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Tuesday 1 August 2017

Piers Morgan - Off To Work For Trump?

Just when you thought the White House of Combover Crybaby Donald Trump could get no more chaotic, it got a lot more chaotic as media chief Anthony Scaramucci found himself not merely fired, but escorted out of the building, after serving a mere ten eventful days. The Donald needs an effective communicator. And he needs one who is not prone to opening mouth and inserting boot within range of the nearest microphone.
The renewal of a beautiful friendship?

Who that communicator might be, we do not yet know. But as with so many of these developing stories, when what appear to be straws in the wind get gathered up and taken together, it brings us an intriguing prospect. Because one Trump pal who loves the limelight - providing it flatters him appropriately - is showing signs of restlessness at his current berth, not to mention discomfort at his 0345 hours alarm calls.
Yes, after less than two years of just three days a week co-hosting ITV’s Good Morning Britain, former Screws and Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan has dropped some non-trivially sized hints that he does not intend to continue in his mission to test Susanna Reid’s patience for much longer. Last month his old paper told readersPiers Morgan confesses working on Good Morning Britain is 'slowly killing him' and can't present it 'much longer’”.
Really? Do go on. “Piers - who is married with four children - confessed his lifestyle and lack of sleep is a worry for him … He said: ‘It's killing me before my very eyes. It's the least healthy existence imaginable … Your immune system gets crushed, you pick up every bug going, I've basically been ill for the entire 18 months in some form”. I can just hear Colonel Ross at the end of The Ipcress File saying “That’s what you’re paid for, isn’t it, Palmer?
The big hint, though, came next. “But is he thinking about quitting Good Morning Britain? ‘I'll stay 'til death. If I die, it won't continue much longer … But my body is certainly screaming in pain at the moment’”. He never said that about being 9pm Eastern Time weekday host for CNN. And with Scaramucci making his inglorious exit yesterday, the need for someone who Trump trusts, and who understands him, could not be greater.
On top of all that is the Twitter activity: last week Susanna Reid told her followers “Last show together tomorrow before the summer @gmb ‘Possibly ever’ says @piersmorgan”. Meaning … well, look also at what Morgan is Retweeting. Alastair Campbell, himself a former Mirror man, mused yesterday “With every day that passes @piersmorgan appointment as @potus comms director comes closer. #lastmanstanding”.
Morgan RT’d that. He also RT’d the observation of Les Hinton, faithful Stateside Murdoch retainer, who told “@piersmorgan for the White House. It's not enough fun there yet”. Morgan himself changed his opinion of Scaramucci from “Great Hire” to “Great Fire”, and remember, he didn’t say he wouldn’t leave GMB. Or perhaps Trump will turn to Gary Lineker for advice: “Surely it's time for Big Sam”.

Piers Morgan would just love being even more the centre of attention. And one can already visualise ITV bosses readying their collective sighs of relief. One to watch very closely.


Arnold said...

Either he's job-hunting or expressing Dacre’s butthurt for losing the libel action. Or both.

"JK Rowling apologizes to family of disabled boy but REFUSES to say sorry to Trump for falsely saying the President didn't shake hands after outrage led by Piers Morgan"


rob said...

The way things are going he'd better be quick and "lawyer up" before he signs up.

Anyways, is there room for two absolute delusional narcissists in the White House? The firing of Mooch would indicate not?

Anonymous said...

It's quite a logical move when you place it in context.

Which is in a haha hotel.

rob said...

His past forays into "fake" journalism should stand him in good stead with the Trump & Fox News combo too! It appears that if Trump needs a boost the Murdoch mafia are always ready to give a helping hand.

(see Fox News Seth Rich fabricated murder story)

rob said...

Sorry omitted link to complaint in Seth Rich fabrication story


for those interested.