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Sunday 12 March 2017

Don’t Menshn Andrew Neil

As if to underscore in spades my view on (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch and her tendency to take nuggets of valuable information, but very soon afterwards veer wildly away from the real world and into the realms of the totally gaga, she appeared before the inquisition of host Andrew Neil on today’s edition of the Sunday Politics and showed a rather wider audience than Zelo Street that she is not dealing from a full deck.
(c) Doc Hackenbush 2014

Her problem was twofold: not merely believing her own propaganda, but that her opening mastery of the exchanges - correcting Brillo on the nature of the FISA warrant she has discussed at some length, and backing it up with noting that both the BBC and Guardian had effectively validated that part of her claim - led her in to a false sense of security. One should never take that for granted when Neil is asking the questions.

And it was not long before the wheels came off the Mensch wagon in no style at all. What evidence, she was asked, did she have for the suggestion that Combover Crybaby Donald Trump should be impeached? There was, she asserted, a “whole mound of evidence”, and pointed to Trump’s off-the-cuff suggestion that the Russians “release all of Hillary Clinton’s emails”. But, Neil countered, this was not evidence.

This, though, was merely a sighting shot: Brillo then switched to Ms Mensch’s claim that Andrew Breitbart was murdered on the orders of Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin (covered by Zelo Street HERE) and that Breitbart’s successor Steve Bannon was somehow connected to bomb threats against Jewish community centres. Ah, Ms Mensch countered, but she only believed that, and had not reported it. It was only on Twitter.
Not sure he'll want to chew on that for long

Try telling Sally Bercow and Katie Hopkins that. “You may believe that there are fairies at the bottom of your garden - that doesn’t make it true” pointed out an increasingly exasperated Neil. Perhaps, he mused, “we could get the rules right”, and suggested Ms Mensch was rather new to this journalism lark (he was being far too kind: Ms Mensch would have difficulty distinguishing journalism from a hole in the ground).

At this point, Ms Mensch made a fatal mistake. She patronised Neil and accused him of jealousy. She then doubled down on the patronising line. This did not server her well, as Neil then switched to her self-description as a “temporary superpower”. Had she become delusional (don’t ask)? As ever, Ms Mensch had a reasoned explanation, or one that made sense to her, but by the end her credibility was well and truly shot.

Her claims that “reporting” and “belief” were different, and rambling introduction of “faith” had been enough to leave Neil’s resident panel in stitches, and that was not merely the likes of Julia Hartley Dooda (and her attention seeking trousers) but also Steve Richards, who might have thought he’d seen it all, before ending the experience gobsmacked.

Louise Mensch somehow doesn’t understand that all of your reportage can be thrown back at you in interviews - and quite legitimately. She can have no complaints.


pete c said...

Crikey. Away with the fairies hardly gets close, does it. (Had to crank up IPlayer for this).

Hopefully the last time a Beeb pay-cheque heads in her direction.

Anonymous said...

Can't quite work out if she's a lone bandit or doing sombodies dirty work.
Seems to be a lot of excrement being thrown by certain circles at big news agencies at present. Except for one.

One does wonder but one might not have to.

Anonymous said...

Who at the BBC thinks using licence fee payers money on such a waste of space is money well spent?

A.Robot (Mrs) said...

Was Mensch claiming that her claimed ADHD enables her to make out patterns and shapes in a given collection of phenomena, which are imperceptible to people without the condition? That explains a lot. Her 'belief', given that her condition makes that belief unassailable by ordinary mortals' logic, obviously trumps established fact.
So if David Icke can show Mensch a sick note proving that he's got more severe ADHD than her, she'll take his word on the lizards business. And if Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway, Bannon and Trump come up with the requisite medical report we can never accuse them of lying again.

So our Louise is an idiot savant, and we all just thought she was an idiot. Seems we all need to apologise .........

Alan Clifford said...

There are few "better" reactionary pairings than fart-in-a-bottle UnterMensch and that Murdoch creep Neil. They deserve each other.

The only reason Neil "interviewed" her was because she is now plainly COMPLETELY fruitloop. She exposes Neil's hypocritical propaganda because she is too obviously neo fascist. Therefore, Harding (the other far right Murdoch messenger boy) had Neil brought out of his kennel in full sweaty yapping mode.Altogether it had the attraction of a car crash in slow motion - both cars ended up in a wreck.

Has anybody yet cornered Neil for his part in the Sunday Murdoch Hillsborough lies? Which, lest we forget, were also headlined "The Truth," just to demonstrate how closely the Murdoch goons fall into line.

It would be nice to see both Neil and MacKenzie interviewed by the Hillsborough families and their lawyers. But of course we'll never see that. They're too busy running for cover every time The Truth gets near them and their employers.

So......Neil? A far right gobshite no more or less than Untermensch. Don't kid yourself.

Pompey Fan said...

Equivalence of the Day: No 5 in a series