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Thursday 1 June 2017

FBI Fingers Farage

What would not surprise any Zelo Street regular is the latest news to come out of the continuing probe by US Intelligence agencies into Combover Crybaby Donald Trump and his ties to the gangsterist régime of Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin, and that is that the spooks have now put Nigel “Thirsty” Farage on their list of “persons of interest”. It does not mean he has done anything wrong, but then, it doesn’t mean he hasn’t.
Squeaky You've Been Rumbled finger up the bum time

The Guardian had the story: “Nigel Farage is 'person of interest' in FBI investigation into Trump and Russia … FBI interested in former Ukip leader’s ties with people connected to US president and WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange”. And there was more.

Farage has not been accused of wrongdoing and is not a suspect or a target of the US investigation. But being a person of interest means investigators believe he may have information about the acts that are under investigation and he may therefore be subject to their scrutiny … Sources who spoke to the Guardian said it was Farage’s proximity to people at the heart of the investigation that was being examined as an element in their broader inquiry into how Russia may have worked with Trump campaign officials to influence the US election”. And one source put it directly.

One of the things the intelligence investigators have been looking at is points of contact and persons involved … If you triangulate Russia, WikiLeaks, Assange and Trump associates the person who comes up with the most hits is Nigel Farage … He’s right in the middle of these relationships. He turns up over and over again. There’s a lot of attention being paid to him”. And what in particular is the FBI looking at?

The source mentioned Farage’s links with Roger Stone, Trump’s long-time political adviser who has admitted being in contact with Guccifer 2.0, a hacker whom US intelligence agencies believe to be a Kremlin agent”. The suspicion that Mr Thirsty was the go-between, the link between the Trump gang and Wikileaks, was only heightened when the former UKIP leader was caught sneaking out of the Ecuadorian embassy.

He uncharacteristically became all coy when asked what he’d been doing there - forgetful, even. Martin Longman at the Washington Monthly was not so coy, asking the obvious question: “Did Nigel Farage Serve as Roger Stone’s Intermediary?” The growing body of evidence pointing to Farage’s involvement was covered on Zelo Street, including the route to Assange becoming a UKIP Cause Celèbre (HERE and HERE).

Meanwhile, Farage has been spinning for all he is worth, the BBC reportingNigel Farage says it is ‘extremely doubtful’ he could be a ‘person of interest’ to the FBI's investigation into Donald Trump and Russia …The former UKIP leader said he had ‘no connections’ to the country”. Two things here. One, he is a person of interest, and two, he is lying. He admitted in the now infamous interview with Die Zeit that he had met the Deputy Russian Ambassador to London - and maybe met him twice.

The former head Kipper has spent so long swimming with the sharks, he should have no complaint when they decide it’s feeding time, and the item on the menu is him.


AndyC said...

Could this explain Farage's mystery visit to see Assange the other month? Planning to do a runner to the Ecuadorian embassy if the Feds put out a summons do you think?

Anonymous said...

Andy, did you by any chance come from the Icke forum?

Oh, this will interest some of you. Several years ago, I discovered....

Somebody from the FBI is either watching the Icke forum or somebody from the Icke forum is working for the FBI or notifying the FBI.

Why would they need to do that? I never once seen anything negative about Rupert Murdoch on there. I did see a thread that claimed anonymous attacked Newscorp servers but that could have been an attempt to hide evidence.


If you want to know any more, you'll have to read my book.

First, I have to learn to write.

Anonymous said...

Here's something else..

Anonymous formation 2004? (Guido Masks)

Guido Fawkes Blog 2004?

Paul Staines (AKA) Guido Worked in finance and in 2001 sues his funds financial backer.

Any of these dates making sense or is he just a patsie?

We all know one thing for sure. He hasn't ran to Ireland for just lower taxes.
His disregard for British law is something else.....

Anonymous said...

This could be the first sighting of Schroedinger's blackshirt.
Simultaneously, a golf-club bore and a person of interest.

AndyC said...

Anonymous said...
Andy, did you by any chance come from the Icke forum?

I wouldnt go near a forum with 'Icke' in the name even if I was wearing asbestos gloves and a bio-suit.

ashie said...

It's always a very good idea to deny that which has not been alleged. Farage denies being in contact with Russia. Nowhere have I read that that is the reason he is a PoI. The allegation is that "FBI investigators are interested in Farage due to his relationships with individuals connected to Julian Assange and the Trump campaign". That's more or less what is reported everywhere.

So why does our Nige try to throw the hounds of Fleet Street off the scent? What is at the end of the trail he doesn't wish us to see?