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Thursday 29 June 2017

Rod Liddle Short Of Education

All those who may have thought the outburst earlier in the week from the Daily Mail’s legendarily foul mouthed editor Paul Dacre, where he had head teachers smeared for their campaigning for better funding during the General Election campaign, was an isolated occurrence were disabused of that notion today as professional Miserable Git Rod Liddle joined in the campaign of abuse, courtesy of the Murdoch Sun.
Only having one, eh Rod? Not clocked off early then?

Liddle, another prime example of floor-crossing intolerance, has taken grave exception to a primary school in Leicestershire proposing to end the school week on Friday lunchtime - to save money. And rather than bother himself to indulge in the time-consuming process of investigative journalism - that’s so Guardian, isn’t it Rod? - he has declaredDon’t blame Theresa May and cuts for schools shutting early on Friday, it’s more likely the teachers fancied clocking off at 1pm”. And there’s more he’s made up.

Parents of kids at ­Danemill School are ­furious after teachers decided to shut at lunchtime … ONE of these days the Government will get to grips with whingeing, moaning, thick-as-mince leftie teachers. I don’t know when”. Then he just makes it up. “Throughout the General Election campaign, head-teachers bombarded parents with leftie propaganda … Telling them that the ‘cuts’ meant all sensible parents should vote against the Tories”.

There is not one scrap of evidence that any head teacher advocated a vote for, or against, any specific political party. Not even the Mail tried pulling that one. So not only is Liddle lazy and prejudiced, he is a liar to boot. But he’s off and running: “A school in Leicestershire has decided to close at lunchtime on Fridays. Send the kids home … They say they’ve got to do it because of the ‘cuts’”. And there’s even more.

The notion that these supposed ‘cuts’ are to blame is ludicrous … If other schools can get by, why can’t Danemill? It’s more likely the teachers fancy clocking off at 1pm on a Friday so they have a nice long weekend”. Would Sir like to pitch another whopper to shore up his crappy copy? He certainly would “Listen. There have been no cuts. We are now spending a RECORD amount on education in the UK”.

So no actual analysis of what resources will be available to the school as a result of recent Government spending decisions. Just abuse, abuse and more abuse: “if the kids emerge, aged 18, able to count only to seven and with the reading ability of a slightly backwards vole, it ain’t Theresa May who’s to blame … It’s either that as a nation we’re thicker than at any time since 1945 … Or that the teachers aren’t up to much … I know what explanation I think more likely”. Er, that’s “which explanation”, Rod.

Still, Liddle does have a solution which he is prepared to share with any Sun readers who are still awake: “If Danemill’s local education authority had any balls, they’d sack the headteacher”. Research really isn’t your strong point, is it, Rod? Danemill Primary School is not a local authority school. It is an academy, part of an academy trust. It has also secured a highly favourable recent Ofsted rating. You can find that out by indulging in the mystical art known as “five minutes’ Googling”.

Rod Liddle - typical of the lazy, prejudiced and ignorant media elite. No change there, then.


Anonymous said...

"I'll tell you who wrote it, Rod Liddle, he's the guy who ran away and left his wife for a young one".

Anonymous said...

Really is ironic that a Mail commenter would seek to lambast a 'good' academy, that is also part of an Academy Trust.

Also rather ironic as they are a trust 'they have the freedom to set the length and their school day and term dates'

So in other words Liddell isn't just totally and utterly wrong, he is also heavily criticising government policy.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a cue for yet another tedious TV appearance from the loony old sot.

That assumes he's sober enough to be allowed in front of the cameras.