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Monday 14 August 2017

Murdoch And The Jewish Question

For the Murdoch press, the old adage is that if you want to know what the boss is thinking, you should read a Sun editorial. But there is one other reliable conduit for the thoughts of Don Rupioni, and that is his faithful retainer Trevor Kavanagh, still a fixture at the paper, still churning out prejudicial unpleasantness and dog-whistles to order, and still, whisper it quietly, on the board of sham press regulator IPSO.
Why did Kavanagh cross the road? Because he understood it was in his interests to do so

His Monday morning rant, innocuously titledNow Philip Hammond is finally Out he must shut the door behind him and take control over our laws, our trade and especially immigration” looks on the face of it to be yet another predictable and tedious tirade against all those ghastly foreigners on mainland Europe who don’t appreciate how great we are.

But it is nothing of the sort: soon, Kav takes the result of a recent poll to move his agenda elsewhere: “The most significant LSE poll finding is not on the economy but on border controls. Even Remainers want to halt free movement. Terrorist attacks here and across Europe will have heightened anxiety. So will mounting anger over the way some young, single migrant men treat Western women”. Can you guess where he’s going yet?

Sweden fears it is losing its identity as a nation. Germany is fighting a wave of rape and other sex crimes”. When did Sweden express that fear, except in the ramblings of Combover Crybaby Donald Trump and the inventions of far-right websites? Ditto the supposed “wave” of rape and other sex crimes in Germany. But dog-whistling, eh?

Do go on. “Greece, Italy and Spain are swamped by a tide of immigration which is changing the face of Europe for ever”. Swamped. Tide. Changing the face. The Other is coming here and imposing change on us. Be afraid, Sun readers. Be very afraid.
On he rails: “And still the EU has no coherent policy for dealing with the millions more on their way … But there is one unspoken fear, gagged by political correctness, which links Britain and the rest of Europe … The common denominator, almost unsayable until last week’s furore over Pakistani sex gangs, is Islam”. Millions of them on their way. Gagged. Political correctness. Fear. Sex gangs. Islam. Whistle those doggies!

And don’t forget “Albanian and Bulgarian child sex traffickers setting up shop across Britain”. Bulgarians? Are they Muslims too? Whatever. And it’s the BBC’s fault (again).

The Government are complicit, too: “British authorities have long deliberately disregarded Muslim sex crimes”. That’s why the perpetrators get locked up, then. Oh, and it’s Tony Blair’s fault. And George Osborne’s. And “German Chancellor Angela Merkel indiscriminately waved in a million more so-called refugees from Africa, Afghanistan and Pakistan”. Pakistan! Gangs! Rape! Coming to get us all! Get those doggies whistled!

That’ll be why Angela Merkel is on course to win the German elections, then. But then he drops it, in true 1930s propagandist style: “One day soon … we will be back in charge of immigration. What will we do about The Muslim Problem then?

Back then it was “The Jewish Question”. Now it’s “The Muslim Problem”. In the space of 80 years, not much else has changed. That Rupert Murdoch cosies up to Trump, enabler of the neo-Nazi right in the USA, and approves this incitement, is not a coincidence.


Anonymous said...

The real point about Kavanagh and his ilk is just how evil and rotten they are. These are not exaggerated words.

Look to Charlotesville, Virginia to see where it all leads. Much more of it and it leads to Auschwitz, Belsen and Sobibor.

After all the lessons of the twentieth century, the twenty-first century still serves up the like of Murdoch and Kavanagh, ur fascists both.

Their kind will never understand that those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable. They will never be able to calculate the value of a single human being, let alone of an entire people. The twisted nerve in their head makes another Charlotesville inevitable. Nor will it stop in Virginia or the USA.

Sickening doesn't even begin to describe people like Murdoch and Kavanagh. They have almost poisoned British culture and society beyond saving.

Bob said...

If we are getting rid of unwanted foreigners, the first ones should be the Murdoch's.

J said...

And that is the kind of person that the tories think is acceptable to own the full 100% of S*y?

His master Murdcock says "write some racist shit"... and Kav writes some racist shit.

Fit and proper, my arse!

Steve Woods said...

The Board of Deputies of British Jews, Tell MAMA and Faith Matters have announced they've issued a joint complaint about Kavanagh's piece to IPSO.