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Sunday 20 September 2015

Simon Danczuk’s Values Hypocrisy

Another day, another opportunity for Rochdale’s nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk to get his name in the papers, and score More And Bigger Paycheques For Himself Personally Now. Today’s example of the steaming piles that he is wont to excrete has been produced for the Mail On Sunday, which, by no coincidence at all, does not support the party Danczuk pretends to represent. His subject is British values.
Behold an upstanding citizen ...

When young children to grandparents come together in a show of respect, I never fail to be moved by a powerful sense of community spirit and patriotism … Being there as a Labour MP is important to me because I believe events like these reflect Labour values … But I'm beginning to wonder if those roots are withering and our party is losing touch with fundamental values that shape our English identity” he blethers.

And then he puts the boot in on Jeremy Corbyn, who happens to be the leader of the party under whose banner he got into Parliament: “'He seems happier meeting Hamas than our Queen,' one constituent told me”. Looking in the mirror, were you? Pull the other one. But, as Clive James might have said, I digress. Back to those values.

Labour has to get its finger on the national pulse and understand the values that hold our communities together … if you march out of step with Britain's core values you're heading for oblivion”. I’m glad to hear Danczuk being so unequivocal. So how is he on the subject of those “values”? As Cilla might have said, shall we have a look and find out?
... and what he does when he thinks nobody's looking

One of those values we can all get behind is respecting the rule of law, and especially for the likes of Simon Danczuk, leading by example. So perhaps he would care to explain the photograph shown here. Yes folks, Rochdale’s MP drives a Fiat 500. And here it is, having been parked - by him - on a double yellow line, and therefore illegally. This act, I am told, took place last Friday morning just before 1020 hours.

The location in Rochdale is just outside his constituency office, but that does not excuse his breaking the law. Fortunately for him, he has an intern whom he could dispatch a few minutes later to go and park the car legally - which he, of course, could, and should, have done in the first place. The question then has to be asked - has Danczuk made sure that his car insurance covers his intern to drive?

So there you have it: Simon Danczuk, preacher of those values which he describes as “fundamental”, and “core”, is quite prepared, when he thinks no-one is looking, to piss all over them and give the impression that he’s just another selfish chaser of however much filthy lucre he can get his hands on. Certainly the local press is taking a dim view of his conduct, as Rochdale Online exemplifies today by taking him to task over giving the Sun a quote over the phoney “IRA fugitive” story.

If Simon Danczuk believed in those “values”, he’d resign. But he doesn’t, so he won’t.


Anonymous said...

Danksuck is all New Labour: Tenth rate, cloth coat and no knickers. And tory.

Arnold said...

"English identity”. "Britain's core values" He should learn the difference between England and Britain.

pete c. said...

You could make a convincing argument for the case that the national pulse is beating off-key, and that the values that once did hold our communities together have been rather trampled on and erased by our 'elders and betters'. They don't want us being co-operative and communal. At all.

And that if Corbyn does have a single over-riding concern behind what he is about, it is a return to those standards and values.

Small surprise then, that so many are queueing up to dump on him. Many of whom should really know better.

Andy McDonald said...

Usually these debates/rants about 'values' are marked by what people decide they most certainly don't value, over what they do.

Truth is, the 'values' that people bring up time and again - family, community, neighbourliness, decency etc - funnily enough there are people round the world who value those things. There's nothing inherently English or British about them.

They're also, ultimately, just words. What's 'family' to a West or a Fritzl? What's 'community' when crimes are hidden behind a wall of silence. When does neighbourliness become prying into someone else's business?

All in all, a dog-whistle, as these things always are. The whistle being 'No forrins or weirdos'.