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Monday 19 June 2017

Prison Planet Poops Himself

The Finsbury Park attack, where a white van was driven into a group of people outside the Muslim Welfare House, near the Finsbury Park Mosque, and the driver then shouted that he wanted to “kill all Muslims”, has been all too much for the alt-right blowhards and rant merchants who tell anyone listening that all terrorism comes from Scary Muslims (tm). For one of those rant merchants, it looks like he’s had an involuntary bowel movement over it.
Paul Watson - fantasy versus reality

Yes, for Paul Watson, the Battersea bedroom dweller who styles himself Prison Planet, the idea that the easily suggestible might actually take notice of all the Muslim-bashing content pumped out by the alt-right and start taking matters into their own hands has put him in what Spike Milligan might have termed A Very Difficult Position.
Hot on the heels of pushing another of his routine packs of lies, claiming “This is de facto banned in London, but a pro-terrorist march with Hezbollah flags is perfectly fine. Let that sink right in” over the “Are you beach body ready?” ad campaign - it was banned because ofconcerns” over its weight loss claims, and the ban had nothing to do with PC or Islam - Watson was confronted by the reality of the Finsbury Park attack.
What to do? “#FinsburyPark attack is an outrage, but those who rolled their eyes after Westminster, Manchester & London Bridge are the biggest hypocrites”. Yeah, it was sort of bad, but it was someone else’s fault, honestly. And there was more: “The same people who said NOTHING should change after endless Islamic terror attacks are now calling for all kinds of new laws. Shameful”. No-one is calling for new laws.
It still wasn’t the alt-right’s fault, okay? And if you didn’t get his first message, here it was again: “Political violence of all stripes, be it right-wing, left-wing, Islamic, should be denounced. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks so”. Who is this “not everyone”? It’s another smokescreen, another deflection. As is “Leftists: Don't blame all Muslims for terror. Also leftists: Blame everyone I don't like for #FinsburyPark”.
Then it was on to desperately trying to find something to use a an equivalence, and he duly found it. “BREAKING: Man tries to attack police officer in London while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’”. This must be true because it was on Westmonster, the Aaron Banks backed propaganda site. The BTP declined to categorise it as a terrorist incident, so Watson was immediately outraged. “It's not terror related, he just screamed ‘Allahu Akbar’ at random”. It hasn’t even made the BBC London web page.
Still, at least we have the prospect of Watson spewing out even more of his not-at-all-prejudicial views later: “For those asking, yes I'll be making a video about the #FinsburyPark attack”. As if anyone with brain plugged in and a hole in their jacksy gives a flying foxtrot what this clown thinks about the world outside his bedroom.

Someone has been killed as a result of a terrorist incident. And most people are not interested in the Alt-Right’s calls to “Look Over There”. That is all.


Anonymous said...

Surely he's related to Peter Sutcliffe.

That stare......That stare......

Mad Frankie Fraser said...

'Exclusive: Another Mummy's Boy Gets Cross!'

Oram said...

Why do you give this idiot any attention?