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Thursday 23 March 2017

London Attack - InfoWars Moron Speaks

While the real news media was trying to make sense of events as they unfolded yesterday, while finding the time to also report them, the bottom feeders of the conspiracy theory right wing were busily trying to shape what news they could lay their hands on into the desired form, which was, as so often, one where the Scary Muslims (tm) could be dumped on.
Paul Watson - fantasy versus reality

Nowhere was this more apparent than in the little world of Walter Mitty act-alike Paul Watson, who now calls himself an “editor at large” for Alex Jones’ crackpot rant site otherwise known as InfoWars. These less than august beings occupy that space way out on the right also inhabited by the convocation of the irredeemably batshit that is Breitbart.
And despite his grand title, Watson is not a proper journalist, and therefore cannot claim any press credentials. So although he is walking distance from the incident - in Battersea - he is, it seems, confined to his bunker and only able to declare “Terror attack in London” because he saw something on Mail Online. But he could also tell “This was the series of events” because he had seen a map somewhere on social media.
In any case, he was soon into his racist and conspiracy wacko stride, with “Terrorist described as ‘Asian’. In the UK, Asian is the politically correct way of saying Muslim or Middle Eastern” and then “BBC & Sky News noticeably not reporting eyewitness descriptions of terrorist that are being reported elsewhere”. SCARY CONSPIRACY!
There just HAD to be one of those Muslims at fault. Of course - blame Sadiq Khan! So there was Watson, knowingly Tweeting “I’ll just leave this here” and including a report that suggested Khan said terror attacks were “part and parcel” of living in a major city. But Khan actually said “THE THREAT of terror attacks”. Watson can’t even lie convincingly.
Then it was back to pretending he knew what he was talking about: “I saw high police activity near Albert Bridge 3 miles away from scene of London attack before it happened. Maybe were aware of a threat”. Looked out of the window while washing his fingers and saw a couple of cop cars and a meat van. Have another go.
Notably, terror attack happened on the day when the attacker would have known Prime Minister Theresa May was inside Parliament”. Yeah, right. That’s just speculation - Theresa May was actually in Parliament when the attack happened, but at 1440 hours, more than two hours after PMQs concludes, the attacker cannot have KNOWN.
Still, there were always rotten lefties to goad, eh? “So now it's time for leftists to express their concern about people being mean to Muslims even as victims are still dying in hospital”. Nobody was talking about Muslims except you and your pals. Try again. “Left's response to the terror attack is to get angry at Tommy Robinson, the guy who repeatedly warned about the very terrorist responsible”. No he didn’t, he got the wrong man.

Paul Watson gets traction for his puerile bigotry from the kinds of people who credit InfoWars with credibility. Otherwise he’d be better employed keeping himself occupied with a few dirty books and a hanky. And leaving this kind of thing to the grownups.


A.Robot (Mrs) said...

1. Did this little twat get the Sadiq Khan total misquote from Trump's dimwit son (who also proclaimed it yesterday)or did Trumpspawn get it from the little twat? Is this what's called a circle-jerk in jerk circles? I love it when they make their stupidity and gullibility so embarrassingly public like this.
2. 'In the UK, Asian is the politically correct way of saying Muslim or Middle Eastern'. Really? 'Lawrence of Asia', was it? Mohamed, prophet of the Asian religion? Is the little twat writing this for the consumption of his even stupider equivalents in the US? Or is he pretending to be as stupid as them to ingratiate himself?

Time to re-sit his A-levels I think.

Tim Fenton said...


ITYM GCSEs. I doubt Paul Watson ever got to "A" Levels.

SteveB said...

Conspiracy? Probably not. Not everything accounted for? I fear so.

Find the Aaron Tsang video which virtually every news organisation on the planet has used. Now, it seems from the various higher level photos elsewhere that the PC was murdered just inside the gates, to the right. And the attacker was shot by "plain clothes" police afterwards. Play the video with sound on. The gunshots can be heard, 14 seconds later a dark blue BMW appears coming out of the gates and seemingly from where the PC lay. That looks very much like one of the armoured cars used by certain cabinet ministers, who also have armed bodyguards. So who was in it? May appears in another video taken from a Westminster office, her guards are pushing her into a silver Jaguar so it probably wasn't her, but it does seem that the attacker got very close to someone with a "high value".

Alan Clifford said...

The thing that strikes me about that right-panel photo is how Watson has the same mad stare as Matthew Hancock, the tory far right loon.

Are they by some chance related?

The left-panel merely looks like the Yorkshire Ripper.

pete c said...

Doesn't do much to discourage these premier league tossers, when the BBC, like last night, feels it is justified in getting comments from Paul Nuttall.

At least we were spared any of the usual rabid gob-shites on QI last night. For once. Probably be full of them next week.

Brittun Frist said...


If you replay the video for long enough you can clearly see that the mystery man in the armoured car is Edward Heath.

Anonymous said...

Some media sources wait for facts before reporting. Something Watson - Who ridicules the namesake of Sherlocks famous sidekick wouldn't know much about by the looks.

Was it elementary My Dear Watson?
No, it was basic qualification.

SteveB said...

Apparently someone thinks it funny that a car was driven through the murder scene and past the body of the PC.

The first tweet of Watsons shows a DailyMail photo of the scene, this seems to be just by the hedge that the BMW appears from behind, left side of the orange cone would go to the gate, right side to the underground carpark. So the police on hands and knees searching for evidence in later photos had better check the tyres of the BMW.

Anonymous said...

If Watson had been paying attention to the rolling news coverage (as I was) he would have heard the initial 'eyewitness' reports that there were two men in the attack car: one was described as black or Asian, the other was described as being WHITE... guess that wouldn't have fit with Watson's agenda.

The car that was seen leaving past the body of the dying policeman may well have been Defence Secretary Michael Fallon's - it's believed it was his armed protection officer who shot dead the attacker.