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Saturday 3 October 2015

Mail Corbyn Wife Smear Desperation

While the legendarily foul mouthed Paul Dacre uses today’s Daily Mail Comment - as ever, the authentic voice of the Vagina Monologue - to loftily instruct Young Dave as to what he should do for the next four and a half years, his less than stellar array of hacks and pundits are laying into Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in ever more desperate fashion, as the reputations of the dead are trashed and Jezza’s wife is targeted.
What's f***ing wrong with leering at leftists' sex lives, c***?!? Er, with the greatest of respect, Mr Jay

Today’s smear and innuendo is kicked off with a guest appearance at the Northcliffe House bunker by the loathsome Toby Young, so desperate to trouser a few more notes that he is prepared to not only dump all over the memory of the dead, but is even prepared to include his own late rather in the denunciation, telling Mail readers thathe was brought up surrounded by Champagne socialists”.

These people, whose behaviour you have to take on trust as they are no longer with us, are then equated with Jezza: “Frankly, I can't say I was surprised that Jeremy Corbyn had no hesitation in accepting the £125,000 salary and chauffeur-driven car that comes with his new job … After all, this veteran campaigner against inequality was brought up in a seven-bedroom mansion and went to private school”.
Look who's making another grown-up contribution

That Corbyn lives frugally, travelled mainly by public transport or cycled before he became Labour leader, and made the smallest expense claims of any MP, is not allowed to enter. And remember, this is authoritative, as Tobes was “brought up in North London, not far from Corbyn's constituency”. Yeah, right: I was brought up in the same town as Eric Pickles, but it hasn’t made me an obese Tory hypocrite.

But the pièce de résistance comes when the Mail goes after Corbyn’s wife. The headline, “Why did the Sexpot Trot keep so quiet about his (MUCH younger) third wife? An insight into the marriage of Jeremy Corbyn and Laura Alvarez”, tells you just how highbrow this is not going to be. The sub-heading “Very few people were even aware he had a wife until recently” is breathtakingly stupid. Who needed to know?
Jeremy Corbyn - how scary is he?

It gets worse: “Laura is the third Mrs Corbyn (not that she or her predecessors would be so traditional as to take their husband’s surname). The first, Labour councillor Jane Chapman, called time on their union after growing fed up with her husband’s obsession with politics … The second, fiery Chilean campaigner Claudia Bracchitta, drew the line after 12 years of marriage at his refusal to allow the eldest of their three sons to go to grammar school”.

So what? But on they go “Whether it was his passion - or his vests - that first appealed to the sparkling-eyed Ms Alvarez is unclear, but the circumstances of their meeting are extraordinary” sneers the Mail before having to concede that those circumstances came about because Corbyn helped her sister get her abducted daughter back from her estranged father. But the Mail just keeps on whining.

Her Facebook relationship status is resolutely blank … When Corbyn hosted an event on human rights in Mexico at the Houses of Parliament this year, there was no reference to the fact that one of the speakers was his wife”. Why should there be? The Mail is in truly barrel-scraping form with these attacks. Whatever Jezza does, Dacre looks to have no problem getting desperate hacks to kick him for it. That’s just sad.


Unknown said...

Quite right too. Secondary moderns are much better.

Anonymous said...

Given that Capn Bellend didn't hesitate to claim a cool £85k for a part time job at the school which he'd set up with the avowed intention of turning it into a profit making enterprise and hang the kids' education along the way, who's the hypocrite here. Twatface or Corbyn?

Anonymous said...

This gets funnier and funnier.

The more desperate the Daily Heil gets, the more comic its hatred. Add in the sheer cowardice of its bribed hacks and you're through Alf Garnett country and into the Fourth Reich.

Any day now they'll be eating their own shoes and socks.

At this rate they'll all end up in a haha hotel surrounded by men in white coats.

Julius Streicher must be looking up with sheer envy from his special spot in Hell..........Don't worry, Julius. The Mail loonies will be with you soon enough.

Anonymous said...

I suspect very few 10/11 year olds would tell their parents that a private school goes completely against the socialist prinicples they will have in a few years time.

As for Eric Pickles, have you read The Pickles Papers by Tony Grogan? Available to read online.

Anonymous said...

I still wonder how Paul dacre's dad managed to get through the second world war as theatre correspondant

it must have been to counter the Nazi's well known love of musical theatre

Tim Fenton said...


I have a print copy of The Pickles Papers, just in case Fat Eric ever carries out his threat to sue Grogan (he won't, of course, he's all wind and piss).

Rivo said...

So basically their 'story' is "Man gets promotion, gets payrise" and "Man who has had previous marriages argued about stuff with ex-wives"?

I don't know about anyone else, but the pathetic nature of the constant sneers and snark from the press about Corbyn only serve to make me more sympathetic towards him, much as the barrel-scraping attacks against Miliband in the run-up to the election did

Learning Based Web said...

Secondary model is better

Unknown said...

@Anonymous (18:45)

I think Paul Dacre's dad got through WW2 by filing articles about how Shirley Temple looked "all grown up" and with endless commentary about Gracie Fields' weight.