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Wednesday 30 August 2017

Labour Deselection Smear BUSTED

As if the Owen Jones and Assed Baig climbdowns were not enough for the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog, they have messed up again today in their efforts to demonise the Labour left and pretend that The Red Team is riven with anti-Semitism. This has led the Fawkes rabble to run to the rescue of Jess Phillips, and whatever her needs may be, being helped by The Great Guido is not one of them.
Behold the arbiter of morals and decency

The Fawkes folks’ sudden conversion to supporting Labour MPs has resulted in their postingLoons Threaten to Deselect ‘Zionist’ Jess Phillips”, thus demonstrating their fealty to the Murdoch mafiosi by recycling a favourite left-bashing term (“Loons”) of Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse). So who are these so-called “Loons” who wish to perform the D-word upon the outspoken Birmingham Yardley MP?
Sorry, subtlety's off tonight

This proves more problematic for the Fawkes rabble: all they can pony up is a rather crude graphic making a number of variously creative accusations against Ms Phillips and concludes with the ominous-sounding proclamation “DESELECTION AT THE NEXT ELECTION”. But the manner in which this is to be carried out is not told. That does not deter The Great Guido, or rather Alex “Billy Liar” Wickham, who wrote this drivel.
You took HIM on trust? Oh dear!

Jess Phillips is the latest Labour MP to bravely speak out about some members of the British-Pakistani community ‘having issues about women’s roles in a family, in society’. The response from the hard-left? Threatening to deselect her at the next election. Oh, and they’ve added in their online graphics that Jess is apparently a ‘Zionist’. Not sure what that has to do with anything” observes the Fawkes teaboy.
And this graphic came from ...

So this, we are led to believe, is the action of something called the “Hard-Left”, another term coined by the less than totally impartial rent-a-rant hosts of Fox News. But who is behind this “Hard-Left”? Is it Momentum? Is it a mainstream group of MPs or councillors? Is it left-leaning journalists sympathetic to Labour? Is it Trades Union members and/or officials? What we do know is that it is none of those.
... someone not even in the Labour Party

The dead giveaway - that this has not unadjacent to Sweet Jack to do with anyone in the Labour Party - comes with the two Twitter handles displayed prominently on the graphic, @MontyBestUK and @KMJBUK. Both these accounts appear to be run by the same person, who has been pushing the graphic that the Fawkes folks have leapt on. But the bio for the @KMJBUK account shows The Great Guido has been a tad selective.
Although it claims to be “Passionate Real-Jeremy Corbyn Labour”, the very next line admits “Not a member of Labour coz of NEC!” So the graphic cited by the Fawkes blog comes from someone who not only isn’t a Labour member, but also appears to have been excluded or expelled from the party! There is no credible threat to Jess Phillips - certainly not from this source. The Great Guido has been caught with trousers alight once more.

And Alex Wickham is once again full value for his nickname. Another fine mess.

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