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Thursday 9 March 2017

Farage Caught With Russian Agent

[Update at end of post]

As if to confirm that the Ecuadorian embassy in London’s Knightsbridge district (also where you can find Harrod’s, so they aren’t exactly slumming it) does not have a back entrance, former UKIP OberscheissenfĂĽhrer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage was unable to escape the attention of the media today after someone spotted him going in to the building.
Squeaky espionage finger up the bum time 

As Mr Thirsty isn’t known to be visiting that country any time soon, his visit can only have had one purpose, and that would be to see Julian Assange, who has been holed up there for the last five years, having claimed asylum as a result of his desire to avoid being extradited to Sweden to face rape charges. Assange is petrified that Sweden might in turn allow his extradition to the USA, resulting in a long stretch in a Stateside slammer.

This is mainly down to Assange being the presence behind WikiLeaks, which last week published a trove of documents which were claimed to show the US Security Agencies were using computer systems, mobile phones and even smart TVs to snoop on their targets. Farage’s excuses when challenged were characteristically lame.

His first response was to say that he couldn’t remember who he had just seen during his visit, which causes the thought to enter that they sup some strong stuff at the Ecuadorian embassy - even for Farage. His next excuse was to say that he never discussed where he went or who he saw. Like those visits to the USA to meet Combover Crybaby Donald Trump, which he never discussed or publicised - much.
Mr Thirsty was accompanied in his visit, to see someone he forgot about and so can’t discuss, with a representative of broadcaster LBC, where he has inexplicably been given a regular show. So the most probable conclusion is that he’d gone to interview Assange as part of that show. But Farage’s move, even with that relatively innocent explanation, was supremely ill-judged, so much so that our own security services may be having a word.

For Farage fans, I’ll take this one nice and slowly. It is giving no secrets away to say Julian Assange is, right now, regarded as having become compromised by Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin and his gangsterist clique of thugs, crooks, extortionists, mafiosi and execution practitioners in Moscow. Assange is terribly sensitive to this suggestion, and cuts up rough when such claims are made to him, but that is where he is right now.

Assange has also played a key role in the highly partisan leaking of information during the US Presidential campaign, which was clearly designed to disadvantage the cause of Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton - and by implication boost Trump. Trump, who has told how much he loves WikiLeaks - well, until this week’s tranche - is in increasing trouble over his Russia connections. Farage is widely regarded as an asset of the Trump gang.

 For those reasons alone, Farage visiting the Ecuadorian embassy to see Assange will be regarded, rightly or wrongly, as Trump’s man playing go-between with someone who is now regarded as a Russian asset - or even agent, if you will. For someone who claims to be a true British patriot, that is off the “damaging” scale. And for LBC, whose representative accompanied Mr Thirsty, it looks equally bad.

Nigel Farage needs to come clean on what he’s doing right now. Alternatively, others will simply add two and two and get a number not unadjacent to four.

[UPDATE 10 March 0910 hours: for those believing that the visit by Farage to the Ecuadorian embassy was a trivial event, and especially those still convinced that Julian Assange has not been totally compromised by the Russians, here are two snippets to perhaps provoke a re-think.

One, media across the USA has reported the Farage visit - except, as Media Matters has noted, the one outlet where Mr Thirsty is a regular pundit, Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse).

Why Fox, shameless Trump boosters, should overlook the event I will leave to others to decide.
Meanwhile, as Kelly Sennholz has pointed out, "Russian News announced the WikiLeaks dump on Hillary [Clinton] 20 min before they were leaked".

Those protesting at my characterisation of Assange might pause and consider how Russian media had that information at that stage. I'll just leave that one there]


Alan Clifford said...

Does anybody have any evidence that Assange is "...compromised by Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin and his gangsterist clique of thugs, crooks, extortionists, mafiosi and execution practitioners in Moscow"?

Also evidence of said "clique"?

I always prefer evidence to assertion.

Thanks in advance.

Milo End Road said...

Farage is the sort of embarrassing Englishman who wears red trousers at the weekend and a panama hat as soon as the sun peeps through the drizzle. Panama hats don't come from Panama only through it, on their way from Ecuador. I think that good old Nigel, the people's champion, popped in to the Ecuador embassy to try to blag a freebie, being on his uppers having lost his dodgy EU incomes, having to maintain all those women and having to buy his rounds of gold leaf and IPA when out with Herr Drumpf.
Farage's presence in the embassy is an irrelevance and just another example of elite libtard snowflake virtue-signalling faggot Crewe-based fake news.

Sapa Inca said...

@Milo End Road
Panama hats got their name when workers building the Panama Canal needed something light and airy to shield them from the fierce sunshine. You're right, the hats are made in Ecuador.
I thought Fartage wears a Panama to remind him about matters off-shore.

Anonymous said...

Assange's actions speak for themselves. He became a partisan political player by releasing Democrat emails while claiming if he had Trump emails he would release them.
This was a disingenuous claim by a man who is not stupid (but is foolish). He & Wikileaks knew they would be disadvantaging one political party in an important US election. Coupled with Assange's repeated claims in interviews that he hated Hilary Clinton and considered her the Devil Incarnate, to pretend Assange was acting nobly is an insult.

There is plenty of evidence in Assange interviews where he expresses similar attitudes to Steve Bannon- a wish to 'destroy' society as it is and rebuild it presumably in the manner they prefer.

The lies & deceptions of Assange & Wikileaks have been continuous : from Assange claiming he had no idea where the Democrat leaks came from to then claiming, as the Russian influence claims surfaced, that it definitely was not from Russia. Along with Wikileaks' (Assange) endless tweeting of the ridiculous @pizzagate claims right up to the US election day.

Almost every journalist including Nick Davies who we can accept as having ethics, has ended up despising their contact with Assange after concluding he is vain, a misogynist and a bully and has a fierce hatred for anything remotely to the 'left' in politics but has a sort of hybrid Libertarian desire to trash all governmental control.

Some have trashed a lifelong distinguished career like John Pilger by promoting Assange's total falsehoods at a crucial time in the US election : Pilger's widely
distributed interview with Assange where he claimed the 'establishment' was rigged against Donald Trump and would never allow him to win. Some forecast.

While Assange may be where he is because of political machinations, it's largely his own fault. As for any alleged Russian 'asset' claim- if it walks and quacks it really is a duck sometimes. Every action Assange has done recently has aided Donald Trump and been in lock step with reputed Russian aims. Co-incidence? Perhaps but unlikely. When you set out to aid the murderous Vladimir Putin you are an 'asset' even if it as a useful idiot.
Alan Clifford needs to bone up on how espionage actually works.

Anonymous said...

You should definitely call Farage on LBC, see what he has to say when confronted about the many things stated in this blog.


J said...

Another interesting thing about the Assange/wikileaks angle is that all the F*x news talking heads are all talking (twittering) about how the leak of the FBI hacking looking like Russia is proof that Russia was not involved in trump or the dnc leaks...

Anyone would think that Repubs would rather believe that Russia was its friend and that America was its enemy and that Trump was not helped by the nice Russians and that nice Mr Assange. (I'll ignore Niggle Fartarse's involvement as he is eminently ignorable, except to say that Russia is his friend as well.)

Anonymous said...


you need to cross-reference with the similarly tenacious Booman Tribune blog - he's just made a startling connection between Assange, Farage and the Trump campaign - was our Nigel acting as a go-between?