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Thursday 17 September 2015

Don’t Menshn Corbyn Assault Smear

New Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has now, despite his dislike of cars, begun to use a car and driver provided by the Government Car Service. This has prevented his being ambushed by Sky News (“first for breaking wind”) while walking to or from the bus stop, but has not stopped the inevitable media scrum outside his house. So it was inevitable that there would be some pushing and shoving to get comments and photos.
(c) Doc Hackenbush 2014

This culminated in a BBC cameraman and his camera ending up on the ground yesterday morning as Corbyn got into the car. The driver - apparently a Government Car Service employee - is alleged to have been involved. That was enough for (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch to declare that, despite her being thousands of miles away, she knew all about what happened and that it was all Jezza’s fault.
Sounds like Corbyn and his driver should be down the nick for assault and we will soon see what the bbc is made of … Oisin Tymin [sic] gets different treatment from the bbc than lowly cameraman because Clarkson a Tory, Corbyn labour” she thundered. Yes, she started off prejudiced and wrong, and yes, it gets worse.
Allegedly driver threatens cameraman in front of #Corbyn. Assaults him smashes his camera. Witnesses say Corbyn told to get out car. Refused”. The camera was not smashed. Have another go. “If that is true #Corbyn telling alleged assaulter of cameraman to drive on - despite witness protests- is disgusting”. It isn’t true. But hey ho.
If that was Cameron telling alleged assaulter to drive on despite witness protests you'd be up in arms”. If it was Cameron, nobody would have even got close to him. “Witnesses told #Corbyn to get out of the car after his driver allegedly assaulted cameraman. He refused”. Nobody told Corbyn to do anything, although one person suggested it.
On tape #Corbyn recounts his dismissal of cameraman who was injured asking him not to drive off, said own fault”. As far as is known, the cameraman concerned didn’t ask Corbyn to do anything. So telling “Apart from the heinous act of driving off when victim asked not to, contempt for working victim is total” is more unfounded drivel.
And then came the pièce de résistance - a good old fashioned conspiracy theory: “that doesn't exclude him from being a Corbyn aide. Why was driver outside car allegedly attacking a cameraman? Can some journalists please ask the basic question: why a neutral driver would be outside the car ‘warning’ and ‘attacking’ a cameraman?” Yes, if all else fails, claim it was a Labour conspiracy after all.

With that, Ms Mensch wibbled off to tell anyone who was listening that she knew everything about something else. But she will no doubt be back to this incident, obsessively demanding that the world listen to her, despite the sad fact that it will have moved on by then. And remember, folks, they allowed her to become an MP.


Andy McDonald said...

I seem to recall a couple of Cameron's security detail telling a guy to fuck off for singing a song about him within his earshot, during the GE campaign. Anyway. Mensch once again provides some welcome light relief - her comparison to Cameron is one thing, but to Jeremy bloody Clarkson?

Anonymous said...

The low rent Ann Coulter presents the low rent Benghazi.

rob said...

Numpty Louise was an MP
A bigger self server it would be hard to see
All of Rupe's minions and all of Dunn's men
Couldn't make Louise a journo for toffee

SteveB said...

I think it was Tuesday morning but the reporting was bit vague, I was wondering how Corbyn turned up at Parliament yesterday in a different shirt and jacket than when he got in the car!!!

The BBC posted the video from the camera on their news site (which Mensch would like closed). It clearly shows that Corbyn was hugging a supporter well out of reach of the camera when IT fell. It shows images of peoples shoes whilst it was on the ground but there is no sign of anyone being on the ground with it - and none of the Tory papers seem to have a photo either. It also shows that Corbyns door of the car was open and seems very close to the back of the cameraman. I got the feeling that the edge of the door was the problem. Most likely is that someone in the back of the car got out with some force and slammed it into the cameraman but no-one has suggested that, and the driver wouldn't be in the back. Other option is that the door had been opened by the driver and left waiting and then the cameraman was pushed from the front (ie by his mates) into the hard edge.

But the bottom line here is that as usual the press pack were behaving like a pack of animals in a feeding frenzy, unlike the TG producer attacked by Clarkson. When that happens on a narrow pavement there's always a risk of injury - luckily it was one of them.

AndyC said...

The prevalence of these totally unnecessary media scrums with the potential for trouble they present is one reason I have never been keen on shooting news. That and standing for hours in the rain outside the home of someone getting their 15 mins.

Carl Eve said...

What IS disgusting is the amount of puerile doctored porn images of Corbyn and Abbot being created and currently spread about the Twittersphere by right-wing anonymous Twitter thugs. I'm sure if it was Louise and David it would be considered "vile" and "hateful" and "typical of the sick Lefties", but as it's the bullying Right, it's "just a joke, calm down woman"...

Paul said...

It seems as though the media and the Establishment are scared green of Corbyn and will do anything to smear him. He's a socialist, so what? Labour purports to be a socialist party. Now they've the chance to be effective opposition as a real socialist party and ppl are doing the headless chicken routine

Arnold said...

To be fair, it has been alleged. Er, by Mensch.

According to the Mail's story (BBC cameraman head-buts Corbyn's driver's boot as Labour leader left home) he had been filmed leaving home five days running.
Why? Just why?


hatty said...

LM is taking a very different stance to how she viewed the injuries on a BBC employee when it was J Clarkson thumping an employee.

Anonymous said...

If a paparatzi cameraman walks like a thug, acts like a thug, behaves like a thug, then don't be surprised if he ends up in hospital like all thugs.

Frankly, if it'd been me I would've punched the cunt in the mouth if he'd behaved like a thug toward me.

Not that THAT cameraman behaved like a thug.

Of course he didn't. Especially if he was one of Murdoch's or Dacre's toadies, no sir.

Crispin Fisher said...

Mensch must live a very sad life. If I lived in a posh apartment in a trendy part of New York I wouldn't waste my days spewing out dozens of tweets about insignificant events 3000 miles away across the Atlantic.

Billsmells said...

I actually feel for Lou. She once had an independent mind, as in she could think for herself. That mind is no longer hers; it belongs to Uncle Rupe. I would never wish death on anyone, but there will be a time when Rupe eventually expires. At which point, Lou will awake from her slumber

Unknown said...

The only explanation for Louise Mensch's deranged wibblings is that she is still on drugs.

Andy McDonald said...

@CrispinFisher - I'm now picturing her as something akin to Rapunzel, locked in her tower. Except of course the story differs a bit from the original:

Prince: Louise! Let down your hair, so I may climb up and free you!

Louise Mensch: Not now, I'm trolling Charlotte Church on Twitter for not publicly loving Bake Off enough. What's the matter, Churchey? ENGLISH muffins not good enough for you, you Welsh git? Reply now or be branded a fascist forever.