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Sunday 18 June 2017

Grenfell Tower - Idiot Blames Corbyn

While the right-leaning part of the Fourth Estate and its hangers-on try desperately to perpetuate the myth that the rotten lefties are spreading lots of Fake News and resorting to setting their own trousers alight just to score a few more clicks, it is becoming clear that this is a mere cover for Tories and their apologists to propagate some serious water muddying with a little very obvious Fake News of their own.
The Fake News takes a number of forms: one is the baseless smear, and here we encounter a Zelo Street favourite, the loathsome Toby Young, taking time off between acts of obsequious grovelling before the press barons for his next paycheque to tell anyone not yet asleep “Mustafa Almansur, the organiser of the Grenfell Tower protest movement, was once arrested on suspicion of terrorism”. And, so what?
Almansur has every reason to be involved in protest following the Grenfell Tower fire - he lost a friend in the blaze. Moreover, as Tobes well knows, being arrested on suspicion of an offence is not indication of guilt, and certainly was not in this case. Mustafa Almansur was later released without charge. But this is merely an hors d’oeuvres to prepare us for a far more substantial main course of Fake News deployment.
Malcolm Knight - a little too over-confident

This brings us to Malcolm Knight, who admits to being a “former merchant banker”. He clearly believes he has found the magic bullet that will sink Jeremy Corbyn as he Tweets “On June 7, 2005, @jeremycorbyn voted to exempt tower blocks built before 2007 from requiring sprinklers. His 9/11”. This sounds as if the Labour leader is bang to rights. But he is not: this is yet more Fake News peddled by the partisan and over-eager.
One Tweeter tried to let Knight down gently: “Section 6.1 (a) states that the Order does not apply in relation to domestic premises … Explanatory memorandum also makes it very clear that the draft Order only relates to non-domestic premises”. The Great Man was terribly offended: “This is the legislation on which current fire regulations are based. Stop trying to deflect”. But the response pointed out that he was wrong: “I'm not deflecting. I'm simply explaining to you what the document you linked to relates to. Read it”.
It got worse: the legislation being referred to is what is called a Statutory Instrument, and these are not generally voted on. And one of the Statutory Instruments that did not get voted on as it made its way through the Commons was this one.
Could it get worse for Malcolm Knight? It most certainly could: specifying a date for that vote has turned out to be the cruellest hostage to fortune, as this can be tested against any MP’s voting record - they are all available online. So we can see exactly what Jeremy Corbyn voted on during the day Knight has specified.
So here’s Jezza’s voting record for that week back in 2005, where we can see that on the 7th of June, he voted on … nothing. There were no votes on that day.

Smearing the Grenfell Tower protesters is bad enough. Smearing the Labour leader by lying is the lowest of the low. Malcolm Knight has found his own level rather rapidly.


Arnold said...

Former merchant banker. It's rhyming slang you know.

Anonymous said...

An "editor" of the Spectator and a "merchant banker".

Jesus wept.

Anyway......There's great fun to be had at the images of the Baldy Dope as the election results came in. I bet he almost drowned in his own spit.

All of which means the usual "journalists" will redouble their malevolence. For evidence of which see one of the Beeb resident right wing dipshits, "Andy" Marr, this morning.

You'd think even corrupted scum like them would treat the horror of Grenfell Tower with some sort of respect for the truth. Instead, for them it's an "opportoonity" to smear. No wonder honourable people loathe the lot of them.

Sam Best said...

Now Rachel Johnson is blaming the fire brigade and claiming Theresa May is a "victim" of the fire as well. Nary a mention of her ghastly brother's time as mayor.
This is going to get so very ugly. The EU, Greenies everyone is being blamed except the real culprits. It was only a matter of time before it was Corbyn.
The spin is off and running. It's just a matter of time before the tenants themselves will be blamed for having the temerity to live in central London.

rob said...

If only they could have had the "expert" thoughts Tony "Dinosaur" Parsons and Allison "almost an anagram of Parsons" Pearson on as well.

Oh blast, forgot about Julia HB Pencil. Thank heavens for a short memory!

Amethystra said...

Count yourself blessed you were able to forget JHB lol

Amethystra said...

Consider this a like 😄👍

Anonymous said...

Remember a few weeks back when Mackenzie in the S*n made his last insane attack on the City of Liverpool? Remember he claimed Trevor Phillips texted him to say "Sad to see a great city wallowing in self pity"?

If true, I wonder what Phillips thinks now tragedy has hit London. Are the victims of Grenfell Tower also "wallowing in self pity"?

There's no point wondering what Mackenzie's reaction is since he had previously tweeted he'd like to see a headline reading "Corbyn knifed by asylum seeker". Which shows just how thoroughly evil he is.

Phillips and Mackenzie, well-suited squalid bed fellows. One measure of what this country has become.

rob said...

Interesting - a ToryBot?

" Mike Hind - saboteur‏ @MikeH_PR 41m41 minutes ago

Mike Hind - saboteur Retweeted Tim Fenton

'Malcolm Knight', of stock image avatar fame, isn't a real person. It's a Tory astroturfing account. I'm blocked for revealing this last yr."

Out of the Mercer's Cambridge Analytica School of trolling?

Anonymous said...

I am not an expert but section 6 states
6.—(1) This Order does not apply in relation to —

(a)domestic premises, except to the extent mentioned in article 31(10);

Section 31 states
31. -(10) In this article, “premises” includes domestic premises other than premises consisting of or comprised in a house which is occupied as a single private dwelling and article 27 (powers of inspectors) shall be construed accordingly.

Doesn't this mean only single dwellings are not included and therefore tower blocks are?

Not sure when this was voted on or even if it was

Unknown said...

So I translate this as "This order does not apply to domestic premises except those that are comprised of a house which is occupied as a single private dwelling"

Not tower blocks then :-)

Anonymous said...

Think Anonymous is correct on this really.
But this is noise in the greater picture.