I've been struggling to determine what a terrorist is. I can't fathom it so I just ban everybody.

Maybe I could ask the Daily Mail to Google it for me.
I haven't worked out how to do this iPhone thing.

Great phones. Great people who make these phones.

Who makes them?
I'm stumped if I know.

Sam Best said...

So I guess Littlejohn slept through the IRA bombing campaigns in the UK which killed more Brits on home soil than any other terrorist actions. Perhaps he's never heard of Carlos the Jackal but then he does write for the Daily Wail which re-writes history as we speak and ignores it's own history in praising one of the world's great mass murderers A. Hitler. The sad truth is terrorism in some form or manner has always been with us. Maybe they don't get the news down in Littlejohn's red-neck of the woods in Florida.

iMatt said...

These pisspoor reactionary articles from the likes Litlejohnson, Hopkins and Young are no doubt pre-penned for events such as this. They are thus simply rolled out with just a name changed here and there.