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Monday 7 September 2015

Boris Refugee Rant Is Crap

Any and every pundit has had their say several times over on the refugee crisis caused by conflict in the Middle East, but that has not deterred London’s occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson from using this instalment of the Telegraph column that brings him more than £250,000 of “chicken feed” each year to pretend that he is a serious politician with equally serious ideas, or maybe not.
A clueless Muppet. And a character from Sesame Street

After telling “The Britain-bashers’ moral outrage will not solve this migration crisis … Recognising that not all migrants are refugees is the first step to finding a constructive way forward”, Bozza goes badly wrong: “the UK was just about the only EU country willing even to contemplate direct military action to protect the Syrians – at that precarious moment when the leadership of the Syrian opposition had not been lost to the maniacs”.

In other words, we proposed bombing. The kind of thing that has precipitated the refugee crisis. But he wants his readers to know “It was thanks to Ed Miliband and the Labour party that the opportunity was squandered; but I don’t think you could fault the instincts of David Cameron”. I most certainly can fault the instincts of a Prime Minister who allows Rupert Murdoch to tell him what his foreign policy should be, thanks.

It gets worse: “this has been a collective EU failure”. That includes your pal Dave, stupid. Try again: “the confused response of some European capitals has made matters worse”. Including London, Bozza, where you’re supposed to be the Mayor, remember? Then he goes totally gaga: “They seem to be composed overwhelmingly of young, able-bodied men … and it is neither callous nor lacking in compassion to say that many of them are arriving in Europe as economic migrants”. And to that I call bullshit.

To be able not only to get to Budapest, but also to be able to commit to walking a further 100-plus kilometres to the Austrian border, you have to be young and able-bodied. And, as the scenes from Munich and Frankfurt showed, there are plenty of women and children in there too. Their homes have been bombed to rubble. They are refugees.

But Bozza is now onto forthright scaremongering: “it is all too easy to see how a generous message of openness and welcome to refugees could be misread – by millions of people in relatively impoverished countries surrounding the EU – as an invitation to up sticks and arrive in Europe. There is a real danger of triggering further large migratory flows”. That would be the same “pull factor” argument used to let refugees drown in the Mediterranean.

Then he goes all UKIP and pretends we’re full: “Germany, Italy and several other western European countries have seen a marked fall in their indigenous birth rate. They have ageing populations, and are failing to produce enough young people of their own … It cannot be said Britain is in exactly the same position. We are going through a population boom. Our schools are bursting – certainly in London”.

There is a greater part of the UK that is not London, Bozza, and schools are not bursting there. This may please Tel readers, but it shows Bozza is playing to the gallery and demonstrating yet again why he is totally unfit to lead his party.


Anonymous said...

What else to expect from Bullingdon Bozo de Piffle?

Next time Lahndan yet again goes up in flames because a bizzy got trigger happy, someone should ask the fat dope why HE isn't as "able bodied" as refugees fleeing for their lives.

Then past refugees from Cambodia, Vietnam, Ukraine, Uganda, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Nicaragua, Mexico, Belgium, Germany, France and Spain could teach him about history.

Not that the stupid fat tory twat would have the slightest understanding of any of it that didn't come out of Mein Kampf. Or the Daily Telegraph for that matter.

It would greatly advance the culture of this country if de Piffle would simply do one to Texas the way Mark Thatcher did. But that was before the Son of Witch became a refugee from a RICO prosecution while trying to foment a far right African coup.

Anybody who wonders how Germany could be taken over by a raving lunatic with a toothbrush moustache need only take one look at Bullingdon Bozo and his Eton pals. That's how it starts. And it gets worse.

Andy McDonald said...

Exactly the same line taken by Carol 'Terrahawk' Malone in the Sunday Mirror. Quite why they employ the Tory shill is beyond me. Exactly the same line taken by Richard Littlejohn. One could be forgiven for thinking there was a script somewhere, Wolf of Wall Street style, that they all just make minor variations to:

Blah blah, distressing, not our fault, don't guilt-trip me, blah blah, permanent political solution, lasting peace, blah blah, don't need lessons in humanity off a Kraut, blah blah, proud historical record of accepting genuine refugees*, blah blah, fit young men, angry faces, blah blah, cellphones, bomb them all...

*As pointed out in the Indy last week, fast becoming this crisis's equivalent of 'Some of my best friends are black'.

Anonymous said...

> "I don’t think you could fault the instincts of David Cameron"

This is sheer delirium. As an experienced Tory backbencher pointed out in the debate, within 18 months Cameron had come twice to Parliament demanding its permission to bomb opposing sides in the Syrian civil war. We needn't dwell too long on the validity of Cameron's instincts.

Arnold said...

Twitter has just emailed me to suggest I might want to follow Boris. I feel soiled.

Rivo said...

I find the "fit young men" argument against the refugees particularly perplexing; you'd think that those who so love to lionise Winston Churchill and sing the praises of the "Blitz spirit" might remember all those fit young male Polish and Czech refugees we took during the 30s who then went on to so well in the RAF...