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Tuesday 27 October 2015

Don’t Menshn Wasting Police Time

One story that seems not to have made the national press this week is that of someone who has made a name out of complaining about alleged improper behaviour in others, while making a name for opening mouth and inserting boot in such as way as to render their credibility redundant. Yes, (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch is in the news because one of her most high profile complaints has failed.
(c) Doc Hackenbush 2014

It has been left to the Bradford Telegraph & Argus to tell “Two senior Bradford solicitors cleared of any wrongdoing after complaint they leaked confidential information on child sex case”. Do go on: “Police and prosecutors have decided no action will be taken against Alias Yousaf and another, unnamed, solicitor at Chambers Solicitors”.
And then it got interesting: “Greater Manchester Police held an investigation after former MP Louise Mensch made a complaint to the force earlier this year, alleging the two solicitors had shared the names and ordeals of victims of a child sex ring”. Ms Mensch confirmed this at the time, as the Twitter screengrabs show - as well as her bizarre act of claiming that one Twitter user she disliked was actually Alias Yousaf.
After claiming “Raymond is the solicitor Alias Yousaf, an aide to George Galloway”, Ms Mensch went on a bizarre tirade. “Your client raped a 12 year old, Alias Yousaf, and you leaked her name to a political ally … did George Galloway have, or does he have, any idea that you, Alias Yousaf, leaked the names of child victims of rape? Do you still, Alias Yousaf, have any formal position within the Respect party?
She tried to rope in George Galloway: “Is Alias Yousaf a part of Respect Party, George? Did you know he leaked the name of a child rape victim?” before declaring “I should add that my criminal complaint is not only about Alias Yousaf but also the unnamed senior solicitor at the firm who agreed to this … I want to state that I have already, pre-dating this action, reported Alias Yousaf of Chambers Solicitors to the SRA”.
Well, it now seems that she had made a complaint to the Police. As the T&A has explained, “Mr Yousaf had represented a defendant in a high profile grooming case heard at Liverpool Crown Court in 2012. His client was convicted and jailed for eight years. Mrs Mensch alleged that an unredacted case summary had been emailed to a member of the public before the case came to trial. She asked the force to investigate under the Children and Young Persons' Act and the Data Protection Act, as well as consider Contempt of Court laws”. But GMP - not Ms Mensch’s favourite force right now - did not proceed.
On Monday, 16 March, 2015, Greater Manchester Police received a report relating to an alleged leak of confidential information. The matter was linked to the prosecution of a number of men in a high profile exploitation case in Rochdale in 2011 … A full investigation was carried out into this matter. Following consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service, no further action will be taken”. So that’s another glorious failure.

One has to hope the rozzers have retained their sense of humour and don’t come after Ms Mensch for wasting their time. And remember, they allowed her to become an MP.


A Kelly said...

That's right Louise, slag off a couple of solicitors. Don't be surprised if a court summons comes your way the next time you set foot back in Blighty.

Ciaran Goggins said...

The same Louise Mensch who posted Ched Evans victim identity yet not arrested by North Wales Police vermin? Just checking!

Andy McDonald said...

Interesting that for someone living in America, she doesn't comment much on US affairs.

Much easier to do the equivalent of calling people names while driving past them in a speeding car.

Anonymous said...

I'm all in favour of Untermensch spouting her garbage.

Every time she does she exposes how outright immoral and wicked her "catechism" is.

Bring it on, I say, bring it on. She's in a reactionary hole and keeps digging deeper. Soon it'll collapse on top of her. It's what happens to an unstable excavation.

Mark my words, she'll go further and further right as she gets more desperate. So will the rest of the Nastzis.

rob said...

*A police complaint*

Making spurious complaints
Working for The Sun
Facts they have no need of
Working for The Sun
UK bully boys get their kicks
Working for The Sun
So USA it is for Louise Thick
Working for, working for The Sun

Some may say
You're tweeting your life away
All day
That will be always be the way
Some say
While to the Murdoch in whose pay
You stay
Until old and grey

Anonymous said...

hi guys hows alias and co doing at the moment? are they still solicitors?
concerned of brighton