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Monday 19 June 2017

Grenfell Tower - Idiot Excuses Himself

Is Malcolm Knight a real person? Is it really a Tory Party Astroturfing device? Whatever the reality behind the presence that admits to being a “former merchant banker”, while displaying all the attributes relevant to being one right now, this is a Twitter feed that can only bring one attribute to the Tory brand, and that attribute is ridicule.
To this end, following Knight’s earlier claim that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had somehow had a 9/11 moment in 2005 by voting a particular way on a bill passing through Parliament, which was shown to be no more than another hot and steaming pile of weapons grade bullpucky - it was a Statutory Instrument, it wasn’t voted on, there were no votes on the day specified, Jezza’s voting record shows he didn’t vote on it, and the SI doesn’t do what Knight claims - a statement has been released.
This, like the earlier claim, will generate only ridicule. That much has been guaranteed by the way the statement has been introduced: “Greetings to my loyal followers. Thanks for your patience. To Corbyn supporters, no apology will be forthcoming for the Corbyn 9/11 Tweet”. Hark at Kim Jong-un. Also, this is total shite: the Twitter account has around 2,950 followers, but this is mainly down to it following 3,230 others.
So what does the Dear Leader have to tell us? “I intentionally posted the contentious Corbyn 9/11 Tweet on Friday and purposely let it run for the weekend. My motivation to do so was (and remains) based on Jeremy Corbyn’s inaction surrounding thousands of people protesting and blaming Conservatives for the tragic Grenfell Tower fire”.

Which means, more or less, that lying - which is what Knight did about Corbyn and his voting record - is justified because Jezza is somehow supposed to have intervened to stop people, some of whom may have been his supporters, from exercising their right to peaceful protest, including asking questions of the present Government.
And he wants everyone to know that he’ll do it all again: “I make no apology whatsoever for fighting fire with fire (mildly inappropriate usage there) … To those myopic socialist Corbyn supporters, I make no apology whatsoever (again) … If you want to play dirty, make no mistake, I can sling much innuendo and mud”. Wow. That’s telling them.

Then comes the lame justification for his totally untrue claims. “Here is the inconvenient truth … The tragic fire in West London had its genesis in 2005, on Labour’s watch … it is a popular trend among left-wing activists, the UK Labour Party, and thousands of people of feeble mind who are easily manipulated, to blame the Tories for everything”.
Yeah, right. All that remained was to restate his claim that there was some truth in his original claim (there wasn’t), that he’s going to do it again (big deal), and that he can only be stopped by all those of whom he disapproves being nice to the Tories.

What was that about those of “feeble mind”? Malcolm Knight may be a real person. But not one in touch with the real world. Still, good to see Tories making themselves look stupid.


Arnold said...

Once a wa*ker, always a wa*ker.

Anonymous said...

"Knight" doesn't have "a feeble mind".

He has no mind at all.

Mad Frankie Fraser said...

'Exclusive: Mummy's Boy Gets Cross!'