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Sunday 6 September 2015

Hitchens Muslim Invasion Rant Busted

While volunteers in Germany and Austria show compassion to the modern-day huddled masses, the resistance to allowing refugees to come to the UK in any significant numbers continues among the inmates of the Northcliffe House bunker, which today means another mean-spirited rant from Peter Hitchens, in which he declares, for instance, that chanting in unison and assertive behaviour disqualify anyone from being called a refugee.
From such unpromising material, it seems, is great journalism created - well, after carefully selected “facts” are included, at least. Hitchens claims “we can’t do what we like with this country … We cannot just give it away to complete strangers”, which nobody is proposing. But he does claim that allowing in refugees will destroy our country. And there’s more.

Every one of the posturing notables simpering ‘refugees welcome’ should be asked if he or she will take a refugee family into his or her home for an indefinite period, and pay for their food, medical treatment and education … If so, they mean it. If not, they are merely demanding that others pay and make room so that they can experience a self-righteous glow”. Macroeconomics is clearly not his strong suit.

Nor are basic sums: “Our advantages depend very much on our shared past, our inherited traditions, habits and memories. Newcomers can learn them, but only if they come in small enough numbers. Mass immigration means we adapt to them, when they should be adapting to us”. With a total population of over 64 million, 15,000 refugees represents less than a quarter of one tenth of one per cent of that total. Hitchens’ claim is clearly bunk.

Readers get the customary misinformation about the family of Aylan Kurdi: “The child’s family were safe in Turkey. Turkey (for all its many faults) is a member of Nato, officially classified as free and democratic”. Yeah, right. As Kurds the family would not have been given passports by the Syrian authorities, and so could not expect to be even given permission to work. Hence the father’s application for asylum in Canada.

But eventually, Hitchens gets to the point: “You really think these crowds of tough young men chanting ‘Germany!’ in the heart of Budapest are ‘asylum-seekers’ or ‘refugees’?
Refugees don’t confront the police of the countries in which they seek sanctuary. They don’t chant orchestrated slogans or lie across the train tracks … Refugees don’t demand or choose their refuge. They ask and they hope”. Don’t these people know their place?

As to what those angry, confident and forceful young men actually are, I’ll leave you to work it out, as I am too afraid of the Thought Police to use what I think is the correct word”. Then he talks about a book describing a “Muslim-dominated Government” in France, and warns “It’s amazing how likely and simple the author makes this Islamic revolution sound”.

So that’s what Hitchens’ warning is about: Scary Muslims (tm) coming to get us. You didn’t really see all those women and children. It’s just young men of military age (nudge nudge). Fear of “otherness”. They aren’t really refugees, but an invasion force. And don’t accuse him of being a bigot, because he’ll get all upset. That the UK thrives because it has given sanctuary to so many over the centuries is not allowed to enter.

Expect more of this righteous drivel in the next days and weeks. Sad, really.


Unknown said...

Occasionally I forget that the AntiHitchens is still alive. It's always a disappointment.

Arnold said...

A comment on a moderated article a couple of days ago asked why thy didn't stay in Turkey as it was an EU country. My reply pointing out that is wasn't a member was never published. Odd that.

Anonymous said...

Look at the way the interview with the man's sister has been twisted by those with malicious intent. The sister said that she tried to wire money to her brother so that he could have dental treatment in Turkey but she encountered problems. Assorted scumbags are now posting comments that the mother and two boys died because the father wanted free dentistry.

Audacity said...

Wanted free dentistry? The fact that his teeth were pulled out during the five months he was detained and tortured in Damascus seems to have eluded these morons.

Btw Tim, Mel Phillips's column in tomorrow's Times will almost certainly provide you with enough material for two or three blog posts. Just warning you.

Anonymous said...

Even for a humanist it's difficult not to have complete contempt for someone like Hitchens.

Until you know he "works" for Mail newspapers.

The fellow looks and sounds as though he's never had a human feeling in his life. Like all neocons.

Hywel Mallett said...

"With a total population of over 64 million, 15,000 refugees represents less than a quarter of one per cent of that total."

It's actually less than one tenth of that.