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Sunday 20 September 2015

Sun Corbyn Rugby Smear Busted

Those who thought that the shameful, dishonest and potentially actionable story claiming that Jeremy Corbyn gave £45 to an alleged IRA fugitive to help him escape justice was the only excess of the Murdoch Sun’s latest recruit, the odious flannelled fool Henry Cole, will find that thought misplaced: Master Cole has also been smearing the Labour leader because he had the audacity not to turn up at Twickenham on Friday.
Smile sleazebag, yer pants are still on fire

Cole may have thought he was on a winner withBORIS TACKLES ‘NATIONAL JOKE’ CORBYN FOR RUGBY SNUB … Labour leader ducks out of singing national anthem again”, only for the former tame gofer to the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines at the Guido Fawkes blog to see another of his piss-poor pieces of research - that’s as in “no research at all” - unravel in short order in the face of reality.
Corbyn was invited to attend the opening match of the Rugby World Cup, celebrating a sport that few of his constituents care about, and hardly any of them play. He did not take up his free ticket, not because the National Anthem may have been sung before kick-off, but because he was conducting his monthly walk-in constituency surgery, an exercise which went on for well over seven hours.
Cole did not give the proverbial rat’s arse about such niceties: “Boris gives Corbyn both barrels for snubbing England game last night despite invite... ‘a national joke’”. Yeah, right. London’s increasingly occasional Mayor calls someone else a “national joke”? That’s yer cred down the toilet. But do go on. “Claims JC was too busy to represent Labour at World Cup. Understand Boris also held surgeries yest but made game. So that's that spin shot”.
Au contraire, Master Cole, that only shows that Bozza is less fussed about his constituents than being seen at the Raggah. Would Sir like to dig himself in deeper? You betcha, says Sarah: “Like St Paul's on Tuesday, it's not about JC, it's about his role representing the Labour Party. All leaders have obligations”. Very good, flannelled fool, and actually correct for once. Corbyn does indeed have obligations.
And, as a serving MP, his first obligation is to those who elected him, not a bullying, overmonied gobshite from the Murdoch press. So when Cole blusters “Jeremy Corbyn was not invited on Tuesday or last night as Jeremy Corbyn. He was invited as Leader of the Opposition. A job he is shunning”, he is, not for the first time, ranting from a position of thundering ignorance. His view was not universally shared.
Tim Stanley of the Telegraph was one of them: “Corbyn skipped the Rugby World Cup... to attend his constituency surgery instead. Respect”. The intellectual bankruptcy of Cole’s positon was underscored when one of the few voices to speak up for him was his fellow Sun pundit, (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch: “not much respect. Monthly?? Monthly? MPs do weekly surgeries. Now LOTO expect change but backbencher?

But she didn’t know what the heck she was talking about either. Jeremy Corbyn looks after his constituents first. They like that. It shows that he is genuine and sincere, unlike Master Cole, a pathological liar and weapons grade shit of the lowest order.

Still, that level of venal dishonesty will probably get him promoted, so that’s all right, then.


AndyC said...

Was La Mensch an MP long enough to know how frequent MPs surgeries are?

Anonymous said...

"Venal dishonesty" is an accurate description of every glove puppet jobsworth that works for, and knuckles its forehead to, the shriveled Nazi prune Murdoch.

They make Uriah Heep look like a winner of the Victoria Cross. Disgusting, lying cowardly pricks the lot of them.

rob said...

It's not so suprising when one considers a tale from a perhaps apocryphal tale from a parallel universe?

(extract from: " Miss Sisyphus from the never ending last chance saloon" )

So Becky came down from the Mount and showed her mildly astonished followers the inscriptions, or ten commandments, on her tablet as dictated by The Creator

1. Thou shalt be responsible to sell lorra lorra of what are loosely described as news papers - enough to help keep the Creator and his family stinking rich and powerful.
2.. Thou shalt be deserving of a large salary as compensation for certain "mishaps" *mum's the word*.
3. Thou shalt employ many staff, but only those made in the Creator's image and you needn't worry what they get up to as he is omniscient (except when needs must not).
4 Thou shalt use whatever it takes to achieve 3) including "dark arts" and remember to make use of the old swamp motto "Where Wapping lies, there lies are whopping".
5. Thou shalt use country breakfasts, teas & suppers to entertain PMs for useful information.
6. Thou shalt liase with Dacremort to ameliorate any issue with IPSO factotums.
7. Thou shalt shout "yah boo sucks" and hurl various other insults at Hacked Off and their supporters esp. Hugh Grant, Steve Coogan and Tom Watson
8. Ditto Lord Leveson Inquirers,. Lefties and Guardianistas.
9. See 3) Most important. Nothing, repeat nothing, should get in the way of this objective.
10. Thou shalt "lose" this tablet in a safe place if memory needs restoring (see 2). Should Creator not be immortal thou has permission to destroy it altogether,

How those followers cheered to hear the news. And Becky led them to the promised land where they were surrounded by hostile forces. Whereupon Becky deserted only to return when the Creator summoned her again up to the Mount..................................

Unknown said...

Boris's surgeries? I've seen those. They consist of checking around for cameras and on spotting one, carefully mussing his own hair.

Anonymous said...

Rugby Union?......Fucking hell, I'd rather slide down a mile long razor blade and use me balls as a brake than watch that wrestling-on-wheels shite.

So I say Well In Jeremy. And next time tell them to shove the egg chasing up their Bullingdon arses.

PaulW said...

She was more of a committee woman, wasn't she? There are no TV cameras at constituency surgeries. She also liked herself a bit of 'parliamentary privilege' when slagging off others.

Anonymous said...

I note that Boris was expecting Corbyn to support England. What about Scotland, Wales .......

Unknown said...

What would Louise Mensch know about "respect" as far as an mp's constituents are concerned?

She abandoned hers and fucked off to New York.

In fact, even before she abandoned them I bet the closest she ever came to one of her constituents was when she blocked one on Twitter.

Thomas said...

This was never a story - even without knowing Jeremy Corbyn's reasons for not accepting the ticket there was no justification for pitching in to him. The actual reason for him not taking the offer make it categorically the right decision for him to have made. Also, if I was a betting person I would have £5 that says an alternative "story" headlined Corbyn Quick to Board Perks Gravy Train would have featured had he made the other decision! However, this is very much par for the Murdoch press course - no one with any honesty or integrity could bear to work for such publications.

Gilbert Keith Chesterton said...

If even you're too much of a smarmy, right-wing tosser even for Tim Stanley, it's time to give it up. Honestly.