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Monday 5 October 2015

Don’t Menshn Egg Attacks

One young Tory activist ended up on the wrong end of an egg attack yesterday - the same kind of thing that happened to rotten lefties like “Shagger” Prescott and Mil The Younger, but which right-wingers batted off as the kind of Stuff that Happens in politics. But this was different: the attack had come not from those annoyed at Labour, but from the Great Unwashed hordes, some of whom might be supporting Jeremy Corbyn.
(c) Doc Hackenbush 2014

This appalling behaviour required someone to stand firm, be of sound principle, tell it like it is, turn through 180 degrees, open mouth, insert foot, and end up looking like the worst kind of hypocrite. Who would prove equal to the task? Fortunately, over in a reassuringly expensive corner of Manhattan, (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch was, as ever, willing to make the ultimately pointless gesture.
That looked difficult at first: “I'm not sure that you can have a ‘vicious egg attack’”. Oh. So it’s not such a big deal? “Who bloody cares if somebody threw an egg at someone else; Egypt is burning to the ground” she had claimed previously. In any case, would she have said that if her party leader had been the one getting the egging? “Of course I bloody would”. So it’s not such a bad thing?
It seems not: someone trivialising egg attacks got the reply “God, exactly. How appalling who cares. People are dying in Egypt”. Yes, let’s get these things in perspective. I mean, at the 2010 General Election, she laughed it all off: “DC=: Pelted with an egg. Chased by chicken, laughed it off. Had civil discussion with angry dad. No probs”. Yes, Tories getting egged was nothing to get fussed over.
And it was not just politicians in the UK who made light of this kind of thing: “when @Schwarzenegger was egged during Gubernatorial election he said ‘that guy owes me bacon’”. How disappointing: one might have expected Arnie to at least manage a “Don’t mess with me …. Ass-Hole”. Whatever.
So egging is not a big deal? Er, it is now: “Politics from @gmpolice, allowing rape threats, spittle, eggs and abuse and telling #CPC15 don't wear pass … Unless the same four people threatened to rape the woman, egged the protester, and spat at those journalists, @Gmpolice failing at #CPC15”. Cops not going after egg throwers was now a serious business! Cue Mrs T: “U-turn if you want … Ms Mensch is all for turning”.
Had she really changed tack so suddenly? You betcha, says Sarah: “Journalists w photos of selves being spat on, 4. Conference goer egged, one. Woman w rape threat,1. @gmpolice 4 arrests = failure of police”. She had. So that’s egging Tories and Republicans OK one minute, then when convenient, bad the next. Fire up that spin machine!

Bit like her definition of trolling, which is what other people do to her, but not what she does to anyone else. Can you smell hypocrisy?


rob said...

"Can you smell hypocrisy?"

Yep, as as she was poached by Murdoch her brain was scrambled after being fried from too much exposure to The Sun. Hence sunny side up became over easy depending on the agenda set for her. Has become a yolk which will run and run, probably with spam, spam and spam.

Anonymous said...

'Egg-gate smacks of a set-up. Weren't all those attending advised to remove lanyards, security badges and generally keep a low profile away from conference? Yet, here we have Toryboy approaching the demonstrators, fully identifiable and waving a copy of the d tel. On the YT vid it's impossible to tell who throws the egg. I swear this was a stunt, designed to paint the demo in a bad light. I fucking swear it.

Anonymous said...

You can't say I didn't warn you about a set-up.

Well, here it is, bang on cue.

Needless to say mainstream media hacks are all over it while ignoring the roof top snipers. The usual cowardice.