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Thursday 1 June 2017

TV Debate - Theresa The Coward

Yesterday evening’s TV debate, held in Cambridge and hosted by the BBC, was given the additional spice of Jeremy Corbyn turning up to represent Labour, and use the opportunity, as did the other participants, of asking the obvious question: given that the Labour leader was there, along with the leaders of the Lib Dems, Greens, UKIP and Plaid Cymru, where was Theresa May? But our allegedly fearless Prime Minister was nowhere to be seen.
Instead, the Tories were represented by Home Secretary Amber Rudd, who managed a few decent lines, but was always on the back foot when confronted with six other participants (the SNP was represented by Angus Robertson, their head man at Westminster) who made hay at her boss chickening out of the scrap.

And then came the news that the Tory press has been spinning all night: Amber Rudd’s father Tony had died on Monday. He was 93, and had served in World War 2. Tony Rudd had, along the way, been a journalist and had covered the Suez crisis for the Guardian. That would have taken some bottle to do: the Guardian was the only national daily to stand against Anthony Eden’s folly, and took a circulation hit as a result.

The Telegraph found a source who told “The family got together on Tuesday night with all the children to celebrate their father's life. Their father took such pride in her he would have loved it. He was actually looking forward to watching this debate … It would have been madness for her (not to take part) - it's just not what her father would have wanted”.

And the Murdoch Sun wanted readers to knowBRAVE Amber Rudd stood up to debate Jeremy Corbyn tonight despite the death of her elderly father on Monday, the Sun can reveal … The Home Secretary refused to step down from the frontline of the Election campaign after her frail 93 year-old Dad Tony passed away … Last night, friends confirmed the retired stockbroker had died but she wanted to keep campaigning … One pal said: ‘It just shows how tough she is’”. It shows something else, too.
It was left to Labour’s Barry Gardiner to say what many were thinking: “My deep condolences to Amber. At any time, to have your father die is a real tragedy for anyone. I know the pressures that are on politicians during an election campaign and the fact that she has been prepared to come and do that shows that she is an estimable woman. But what does it say about Theresa May that knowing that Amber had been through that, she forced her to do it rather than to come in there and stand up for herself?

After Harold Macmillan - the man who succeeded Eden after Suez - had sacked several cabinet colleagues in what became known as “The Night of the Long Knives”, Liberal MP Jeremy Thorpe observed “Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his friends for his life”. Our callous and cowardly Prime Minister has now gone one better, by sending a grieving colleague out to defend the Tories’ record.

Theresa May does not deserve to be returned as Prime Minister. She is an empty and evasive campaigner, utterly devoid of empathy, and like a rabbit in the headlights when it comes to actually answering questions.

Now we know she is the lowest kind of coward.


Anonymous said...

Amber Rudd really is that horrible:

https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2017/05/ambder-rudd-really-horrible/ - via:@CraigMurrayOrg

Interesting blog on her background & failed business ventures.

Anonymous said...

This is how many lies Amber Rudd told in her first 34 seconds on the BBC debate [VIDEO] https://www.thecanary.co/2017/05/31/many-lies-amber-rudd-told-34-seconds-bbc-debate-video/ via @thecanarysays

Tony Rudd?

Amber Rudd’s father Tony, who died this week, had been debarred as a company director after being found to have asset stripped another investor vehicle, Greenbank Trust, and misused its assets to personal benefit.

Anonymous said...

Amber Rudd Really Is that Horrible
31 May, 2017

"A multi-millionairess like all the Tory elite, Amber Rudd truly is every bit as horrible as the persona she exhibited on the BBC Leaders’ Debate this evening. A former banker with J P Morgan, she was also a director of two offshore tax avoidance asset management firms in the Bahamas. She never declared this and the information came out in a leak.

The refined journalists of the Financial Times are of course much more her choice for public engagement than having to stoop to discuss policy in front of the great unwashed, for whom she has a profound contempt. This is what she thinks of her constituents in Hastings:

“You get people who are on benefits, who prefer to be on benefits by the seaside. They’re not moving down here to get a job, they’re moving down here to have easier access to friends and drugs and drink.”
So why did she go to Hastings to represent such awful plebs? She explained that to her friends at the Financial Times as well:

“I wanted to be within two hours of London and I could see we were going to win it.”

According to the normally reliable CompanyCheck, as an MP Amber Rudd has constituted herself as a company, presumably for purposes of tax avoidance. That would of course give her a personal interest in low levels of corporation tax. But strangely Companies House itself has no company with the registration number given by CompanyCheck.

What Company House does have, however, are the records of Monticello PLC, a short lived company of which Rudd was a Director. It attracted many hundreds of investors who put money in, despite never appearing actually to do anything except pay its directors – presumably including Rudd. Trawling through its documents at Companies House, I find it difficult to conclude that it was ever anything other than a share ramping scheme designed to rip off its investors. After just over a year of existence it went bankrupt with over £1.2 million of debts and no important assets. I should be very interested if anybody can go through those records and come up with any different conclusion to mine.

Interestingly Amber Rudd’s father Tony, who died this week, had been debarred as a company director after being found to have asset stripped another investor vehicle, Greenbank Trust, and misused its assets to personal benefit. As with Emma Barnett, we again come across a wealthy Tory whose privileged upbringing was financed by the criminal behaviour of the wealthy.

It is a bit of a stretch to imagine that, nationally, Labour will get the 4.7% swing that would be needed to oust Rudd from Hastings. But perhaps it is not too much to hope that there may be a local revolt from the people she despises."


Ted Bangor said...

But it was all a BBC "Leftie" fix anyway.... screams the front of the Mail this morning!!!

Arnold said...

But she's strong and stable.

Anonymous said...

May has always been an empty-handed prescription coward. For which, watch a rerun of her speech to the Police Federation - the one in which she IMPOSED cuts. This cold woman doesn't have a warm spontaneous human breath in her body. Take a look too at her sweaty face at yesterday's rigged meeting with factory workers. She's absolutely shitting herself.

A woman with that kind of gutless mentality has no problem in thieving from the vulnerable while toadying to her rich paymasters. Thatcher was the same. Nor - despite her personal tragedy - would Rudd be much different. Patel is another. There are plenty of others too.

Worst of all is the supporting cast of "journalists". Doubtless it now occurs to them that the unlikely might even happen, that Labour might actually WIN the election. The very thought will have them scrambling for a bucket to throw more mud, only to find it's almost empty.

Now just think what electoral prospects could have been had the tory New Labour equivalent not betrayed founding principles of the Party. Each passing day makes them too look like the gutless gobshite they are.

Labour might still lose this election. But by Christ they've made sure, no thanks to cowardly New Labour, that the tories know they and their media minions have been danced with. And guess what - the leader was a strong and stable Jeremy Corbyn.

Anonymous said...

You can't blame her for not attending. Perhaps she was worried about security.
Look what happened outside Westminster. And that was with bloody security.

I suppose she could of Sat in her car but even those places aren't safe. Especially with journalists about.
People can't even lie dying in a car crash in peace.

Still waiting on that.

Anonymous said...

May will retire on medical grounds...A dozen knives protruding from her back

Anonymous said...

You can always tell when she's having a "May moment".

Suddenly the colours of her clothes go all garish, the humpty back bends a bit further, the crab walk gets more erratic, her chin recedes even deeper, the bags under her eyes fill with spuds and the corners of her mouth turn down even more.

And that's before we get to her "answers" to legitimate questions. Plus the sweaty face and bullshit repeats. She's a disaster waiting to happen.

Fuck knows what she'll be like if she's let loose on further thievery on behalf of her hoodlum suited-up chums in Canary Wharf and Wall Street.