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Sunday 18 October 2015

Tory Bullying - Here Comes The Judge

If the Tory Party thought that the claims of bullying and womanising that followed the death of young activist Elliott Johnson would go away, they thought without the tenacious Mail On Sunday political editor Simon Walters, who has returned to the subject today. The news for all those Tory activists is that, while Young Dave has not announced an independent inquiry, he is going to take action.
The MoS headline heralds bad news for anyone who has been misbehaving: “David Cameron appoints top judge to probe Tatler Tory sex, bullying and blackmail claims after suicide of young activist … Edward Legard will lead inquiry into the suicide of Elliott Johnson … Johnson, 21, was found dead by a railway track in Bedfordshire … He left a suicide note, claiming Mark Clarke threatened and bullied him”.

Cameron, the MoS claims, “has appointed a top judge to investigate allegations of blackmail, bullying and sexual abuse in the Tory Party … And the party is to pay a private health clinic to offer counselling to activists left traumatised after the suicide of a young Tory who was bullied by one of the Prime Minister's election aides … Edward Legard, an Old Etonian contemporary of the Prime Minister, will lead an inquiry following the suicide of Elliott Johnson, 21, last month”. And there’s more.

Walters once again puts Mark Clarke under the cosh: “Married Clarke's mistress, India Brummitt, an aide to MP Claire Perry, is also accused of making threats to prevent Clarke being blamed for Johnson's death … The allegations have sent shockwaves through Tory high command: a police investigation into Johnson's death is under way and several activists have been interviewed”. And there is more bad news for Clarke’s pals.
Mr Cameron has reportedly described Clarke, the former chairman of the party's youth wing Conservative Future (CF), as 'a nightmare’”. That means Clarke - and perhaps any or all of his pals - are likely to be hung out to dry. And it gets worse: one concerned source, who has agreed to speak to Zelo Street on condition of anonymity, has passed me a photo of three of Mark Clarke’s pals in a state of partial undress.

The three are (left to right) Eleanor Vesey-Thompson, aide to Mark Clarke who sits on the CF National Executive, Mahyar Tousi, long-time friend of Clarke, and India Brummitt, CF deputy chairman and Clarke’s mistress. My information is that the photo was taken at AndrĂ© Walker’s Windsor flat, later on the same day as that used by the MoS, showing Clarke, Tousi, Walker and friends apparently on their way to the races.

My source observes “If Eleanor Vesey-Thompson, Mahyar Tousi and India Brummitt are happy to pose for photos like this then how can Conservative Future members trust them not to leak statements to Mark Clarke and AndrĂ© Walker? We are supposed to represent young Conservatives, including those of school age”.

Moreover, despite Clarke, Walker and Sam Armstrong being banned from the Tory conference recently, Ms Brummitt turned up and was involved in at least one less than cordial exchange of views. Edward Legard needs to act swiftly and dispassionately, and if he does so, it will not just be those in the photo who will find themselves under scrutiny.


Anonymous said...

Oo look.

Yet ANOTHER "...Old Etonian contemporary of the Prime Minister..."

Gosh, it's getting mighty crowded in that closet.............

Arnold said...

If there are allegations of blackmail, why aren't the police involved?

Anonymous said...

Dirty girls if only they were a bit more like that in the Labour movement

Anonymous said...

The kid in the middle looks like Clarke aged 15. Are they related?

SteveB said...


the police are involved,

the question should be, since they have the letter as part of their investigation for the coroner (see previous zelo) how come Dave is already in a position to launch his internal process? Surely the contents haven't been leaked before the inquest??