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Monday 19 June 2017

Terror Attack - Blame Shifting Begins

Just after midnight last night, a white van was driven into a group of people outside the Muslim Welfare House, near Finsbury Park Mosque in North London. One man has died and there have been several injuries. The van driver, who has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, allegedly shouted out “I want to kill Muslims”. The Metropolitan Police is treating the attack as a terrorist incident.
So far, so unremittingly grim, but the news has brought a problem to all those who have been incessantly peddling the line that anything terror related is all the fault of the Scary Muslims (tm). Followers of The Prophet cannot, therefore, be victims. It must be someone else’s fault. And, as usual, The Usual Suspects have not disappointed.
First out of the blocks, while working out her contract at Mail Online, has been pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins, who knows exactly who caused this incident - it was the current Mayor of London. Wait, what? Ah, but Sadiq Khan is one of those Muslims, so it must have been him Wot Done It. You think I jest? “Come on Khan't. What's keeping you? We stand / squash united. We are not cowed. Terror will not win” she ranted.
Meanwhile, former EDL head man Tommy Robinson knew he would be getting it in the neck, and so appears to have decided that attack is the best form of defence. And his defence is that it was the Mosque Wot Done It. “Just some history on that mosque. But yeah I'm the problem” he Tweeted, managing not to notice that the “Wood Green ricin plot” mentioned was a false alarm - there was no ricin plot.
And if we’re history blaming, Robinson is in a very draughty glasshouse himself, with all his EDL previous. Still, he knew the attack couldn’t be like all those Muslim ones: “Yesterdays attacker probably was a REAL lone wolf. No network, or visiting religious place preaching hate, no training, just a lone nut job”. Ah, of course, white attackers can always be excused with the old “Lone Wolf” line. Ho hum.
Then came the “Oh what a giveaway” crowd, led by whoever was unfortunate enough to be in charge of the Daily Mail UK Twitter feed in the small hours. Letting the Mail’s followers know that mitigating circumstances had been discovered, it Tweeted out “Clean-shaven white man arrested by police as at least 10 people are injured”. Yeah, don’t worry, he had none of that Scary Muslim (tm) facial hair!
Could anyone top that for a dead giveaway? They certainly could: after Jo Rowling had cast a cynical eye at Nigel “Thirsty” Farage’s response to the attack, observing “Let's talk about how the #FinsburyPark terrorist was radicalised”, Julia Hartley Dooda knee-jerked in no style at all “Yeah, I was waiting for this. Elected politicians calling for limits on immigration are now responsible for inciting terrorism, are they?

There is a difference between calling for immigration limits and frightening the public using crowds of brown people, and then saying they’re all coming here.

But good to see that the TalkRadio brains trust is at least awake. Now perhaps some of those telling their mainly non-Muslim audience that Muslims are the problem might stop and think whether that might just have swayed one of the more suggestible.


Anonymous said...

People like Hopkins, Robinson, Farage, Hartley-Brewer (and the rest of the racist motley crew) have a lot to answer for.

But since they are moral cowards they won't even face the question. Which is: What part of your brain or "upbringing" is responsible for your paranoid hate-mongering?

Which, entirely by coincidence you understand, is precisely the question we would ask of all terrorist attackers.

Welcome to Britain 2017.

Simon said...

All too predictable response. This braindead idiot is exactly the same as those he claims to hate. And sadly all this will do is give the extremists more 'justification' for their own attacks.