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Friday 25 August 2017

Prison Planet Antifa Lies BUSTED

All those out on the right who looked at white supremacists and neo-Nazis gathering in Charlottesville, VA recently and indulging in less than peaceful behaviour now have a problem: how do they blame it on someone else? Sadly, the result of the intellectual exertions has achieved little more than the generation of yet more lying, and sadly very obvious lying. Which brings us to a location south of the river in London.
Paul Watson - not interested in reality or facts

There, Battersea bedroom dweller Paul Watson, who styles himself Prison Planet, and works not very hard in the service of screamingly batshit conspiracy monger Alex Jones and the InfoWars people, has become a full participant in this change from routine propaganda to flat-out lying. Watson may no longer be aware of the difference between reality and what he is pushing, but it’s all too clear to those outside his little world.
Eliot Higgins - interested in both reality and facts

The dishonesty kicked off in no style at all with “Barcelona, the day after a Muslim migrant massacred 13 people”. The photo used was from last year. It’s so easy to disprove the flagrant dishonesty, but worryingly, there are some out there who believe it. So perhaps a few more examples of Watson’s pants on fire status are necessary.
Paul Watson lying ...

This brings us to the mythical “alt-Left”, something that only exists in the fevered imaginations of paranoid conspiracy mongers and their followers. Watson is convinced this entity is real; perhaps he thinks the earth is flat. He is also convinced that anti-fascist protestors, or “Antifa”, are the ones not only doing the violence, but encouraging it.
... being suckered by bogus accounts ...

So he has been RTing clearly bogus accounts like “Antifa for Trump” which posted incitement to abuse women with the comment “Remember kids there is no genders and my fists don't know gender! It's not domestic violence if she voted Trump!” Then he RTd someone who mistakenly took a Photoshopped National Front flag for an “Antifa flag”. It didn’t matter how false the meme was, it fitted the script.
... RTing crude phoney Photoshopping ...

Sadly, into each life a little rain must fall, and Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat fame duly caused the precipitation to arrive in Watson’s world. The false “Antifa” accounts, created and maintained with one objective - to demonise the anti-Fascist movement - were duly outed, the whole thing being dutifully reported by the BBC.
... duly busted ...

Watson was bereft, reduced to slagging off the Beeb and claiming he hadn’t been hoaxed by false “Antifa” accounts. But he had. And spitting tacks at the BBC and Higgins for catching him bang to rights won’t give him any more credibility. Not when he’s prepared to use the sad death of investigative reporter Liz MacKean to push his wacko conspiracy ideas, Tweeting “Reporter Who Exposed BBC Pedophilia Cover Up Found Dead”.
... and duly collapsing under the weight of his own idiocy

Ms MacKean died as a result of a stroke. Paul Watson is not only exposed as a narcissist, a conspiracist, a delusional Walter Mitty character, a shameless liar and tin-eared propagandist, but a purveyor of monumental idiocy to boot.
Still, keeps him off the streets. Pity he’s unable to interact with the real world, mind.

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Anonymous said...

Watson is a re-creation of McCarthyism.

Which, in reality, never went away. It's a necessary requirement of the oligarchy.

Only the external form changes.