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Friday 4 September 2015

Dan Hodges’ Job Application

So many wannabe hacks and pundits do it: giving not merely deference, but grovelling praise, to Rupert Murdoch. Why they do it is not a mystery. Rupe and his minions will look more kindly upon them. There will be no unexpected obstacles to their progress from one assignment to the next, whatever the publication. And, who knows? Some day, their genuflection may even bring them a plum berth at one of his papers.
It worked spectacularly well for the appallingly clueless Tim Montgomerie, who misunderstood the phone hacking scandal comically badly in a Guardian Comment Is Free piece, but used the same article to sing Murdoch’s praises. He has since joined the Times and even allowed to write leaders for the paper. This example has not been lost on others, even those whose previous service at Rupe’s papers has not been successful.
Hence we see the loathsome Toby Young browning his nose in no style at all as he simpers “Delighted that @thesunnewspaper is now campaigning to persuade @David_Cameron to admit child refugees”. Then comes the Telegraph’s not celebrated blues artiste Whinging Dan Hodges, and “The Sun has called on the government to help the refugees. Just for once could we put down the pitchforks and say ‘well done’”.
Is Hodges’ comment an isolated incident? Well, no it isn’t: following that one, he left his audience in no doubt that what the Sun had done was A Good Thing. “We don't want Sun readers helping migrants do we. We've got a political point to make” he chided one Tweeter. “Don't want Sun readers helping refugees do we. Wrong sort of reader” he sneered at another. Yes, the Sun was OK, right?
And then, after another snipe at someone of differing opinion “Don't want Murdoch's readers wanting to help save refugees do we”, came this highly revealing coda: “They've said we need to take in more refugees. As a result we will take in more refugees. That's good and we should say so”. In Hodges world, the Sun makes Government policy.
This is not an isolated occurrence. When the Sun splashed its alleged Royal Nazi salute story, and was much ridiculed, there was Dan in support, telling “If the Sun reported the second coming people would attack them for an intrusion of privacy. That film is an important piece of our history”. Two days later it was “Right or wrong, Rupert Murdoch is one of the only people in journalism who looks like he believes in something”.

I’ll go further: my information is that Hodges would not say no to an offer to depart the increasingly downmarket Telegraph and mosey over to the Baby Shard. After all, Young Dave is alleged to read his musings, so why should he not be at the Times, or even the Sun? If the Super Soaraway Currant Bun is prepared to entertain clueless numpties like Louise Mensch, surely they can find a niche for him?

Of course, he could just write out a job application, but then, paying tribute to Creepy Uncle Rupe, after Monty’s effort, does seem to be rather more effective.


Pam Smith said...

I guess he's finally given up hope of David Miliband sweeping into the Labour leadership and giving him a job, then.

wildcat said...

Of all the people who have sucked up to RM, you left out the most obvious, Louise Mensch! An utterly hopeless politician, she was on the home affairs select committee who interviewed him on the phone hacking saga. She was like a lovestruck teenager, praising him to the hilt including using the phrase "a most impressive witness".

She then chucked in the towel as an MP after only two or three years in the job, before, shock horror, going to work for him. What a thoroughly pathetic human being.

Anonymous said...

If ever this country was stupid enough to sleep-walk into a fascist regime it would be partly due to loony scumbags like Murdoch and his employees. And the Daily Heil boot boys of course.

It was Dietrich Bonhoeffer who said, "I stopped arguing with the Nazis when they became too stupid to argue with." Of course this doesn't preclude taking the piss out of them every time they open their disgusting gobs or publishing or broadcasting their poison.

Oligarchs like Murdoch are the ultimate criminals. However, those who grovel and "work" for them are just as guilty because they have a choice. All they have to do is tell the wizened old crackpot to Fuck Off. But how many of them have the guts to stop cowering behind their mortgage payments?