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Wednesday 7 June 2017

Daily Mail Patriotism Hypocrisy

Today, the legendarily foul mouthed Paul Dacre and his obedient hackery at the Daily Mail have unleashed their full spite against Jeremy Corbyn and his closest allies within the Labour Party. Several double page spreads have been devoted to backing up the front page headlineVote to save Britain! APOLOGISTS FOR TERROR … The Mail accuses this troika of befriending Britain’s enemies and scorning the institutions that keep us safe”.
This means that the Vagina Monologue and his pals are standing in an extremely draughty glasshouse. When they double down with “In their own damning words, so full of contempt for British values”, they would be better served declaiming these words to the nearest mirror. Because when it comes to disloyalty, lack of patriotism, befriending Britain’s enemies, and scorning the institutions that keep us safe, they describe themselves.
Let’s start with “befriending Britain’s enemies”, something for which the Mail has significant previous. Zelo Street regulars will need to introduction to “Hurrah for the Blackshirts”, or the then Viscount Rothermere swanning off to Nazi Germany to meet Adolf Hitler. The then owner of the Mail even congratulated the Führer after his armed forces had annexed first the Sudatenland, and then the rest of Czechoslovakia, just for good measure.
And when it comes to “contempt for British values”, the Mail, both in the 1930s and today, has no equal. Back then it was forthright anti-Semitism, exemplified by “German Jews pouring into this country” (sound familiar, anyone?). Now it’s “LET US IN … WE’RE FROM EUROPE”, and every last scare story the Dacre doggies can dredge up about all those Scary Muslims (tm). Tolerance and compassion do not figure at the Mail.
The Mail also stokes up hatred against the disabled - pace their mean-spirited attack on the Motability scheme - and intolerance against Transgendered people, exemplified by the hounding of schoolteacher Lucy Meadows, who took her own life. Gay men are routinely attacked, even in death, with the stand-out viciousness being Glenda Cattia Maxima Jan Moir’s spiteful hatchet job on Stephen Gately after he died unexpectedly.
Then there is “scorning the institutions that keep us safe”, for which the Mail has yet more of that significant previous. The institutions that keep us safe - the armed forces, Security services, Police, Border Agency, Fire service, NHS And Ambulance service - depend on taxpayers for their funding. They depend on individuals and companies paying their fair share of tax. But the Daily Mail isn’t interested in that sort of thing.
The current Viscount Rothermere is a “non-dom” who lives for most of the time in France. The Mail is registered in a tax haven. But Paul Dacre is no slouch at sponging off the taxpayer, by claiming hundreds of thousands of Pounds in EU farm subsidies for his Scottish estate. In this way, the Mail knows all about “scorning the institutions that keep us safe”, because that is exactly what this shower of hypocrites do themselves.

Yet there they are, sneering at Jeremy Corbyn, a bloke who pays his taxes, does not indulge in hate speech, is tolerant and compassionate, and does not befriend those who are about to unleash world war and a side order of racial genocide.

The Daily Mail is the ultimate beacon of rank hypocrisy. No change there, then.


Anonymous said...

Same old Daily Heil. Same old far right smears. Same old insanity.

It's a measure of how morally bankrupt are some areas of this country that they buy that muck.

I never thought Britain could fall so low. But it has.

Unknown said...

Makes me wonder what they're cooking up for tomorrow if this is front page the day before the election.

ghfgftcvgctyhvhvgh said...

Want to bet that Ducre does not lose the CAP funding while all the other farmers he conned into voting leave do

Anonymous said...

Morally Germany won the war: look where they are now and what their leaders and press are like and look at ours.