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Sunday 25 October 2015

Simon Danczuk - A Complete Shit

Rochdale’s nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk has once again taken to the pages of the Tory-supporting Mail On Sunday in order to put the boot in on his own party, while scoring More And Bigger Paycheques For The Benefit Of Himself Personally Now. The headline tells you all you need to know: “Corbyn: 'My night with President Xi was most boring I have ever had': SIMON DANCZUK got hauled in by his leader after his MoS columns. The result? His best one yet!
Well, it’s certainly up there with the MoS’ biggest whoppers, as Danczuk did not get “hauled in” to anything, otherwise he would not have gone voluntarily to meet his party leader. And one might have thought that what he and Jezza discussed should have remained confidential to the two of them.

In my 25-year career in politics I’ve had many memorable meetings with Ministers, mandarins, police, victims of child sexual abuse and others. But nothing prepared me for the extraordinary 40-minute, one-to-one meeting I had with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn last week”. Why so? “I had been invited to see him after criticising his performance in a series of articles in The Mail on Sunday”. So that was the subject for discussion?

Was he going to throw me out of the party merely for saying in public what other Labour MPs say in private about his leadership? Would it be the start of the great purge of Labour moderates by the Trots and Stalinists in his backroom team that we keep reading about?” Yes? Yes yes? Yes yes yes? Did Danczuk get the hard word?

Er, no he didn’t: “He offers a warm handshake and asks about my recent split with my wife, saying: ‘I know what it’s like, I’ve been through divorce a couple of times. The first time I married we were both too young.’” Stop right there. It is screamingly obvious that that part of the conversation was not for public consumption, even to a Grade A shit like Simon Danczuk. That is an abuse of confidence, no ifs, no buts.

It gets worse: “When I say that about one in four of my constituents has roots in Pakistan, Kashmir and Bangladesh, he says ‘great’ and his eyes light up … To him it’s a multicultural cause for celebration. He doesn’t see the sensitive issues of social cohesion it brings with it”. Like the sensitive issue of playing the Bangladeshi community for mugs in order to get them to vote for you, eh Simon? Multiculturalism is fine then, isn’t it?

And worse: “he’s talking about black cab drivers, who qualify as self-employed. I’m all for black cab drivers, but they’re not the first thing most of us think of when discussing entrepreneurs”. What part of the word “entrepreneur” do you not understand, Si? Have another go: “he suddenly starts complaining about how his local falafel shop pays more tax than the Starbucks over the road. Obviously he has a good point, but as usual it’s argued from a multicultural fringe perspective”. See above.

But, all too soon, it was over: “I depart with mixed emotions. There’s no question Jeremy is a decent bloke and I admire him for having the courage to listen to my criticisms”. Yes, and now Danczuk should do the decent thing and quit pretending to be a Labour MP. In any case, Corbyn has enough to discipline him, given the blatant and unforgivable breach of confidence. And forget the leadership bid - you’ll get nowhere with only one vote.


Sarah AB said...

I'm very anti-Corbyn myself, but see no justification in publishing details of a private conversation in this way. And the falafels point was ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Corbyn may have enough to discipline him, but he'd be foolish to give Danczuk the excuse he needs to play the burning martyr.

rob said...

*Simple Simon revisited*

Simple Simon and his leader were going to converse
Said Simple Simon to his leader in tones so very terse
"I don't like your policies Jez, and I'm having a hissy fit
And that bloody blogger Fenton says I'm a wretched shit!"

His leader sympathised a bit but omitteed to kick him out
He mentioned his own woes but said "there's really no need to shout"
So Simple Simon went away, still wrote his piece, the bleeder
The MoS helps pay his bills that's why he's snitched on his leader

Anonymous said...

"Labour moderates"......There's an awful lot of far right New Labour gobshites hiding behind THAT lie.....One of them being the ineffable Danksuck. There's nothing "moderate" about them - every one of them should be in the tory party and writing for Dacre and Murdoch. And good riddance.

Actually, Corbyn's playing a blinder with traitors like Danksuck: keep your friends close but your enemies closer still. It worked so well the Heil on Sunday almost disappeared up its won arse when you compared the headline garbage to the actuality of the meeting.

With some luck the New Labour gang will indeed be fucked right off to where they belong. This might well lead to problems but in the long term it will help the Labour Party recover its sense of decency and founding principles.

It will take time but so what? Nobody but a divvy would then be able to blame anybody else but far right econofascists - spivs like Danksuck - for what's about to happen.

So Danksuck has his uses: He shows just what kind of shitehawk he and his far right New Labour chums are, and how they run for the cover and money of Canary Wharf and Wall Street.

Speaking of which, mass murderer and war criminal far right neocon Blair predictably has just resurfaced in advance of publication of Chilcott. This time to boast about killing Saddam Hussein, but oddly enough not a word about "weapons of mass destruction".......you remember them, the ones only forty five minutes away from nuking Lahndan............