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Monday 7 September 2015

Murdoch War Demand Stinks

Politicians have limits on the amount of chest-thumping and generally bellicose behaviour in which they can engage: their electorates easily tire of the cost, in taxes and more importantly in lives, and the inescapable fact that many conflicts are less than totally successful. No such constraint affects the press, something which Rupert Murdoch figured out to his advantage many years ago.
That's what I bladdy think of youse not bladdy wanting to go to bladdy war whenever I bladdy well tell you, ya cowardly Pommie drongoes!

So it is that his downmarket warriors at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun have decided to browbeat MPs into ordering a pointless bombing of Syria, on the grounds that, instead of the 2013 proposal which would have seen us on the same side as ISIS, or whatever they’re called this week, we would be on the same side as the murderous dictator Bashar al-Assad, who has reduced much of his country to ruins.
All that bombing, shelling, rocketing and the rest has resulted in one of the world’s worst refugee crises, as more than seven million have been forced out of their homes, and indeed out of their country. That does not faze Rupe, who proclaims “ISIS, Putin, Iran free to run amok while all western nations continue to wind down defense abilities … Big military brings peace through strength”. As opposed to strength through joy, then.
2003 ... that went well, then

That means his papers have been ordered to agitate for war, so the Sun, having established its credentials over many years, for example splashing “HE’S GOT ‘EM … LET’S GET HIM” at the time of the Iraq adventure (he turned out not to have ‘em, of course), yesterday proclaimed “52% SAY BOMB SYRIA NOW”. But, compassionately, this would be done “For Aylan”. Yes, the Murdoch press is using a dead toddler as cover.
Won't they think of the children?

So much, so puke-making, but that was a mere taster for today’s assault, with Sun readers told “BLITZ ‘EM TO HELL … Cameron is urged to set date for air strikes … Smashing terror state best way to aid refugees”. And to that I call bullshit. Aylan Kurdi’s family fled the town of Kobane, where ISIS were indeed “blitzed” and the town kept out of their hands. In the process, it was reduced to a pile of uninhabitable rubble.
Kobane ... the result of all that helpful bombing

Could the obedient Murdoch doggies, on Rebekah Brooks’ first day back as CEO, sink any lower? You betcha, says Sarah: today’s Sun has gone in with both feet on the Labour Party, for the crime of being insufficiently bellicose. “Exclusive: Labour bottles it … COWARDS … Leadership rivals won’t back raids on IS to end migrants [sic] crisis”. That may be because what the Sun would like will not end the refugee crisis.
You want war, Rupe, you can pay for it

And if we’re talking of who are the real cowards, that would be Rupert Murdoch and his hacks, who would retain their comfortable lifestyles while others went off to die - killing even more civilians, and creating even more refugees, in the process. If Rupert Murdoch is so keen on starting a war, he should open his bloated wallet and stump up for it himself. He could even volunteer the most gung-ho Sun hacks as front line troops.

This country’s foreign policy is not in the gift of an economic migrant who doesn’t even have the vote in this country. Butt out and belt up, Rupe. It’s none of your business.


rob said...

"This country’s foreign policy is not in the gift of an economic migrant who doesn’t even have the vote in this country"

Are you sure? At this moment in time Rebekah could be having one of her cosy country breakfasts with Dave sorting out one or two matters. Just to keep him onside as it were. Larks tongues in aspic anyone?

Anonymous said...

The US has been blitzing ISIS in both Iraq and Syria for just over 12 months, to little effect.


Anonymous said...

What sort of mutual share ownership is there between News Corp and the arms manufacturing corporations (or their respective owners)....?

Anonymous said...

Let's be clear on this.

Murdoch and Dacre and the others couldn't peddle this disgusting, mass murdering muck if there weren't willing lackeys in the hack pack and the printers.

The people in a position to help stop this kind of poison actually help it spread.

And to think there are some knob heads who think fascism stopped at the end of the Second World War. Murdoch and Dacre are living proof of how easily whole nations can STILL slide into organised madness and evil.

Gonzoland said...

Desmond, Dacre and the Faeces.

Get up in morning lying for lucre
So that every mug can be led
Pour me, Daiquiri right, Aah

Zuri said...

What I don't understand is how these swivel-eyed numpties think that bombing would do any good. ISIL have a highly decentralised command and control structure, almost cellular. It's not something that you can decapitate by dropping bombs on them.

These clowns need to get out into the sunlight rather than getting their strategy from reading Andy MacNab.

asquith said...

Do you remember all that shite about how we were Saddam-loving, commie appeasers and Marxist traitors for opposing the illegal war in Iraq? Not as if that panned out well, is it.

Someone at the time repeatedly called me Neville Chamberlain and I retorted by calling him Anthony Eden (he had, of course, never heard of Anthony Eden but till).

I do think it's time we stopped being "allied" to the likes of Saudi Arabia, whose proxy war against Iran is hardly a wild success these days. I oppose Jezza because his domestic policies and the "friends" he has don't add up to anything nice, but the right are as bad for it, I think we're in a bit of a bag really. It's Tim Farron for me.

asquith said...

I've just been thinking about it. "For Aylan"? Why do we even try, when we're up against such rancid people, willing to exploit a toddler's death for political and commercial reasons in a way that will make everything worse?

mirandola said...

Anonymous 12.17.

On what interests Murdoch might have in promoting war.

Craig Murray has just reposted this 1913 piece from his blog:

Why Murdoch Pushes for War