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Wednesday 1 March 2017

Julia Hartley Brewer Self Promotion FAIL

With the number of pundits available to bookers of panel shows, paper reviews and breakfast sofas exceeding the number of opportunities available, some of the Pundit Establishment are inevitably finding it hard going to get themselves into the position where they can participate in the “Look at me” game and thereby score More And Bigger Self-Promotion Opportunities For Themselves Personally Now.
Excuse ME, don't you know WHO I AM?!?

And one of the Pundit Establishment’s more trying members - which, given the position well up the Pain In The Arse scale where so many of them reside - is clearly feeling the lack of media adoration more than most: step forward Talk Radio host Julia Hartley Brewer, whose Twitter bio advertises “After-dinner speaker and awards host”, the kind of unsubtle torture which I would be hard pressed to want inflicted on my worst enemy.
So it was no surprise to see Ms Hartley Dooda trying to whip up some attention this morning by doing what she does so well (or badly, depending on your point of view): attacking feminism and feminists. Her target was actor Emma Watson: “Emma Watson: ‘Feminism, feminism... gender wage gap... why oh why am I not taken seriously... feminism... oh, and here are my tits!’” she shrieked.
Talk Radio - how DULL is that?

Wait, what? Ms Watson wasn’t showing off “her tits”, despite the Murdoch goons at the Sun channelling Leslie Phillips and telling readers “Ding dong, belle”, followed by describing her as “topless” and wearing a “peek-a-boob stole”. Was Talk Radio that dull? Well, with “sex education classes for kids, secondary school offer day & giving up salt & vinegar crisps for Lent, all on my @talkRADIO show today”, make that a Yes.
Sad to say, Ms Hartley Dooda garnered very little more than disdain and ridicule for her efforts, and so off she went again: “Angry feministas are cross with me for criticising Emma Watson. Apparently this pic on *Page 3* of the Sun isn't hypocritical at all. Sigh”. Feminism does not preclude fashion shoots. But do go on (as if she needs any prompting).
So getting your tits out for a posh magazine is empowering, but doing it for page 3 of the Sun is exploitation” she observed, on learning that the photo was from a Vanity Fair photoshoot for this week’s edition. And Ms Watson was not getting her tits out.
Naomi Lemur, in less than totally serious mode, prodded Ms Hartley Dooda with an image of a completely covered body: “Yep, because there are absolutely no clothing options for women that are in between this thing and getting your tits out. None at all” replied The Great Woman. SHE STILL ISN’T GETTING HER INTERCOURSING TITS OUT.
How much attention did this score? Only enough for someone to suggest that she was one of those “dried up old white women”. Ms Hartley Dooda tried and failed to do a Derek Jameson in reply: “‘Dried up old white women’. I think she means me”.

In any case, “dried up” was probably wide of the mark. It would have been far more accurate to have said “washed up”. Do I mean her? I surely do.


Stephen said...

Even though Watson didn't, it is possible to be a feminist and get one's tits out. See Annie Sprinkle, for one.

Alan Clifford said...


What's the difference between "Grabbing pussy" and "Get yer tits out fer th'lads"?

Just imagine the apoplexy if Jeremy Corbyn had written such a thing.....

Pompey Fan said...

Equivalence of the Day. No 3 of a series.

Grabbing pussy=Get yer tits out fer th'lads.