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Thursday 24 September 2015

The Sun Says Don’t Mention Motorman

Today’s Sun front page splash, like anything authored by the odious flannelled fool Henry Cole, is shouty, brash, superficial, and does not survive any kind of serious analysis. Telling “Exclusive … Yentob Storm … BBC BOSS AND THE SAVILE COVER-UP … TV exposé pair ‘branded traitors’”, it looks like an open and shut case against the hated Beeb. But, in reality, it is just a crude attempt to shout “look over there”.
Look over there, readers ... 

Master Cole’s article has taken a quote from former Panorama man Meirion Jones, which he gave in an interview to be published in this week’s Spectator Life magazine, now edited by the loathsome Toby Young. Tobes claims the story will carry on running, because Cole got a quote from Tory MP Philip Davies, which shows the tenuous grip on reality exhibited by all too many of those out on the right.

The story is not new news: that Meirion Jones - and John Sweeney - found themselves eased out at the BBC was known about last year after the Panorama revelations about “Fake Sheikh” Mazher Mahmood, a subject that neither Cole, Tobes or any of the other Beeb bashers will be going near any time soon. No, the main reason for today’s Sun lead is to provide a diversion from yesterday’s Operation Motorman news.
... and, er, don't look over here

You didn’t read about that? See - the Sun’slook over there” was successful! What was it about? The information released is a list of journalists who requested information - much of it obtained illegally - from Private Investigator Steve Whittamore, who was busted by a raid back in 2006 (this is told in some detail by Nick Davies in his go-to book on the workings of the press, Flat Earth News, available from all good outlets. Hint).

That list makes grim reading for the Murdoch press. Among the roll of shame is one Dave Wooding, who is now political editor of the Sun on Sunday. His weekday counterpart, the non-bullying Tom Newton Dunn, is also present. Gary Jones, who spent some time at the now-defunct Screws, and worked with Southern Investigations, where Daniel Morgan was a partner before his violent murder, appears as well.
It gets worse: one of those who pleaded guilty to phone hacking charges, Greg Miskiw, is on the list, although his name has been mis-spelt as “Miskins”. The late Sean Hoare, who had the courage to speak up, is also there, as is Jules Stenson, who memorably tried to denounce Nick Davies on Newsnight before himself getting guilty. But you have to scroll down to the last page to find the name the Sun doesn’t want you to see.

Because that name is Rebekah Wade, now Brooks, who has just returned to the CEO’s chair at Rupe’s UK newspaper operation. She too was involved in an information gathering exercise, much of which was illegal. The Murdoch titles were in it up to their necks. So how better to divert attention but to use the Sun’s front page to kick the hated BBC instead? That, folks, is the elephant in the Baby Shard room right now.

Even Meirion Jones says “I think @TheSun should be leading on Rebekah and Operation Motorman rather than my comment piece”. What you will not read in today’s Sun.


Anonymous said...


Murdoch lackeys are no more likely to mention Operation Motorman than they are to mention Operation Mockingbird.

Which of course is why the Murdoch bureaucrat/mouthpiece Brooks/Wade has been reinserted into the far right propaganda machine.

A career necessity for the post is to have the sensitivity and intelligence of a blob of mud on the underside of a welly. Therefore, Brooks/Wade is perfectly suited. So are the rest of the cowering Nazi lickspittles.

Arnold said...

Katie Hopkins has walked and will be a Daily Mail Glenda from 1st November.

Anonymous said...

Miskiw as well (seems to be a misprint of his name).

Arnold said...

"Operation Motorman". I keep reading that as "Motormouth"

rob said...

More perjury trials on the way? Will Leveson Mark II ever start?

And what is "Whitters" , Lou's best mate, going to make of Greg Miskiw's tales of Ms Becky's knowledge. Will he still continue bashing the Beeb for "I know nothing" Rupert's company for whom she has started work again?

You can take the swamp out of Wapping but it will rear its ugly head again if you don't come completely clean first.