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Tuesday 27 October 2015

Toby Young Tax Credit Spin Fail

The attempt by Young Dave and his jolly good chaps to take the axe to millions of workers’ tax credits - a redistributive measure instigated by Pa Broon, and one that therefore the Tories hate with a passion - went before the Lords yesterday evening, where this particular campaign progressed not necessarily to the Government’s advantage. On two Labour amendments, they were defeated. This was not taken well.
More grown-up debate from Captain Bellend

The Tories’ next Great Hope, the Rt Hon Gideon George Oliver Osborne, heir to the seventeenth Baronet, was revealed to be not the great master strategist, but a blustering, spiteful and child-like busted flush, ranting about what he and his next-door neighbour were going to do to the Rotten Lords, that their intervention was somehow unconstitutional, and that in any case it just wasn’t fair.
What Cameron and Osborne did not address was that, before May’s General Election, they had very deliberately given the electorate the impression that working tax credits were not going to be cut. Nor did they address the obvious point that, had they put the measure in the Finance Bill - which is off limits to the Lords after David Lloyd George’s “people’s budget” - rather than using a statutory instrument, all would have been well.
And it was not only at the top of the Tory Party that the witless spin was being undertaken, as shown in no style at all by the loathsome Toby Young as he strove valiantly to convince anyone prepared to listen that Dave was right all along, honestly. Before the vote, Tobes told that Cameron had not ruled out cutting tax credits “in general”, which may come as news to those who watched the BBC Question Time leaders’ debate from Leeds.
Did Dave give the impression he wouldn’t cut tax credits? “No he didn't. And Labour claimed the Tories would cut tax credits in its campaign -- correctly”. No thanks Tobes, I don’t want to look over there. How did he answer Owen Jones’ charge that the Tories had no mandate for their cuts? The same way: “Did Blair and Brown seek a mandate to increase welfare spending by more than 100% under the last government?
Yes, the Tories lost in the Lords and it was Tone and Pa Broon wot did it. Would Tobes like to admit Labour successfully ambushed his team? “One of the consequences of Labour giving up job of being Her Majesty's Opposition is that opposition to the government emerges elsewhere … I wonder if Corbyn will finally abandon his LBC chat show host routine at #pmqs now that an open goal yawns before him? Too dumb I expect”.
Corbyn and his party win, so Tobes says that makes them rubbish. But he’s sure what happened was not constitutional. Or is he? “Anyone seen a detailed analysis of the constitutionality of the House of Lords' rejection of tax credit cuts?” The Tories lost in the Lords. Much of the right-leaning press has been registering its disquiet of late about the proposals. But the loathsome Tobes is unmoved.

They don’t call him Captain Bellend for nothing.What a total and utter bellend.


rob said...

" I wonder if Corbyn will finally abandon his LBC chat show host routine at #pmqs now that an open goal yawns before him? Too dumb I expect”"

Really? it's reported that Andrew Lloyd Webber crossed the Atlantic to make one of his rare appearances at a H of Lords vote. Or was it really a crafty subterfuge to cover his making some research into a new musical named JC - the All New Superstar? Nothing like ShitTY ShitTY Bell End.

Anonymous said...

There's comedy, tragedy and irony in this when equated to Lloyd George's "people's budget" contest with the "Lords" in 1909.

The irony is that the Nastzis at that time tried to prevent legislation which included a means-tested old age pension, but this episode is the opposite. The tory "Lords" tried to stop it during six nights of debate, in which one Nastzi, gambling Henry Chaplin MP, described it as "...the greatest possible discouragement to thrift..," while the early Brit equivalent of Adolf Hitler, Alfred Milner, said it was "...an utterly rotten and bad way of financing old-age pensions..." and that it was "evil." Neither of them of course referred to the budget shortfall caused by additional spending on the arms race in the shape of new dreadnought battleships.

Shades of Trident, shades of pasty-faced Georgy Boy the Bullingdon messenger boy.

The tragedy is that once again the Nastzis have tried to gouge the most vulnerable in society. It's no consolation to know only a fool would now deny what they're up to.

The comedy is the image of the Nastzis whining about "...an unelected second chamber..." when it suits their miserable, thieving, spiv mindset. I haven't laughed so uproariously since Thatcher, Howe and Brittan croaked. It's even funnier than Georgy Boy claiming at the tory Nuremberg Rally that he had "learned."

The reality is of course that the tories NEVER LEARN. They remain what they have always been and always will be: an organised immoral gang of tenth rate corporate thieves, public school arse heads, creepy corner shop owners and forehead-knuckling snot-nosed royalists. They'll never change.

Toby Jughead? Just a minor member of that weird, evil sect.

Arnold said...

Comments on its attacks on the Lords are going the Mail's way. Mailite's now know that the Government isn't just going after "benefit scroungers". It's coming after them.

Andy McDonald said...

What's that old quote about appeasement? Feeding a tiger in the hope you'll be eaten last?