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Saturday 3 October 2015

Sun Pundit Keeps On Lying

The short but not at all sweet Sun career of the odious flannelled fool Henry Cole, formerly tame gofer to the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines at the Guido Fawkes blog, continues in the style which was established at its start: the pretence of “exclusives” that weren’t, the occasional foray into hypocrisy, and plenty of constructive invention, or, as most people prefer to call it, telling whoppers.
The hypocrisy was on view when Master Cole continued the Fawkes blog tradition of suggesting that the rotten lefties harboured and encouraged anti-Semitism, by reporting on Jeremy Corbyn’s presence at a Labour Friends of Israel meeting. Cole told that the Labour leader “appeared unable to bring himself to say the name of the Jewish State at the packed meeting in Brighton”. So he didn’t know, but his article suggests that.

Contrast that with Cole being happy to write for the same blog that also employs Simon Carr, who regularly wheels out anti-Semitic tropes in order to kick Jewish politicians, such as saying Mil The Younger “dances at the despatch box like a spastic marionette”, or that he wasother-worldly” and “crucifixion material”. Still, high principles, eh?

But that is as nothing when it comes to the downright dishonesty. “‘DON’T BULLY CORBYN': MINISTERS TOLD AHEAD OF TORY CONFERENCE … Tories are leaving the Corbyn attacks to Labour” he told earlier this week. Do go on. “Tory Ministers have been told to take lines mocking Jeremy Corbyn out of their conference speeches to avoid being slammed for bullying the elderly leftie, the Sun can reveal”.

Does Master Cole have a source for this claim? “Party strategists are determined not to be seen to be bullying the embattled 66-year-old Labour leader, with one telling the Sun last night: ‘There’s enough bitchiness about him coming from within Labour – our job’s to point out the serious risk.’ A Tory source added: ‘We’ve got a clear message and a strong record to focus on. We can leave destroying the Labour brand to Corbyn and McDonnell’”.

Cole’s partner works for the Tory Party, doesn’t she? Just leaving that there, as well as the sure and certain knowledge that the headline above is purest invention. Meanwhile, the flannelled fool has been attacking another of his favourite targets, Commons speaker John Bercow. “SPORTY SPEAKER JOHN BERCOW CASHES IN ON £6K TENNIS FREEBIES … He behaves 'like a football hooligan' at matches”, he tells.

Self-confessed tennis nut and Commons Speaker John Bercow cashed in on £6,085 worth of tennis freebies this season alone, the Sun can reveal. Mr Bercow, 51 - a huge fan of Roger Federer - sat in the Royal Box at Wimbledon”. One does not buy tickets for the Royal Box: one attends it by invitation only. Try another.

Onlookers at Centre Court claim the Speaker was ‘behaving like a football hooligan, jumping up and down, fists in the air, people were turning round and looking at him all the time’”. Except the broadcasters and everyone else managed to miss it. So that’s more exclusively made up rubbish. Meanwhile, the real story - that the Tories have warned off ministers from attending the launch of Michael Ashcroft and Isabel Oakeshott's unauthorised Cameron biography - Cole missed.

Will the Sun tire of this uselessness? Nah, they’ll probably promote him.


rob said...

*News from The Trough*

Have you seen that Harry Cole
Scrabbling in the dirt
And for all his erstwhile mates
Sadly, truth evaporates
Always having dirt
Arrayed around them

In his lair with Rupert's backing
He don't care what goes on around
He writes with proofs somewhat lacking
What he needs is a damn good thwacking

Have you see the bigger piggies
In their striped blue shirts
Playing with apocryphal piggies
Dead - no need to play the flirt
But take heed of dirt
When the fan starts spraying

Anonymous said...

Pushing Cole to one side, I'm actually in favour of the neocon New Labour gang having a go at Jeremy Corbyn.

It will help identify them more readily. And thus make it easier to get shut of them to the tories or LibDems, which, of course, is where they belong.

Then the Labour Party can start to restore the founding principles betrayed by New Labour.

The process will take a long time, possibly include loss of the next general election. But at least the Labour Party will be able to look in the mirror again and separate itself from neocon attacks on our most vulnerable citizens.

We've had thirty six years of this econofascist corruption. It won't be overturned overnight. It might even mean Jeremy Corbyn won't last the course. But a start has been made. And THAT is what the neocons - tories, New Labour and LibDems - are utterly shit scared of.