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Tuesday 15 August 2017

It’s Daily Mail Fox News!

Share values are down by a fifth at Daily Mail and General Trust, with investors worried about falling advertising revenue, and the failure of online advertising income to make up the shortfall. Sales of both the Daily Mail, and Mail on Sunday, are in steady decline. The accountants have been imposing cuts, with allegedly star pundits having to take significant reductions in the contents of their wheelbarrows. What to do?
Mail Online? It's f*** all to do with me, c***. Er, apart from the money I invested in it

But Mail Online, or DailyMail.com as it is known on the other side of the North Atlantic, is gaining market recognition in the USA, and DMGT bosses have clearly been taking notice at the money generating propaganda machine that is Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse). Starting their own TV operation? The temptation has clearly been too much, the lure of new revenue streams too tempting.

And so it has come to pass, as Press Gazette has told: “Mail Online has announced a major move into broadcasting with the launch of [a] daily TV show which will be syndicated across the US”. Today mere syndication, tomorrow a Daily Mail channel!

So what’t the deal? “DailyMailTV will be available on a variety of terrestrial TV stations across the US  and may also be offered for sale internationally … Former America Football quarterback Jess Palmer is to host the programme, joining from ABC News where he is a special contributor for Good Morning America”. And what will be the offering?

The press release claims “From exclusive stories to breaking news, showbiz, politics, crime, health and science and technology, DailyMailTV will be must-watch television … Sharing captivating stories from across the United States and around the globe, viewers will become addicted to DailyMailTV, just as they have to DailyMail.com

What will be offered can be deduced by the presence of Martin Clarke, head man at Mail Online, as an executive producer. We’re most likely talking shock, Slebs and smears, with a nod to Fox News, a Dacre wet dream, the ability to beam unfiltered and unregulated prejudice and spite direct into the homes of millions of viewers.

Indeed, the Guardian has confirmedThe 60-minute programme will focus on many of the topics that are popular with readers of Mail Online, including ‘showbiz, politics, crime, health and science and technology. Its first broadcast is scheduled for 18 September, and deals have been signed that will allow it to reach up to 96% of the US population, DailyMail.com said”. So climate change denial as well, then.

Take that BBC! Up yours Channel 4! Nyaah Nyaahdy Nyaah Nyaah ITV! And if the Murdoch mafiosi get their mitts on 100% of Sky and inject a little of the Fox News poison into it, who’s to say that Daily Mail TV won’t be following right behind?

The press won’t let falling sales stop them from wanting to keep hold of the megaphone. If they can’t get to the public via their breakfast tables, a TV show, and then a whole TV channel, will do just as well, if not better. The propagandists are down, but not yet out.


Arnold said...

"including ‘showbiz, politics, crime, health and science and technology’"
Showbiz - sidebar of shame.
Health - does X cause cancer?
Science - "Meteor explodes above terrified city in massive fireball seconds before impact
Amateur astrologers and collectors managed to recover 64 fragments.
A dashboard camera filmed the incredible moment an asteroid broke through the earth's atmosphere
The flaming tale of the meteor can be seen clearly, despite being miles above the earth's surface"

Stephen said...

Mind you, them curvy 14-year-olds might be worth a look, eh? eh?

Anonymous said...

Well, it makes "sense".

Murdoch plus Rothermere = Two profiteering Nazis for the price of one.

We're almost, but not quite, at the bottom of the barrel.

A bit like a merging of Volkischer Beobachter with Der Sturmer.