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Friday 4 August 2017

Prison Planet’s Swedish Pal ISN’T

The North Yorkshire town of Northallerton has few claims to fame: it’s the county town of North Yorkshire, and before that was the county town of the North Riding of Yorkshire. It’s a wayside stop on the East Coast Main Line. It has a thriving market. And it is also home to someone who claims to be reporting from Sweden, but isn’t.
"Peter Sweden" - NOT Swedish, NOT reporting from Sweden

Those observing the antics of Battersea bedroom dweller Paul Watson, the London representative of Alex Jones’ frankly unhinged conspiracy outlet InfoWars, will be familiar with the reportage from Sweden, which makes all manner of claims about the state of the country, and effect of all those Scary Muslims (tm). In this, Watson has recently been aided and abetted by someone calling himself Peter Sweden.
Two frauds together

Watson and Peter Sweden have appeared together in YouTube videos (HERE and HERE). But all the while a deception was being practiced on their Twitter and YouTube followers: Peter Sweden, as Hope Not Hate has now revealed, is actually called Peter Imanuelsen, he was not born in Sweden, and although he lived there for a time, he lives, and has lived most of his life, in the UK. Oh dear!
Hatey Katie happy with at least one economic migrant

So the InfoWars go-to first-hand source on Sweden is actually in Northallerton, which may be a long way north of London, but it isn’t nearly far enough away to be anywhere near Sweden. Yet he still claims to offer “independent journalism” and “real news”, although now admits to his real name. Paul Watson and his other pal Katie Hopkins have made no comment - most likely he’s been hung out to dry.

And, as HNH have pointed out, “‘Peter Sweden’ was, until very recently, on record denying the Holocaust, saying ‘Hitler had some good points’ and pushing antisemitic conspiracy theories … This was in addition to spreading racist myths about migrants and sexual crime and other far-right memes on his Twitter account and as the reporter for the anti-immigration account Voice of Europe, as well as on other right-wing platforms such as Paul Joseph Watson’s YouTube account”.
The InfoWars brand a bit further down the pan, then

He did all of that, and gained significant status within the Alt-Right as a result, by giving the impression of being Swedish, and reporting from Sweden. Neither was true, and Imanuelsen is in fact a British National, so when he encountered Hatey Katie in Sicily, was most likely travelling on a British passport. He is what his fellow far-right pals would call a migrant - probably, whisper it quietly, an economic migrant.
So when he calls himself “Swedish”, this appears to be untrue. But he does want us to know that he isn’t really a Holocaust denier, despite having earlier, er, denied the Holocaust. He is now a victim, and claims HNH have “doxed” him, rather than merely expose his deception and dishonesty. And he can’t be a racist, because, and I am not making this up, “one of my best friends is actually a black person”.

Perhaps the InfoWars clowns would care to explain the deception they have practised on their fans. But they won’t: there are so many lies to tell, and so many mugs willing to lap them up. So Peter Imanuelsen will be thrown under the bus and the lying will go on.


Shawlrat said...

Hahahahahahahahahah ( repeat )
Silly boy.

Anonymous said...

Peter was homeschooled in Fleet because he wanted to be a professional tennis player. Guess he failed at that so became an internet troll instead.

Anonymous said...

He moved here aged 9 with his Swedish parents - does that make them economic migrants or refugees from the Swedish tax man? http://openprojects.nu/small-business-subjected-tough-tax-hunt/

MikeD said...

He's on Twitter now literally begging for money 'to support my work' because he claims the doxing has made him 'unemployable'. He's also claiming to be a Swedish national but has, as yet, offered no proof. A trumped up article about IS and homeschooling in Sweden(?) has just gone up on InfoWars under PJW's byline, but is clearly a quick cash grab for Sneaky Pete.

DarrenG said...

I don't think the people in that echo chamber give a shit. As long as he keeps on sprouting what they want to hear they just don't care

Anonymous said...

I have heard many descriptions of Hopkins.

"Lovely" wasn't among them. Nor anything remotely similar.

Stephen said...

He ought to go and claim JSA or Universal Credit. He should know that you get given thousands without having to do anything for it, and that it's especially easy if you're foreign.

Lenita said...

Actually, I have read on Hoffpost that he was born in Sweden, but his family moved when he was 1.5- yrs-old! He is a British national, though!

Lenita said...

My mistake! He was born in Norway, and immigrated with his family when he was 1.5-yrs-old to the UK! He holds a British Passport! His accent is definitely Northern European! Probably, learned at home!