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Friday 9 October 2015

Sun Privy Council Spin Busted

After the 24-hour news Speculatron got itself in a terrible froth over Jeremy Corbyn’s non-appearance at the latest meeting of the Privy Council, and his actions were immediately pounced upon as some kind of “snub” by a republican more concerned with making empty gestures, one terminally clueless idiot decided to try and keep spinning the story. Zelo Street readers will need no introduction to this character.
Anyone got a custard pie?

Step forward the odious flannelled fool Henry Cole, formerly tame gofer to the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines at the Guido Fawkes blog, who has, since taking the Murdoch shilling, reeled off a string of alleged “exclusives”, which have been neither exclusive, nor factually correct. Master Cole’s latest wheeze has been to penOUTRAGE AS CORBYN SNUBS QUEEN TO GO ON HOLIDAY”. We are not outraged.

Parts of this excuse for journalism are merely exaggeration: “Even some in his own party branded him ‘immature’”, for instance, is actually one person, and Rochdale’s nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk hardly counts as being on the same side as Jezza. Elsewhere, there are smears: “his selection as party leader”, for instance. Corbyn, as any fule kno, was not selected, but elected. And the “snub” claim remains unproven.
Wrong. Again. Spin fail

But let’s cut to the main event: Cole’s insistence that his pal Young Dave did not “snub” the Queen, despite not fetching up at a Privy Council meeting for more than three months after his appointment, and his frankly pathetic spin on Corbyn. We can see Cameron’s progress through the appropriate Orders in Council: that of 14 December 2005 shows his appointment. HE WASN’T THERE. There was another meeting on 20 December 2005.

HE WASN’T THERE EITHER. Two “snubs” in less than a week. And, even after that, Cameron missed THE NEXT TWO Privy Council meetings, so that’s not two opportunities missed, as the Mirror claimed yesterday, but FOUR. Would Master Cole like to furnish his excuse? “Labour being obtuse. False dichotomy to compare DC and JC on PC. Dave always going - Corbs being murky, despite ‘straight talking’ pledge”.
Wrong. Again. Two minutes' Googling fail

Bullshit. Corbyn will turn up, too, and he’ll have to miss several more meetings to match Dave. But Cole has another spin of the dice: “NOW THE PRIVY COUNCIL SNUBS JEREMY CORBYN? Name doesn't appear on the ‘Orders Approved’”. And another lamentably researched article for the piss-poor SunNation website, too. Bless. So let’s take this nice and slowly, shall we, so Master Cole can keep up.

Those named on yesterday’s Orders in Council, Angus Robertson and Gisela Stuart, were confirmed as Privy Councillors by 10 Downing Street on 10 September. Jeremy Corbyn was not confirmed as a Privy Councillor by 10 Downing Street until 14 September. So it is no surprise that he was not on yesterday’s Orders in Council.

Meanwhile, the flannelled fool carries on spinning, smearing, and yes, lying his way around the Sun. While reality goes off in a different direction. Another fine mess.


Anonymous said...

Why bother hitting the jowly moron with a custard pie?......I'd rather eat the pie.

Let him and his fellow fules eat crow.

It's going to be fun keeping a record of these attempted smears of Corbyn. They've all failed, which means they should be collated and presented as a framed illuminated document at the end of the year. It's about the only dose of reality someone like Coal (sic) will ever receive.

Gerald Hornsby said...

The problem is, of course, that the gullible that swallow this generally undigestible bile can't, or won't, bother to check the facts. So expect this nonsense to be repeated everywhere Sun readers congregate as fact. And every time you point out the truth, they squawk "spin, spin". Even the Good Lord Cameron repeats the lies, and nothing ever gets done about it. Liars who speak or write in public should be held to account.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't Old Harry's Game's columns be bylined c/o Carrie Symonds?

Carrie(ing) on the good work of Grant Shapps (hic!) by showing CCHQ to be a bunch of chancers with not a lot between the ears? Imaginative ideas to spin a story needs a bit more careful research into your own party's history?