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Friday 18 August 2017

Rebel Media In Meltdown

Many observers of the far-right will have heard of Rebel Media, the outfit run by Canadian conservative activist Ezra Levant, if only because it has been the conduit for the Muslim bashing hate speech peddled by Stephen Yaxley Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson, recently. Also involved with Yaxley Lennon has been Caolan Robertson, if only to hold the microphone and make the former EDL leader look more important.
Ezra Levant

And it was Robertson who announced yesterday that he had parted company with Levant, claiming not merely to have been sacked, along with his producer, but that Levant had tried to offer him “Hush Money” - the choice of words was Levant’s, and Robertson recorded the conversation - not to make waves following the split.

Levant could be heard suggesting that Robertson behave in a “smart” manner to make light of his separation from Rebel Media, citing the behaviour of former contributors Lauren Southern and Jack Posobiec. But just so that Robertson got the hint, Levant also talked about retaining the services of Kingsley, Napley - that means it’s expensive - who would make phone calls and otherwise prevail on those who had incurred his displeasure.

There has been no word from Yaxley Lennon yet - other than to claim that he doesn't know very much about what has happened - but it is clear from what Robertson says in his video exposé that Rebel Media is in potentially serious trouble. Levant is accused of making rather more money than he needs, and the Canadian revenue service wants to look at Rebel Media’s accounts.

So Levant, in response, totally lost his shit and claimed “that he's being blackmailed … He's alleging that there were repeated demands for money from former Rebel Media employees in the United Kingdom”. His problem is that Robertson’s recording of Levant’s words shows The Great Man offering several thousand pounds of “Hush Money”.
Caolan Robertson - sacked

Moreover, in the meantime “iPolitics has reported that more than 250 companies and institutions have ‘confirmed they will pull their ads from Rebel Media, according to an online group that targets far-right websites’”. The report noted “Right-wing broadcaster and Rebel Media cofounder Brian Lilley severed ties with the outlet earlier this week”.

Why might that be? Lilley explained “I am not comfortable being associated with a group that, rightly or wrongly, is being increasingly viewed as associated with the likes of Richard Spencer … Like many of you, I had family that fought the Nazis, I never want to be in the same room as one”. And there is another problem for Levant.

That is the long line of those he has defamed, and who have either taken legal action, or threatened it in order to force Levant to apologise. The roll of honour includes, predictably, George Soros. There have also been claims that Levant is using legal action, or the threat of it, just to silence critics. Caolan Robertson suggested that in his video. He also claims Levant tried to poach Paul Watson, aka Prison Planet, from Alex Jones.

All of which shows the alt-right in yet more disarray. Couldn’t happen to more deserving people.


J said...

So the alt-reich/new-reich mini-Milo wanabe has had enough and is revolting (pun fully intended).

What will cow-lan do now... slagging off rubble media for their dodgy funding practises... oh thats right, he's begging for money directly so he can carry on living the playboy, devil may care, lifestyle he's become accustomed too.

Oh how I laughed as I watched; for all of three seconds, got bored, then went and watched paint dry - something far more interesting, and intellectually stimulating, than listening to his whining little voice.

Sam Best said...

Oh dear. Perhaps Rebel Media will lose the voice of former Australian Labor leader Mark Lathan who has transformed over the years into a right-wing, Nuslim bashing loony. What a motley crew they are.