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Tuesday 24 April 2012

Guido Fawked – Jumping Aboard The Bandwagon

Today has been the turn of Murdoch Junior to be subjected to a light roasting before the Leveson Inquiry. Inevitably, the question of News Corp trying to get its hands on the part of BSkyB that it did not already own was raised, and here Junior has dropped Jeremy Hunt the Culture Secretary in the mire by telling that Hunt spoke to him while Vince Cable, the senior minister, would not.

Any news we can claim for ourselves?

This was compounded by Junior also pitching Young Dave into the freshly filled vat of poo by revealing that the BSkyB bid was also discussed at the Christmas dinner attended by the PM and hosted by the twinkle-toed yet domestically combative Rebekah Brooks, when the latter was CEO of News International (NI). Cameron has previously been tight-lipped about what might have been said on that occasion.

These two revelations may well lead to Hunt walking the plank and Cameron having to eat humble pie – not the kind of thing a Buller Man likes to have to do, especially when he has lackeys to do that sort of thing – so they are doubly significant. This realisation has caused the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his tame gofer, the flannelled fool Henry Cole, to wake up and retell recent history.

Thus the Guido Fawkes blog has hurriedly jumped aboard the bandwagon that it for so long told its readers did not exist. So in an item this morning, a reference was made to another post from January last year, showing the faithful that The Great Guido was on the ball all along, being first about the Christmas meeting between Cameron and Brooks.

Sadly, one non-trivial detail seems to have escaped the Laurel and Hardy of the blogosphere: on January 19, they are still talking of “the Guardian waging war on NI and Downing Street’s spin chief Andy Coulson” (as well as playing down the meeting because Cameron and Brooks living ten miles apart means “in truth they are near neighbours”). All those “co-conspirators” and they didn’t pick up what was brewing.

Because what was brewing was that Coulson departed two days later. The clueless pair at the Fawkes blog hadn’t had a sniff. Yet now, a post that was clearly slanted to rubbish the Guardian is held up as a shining example of prescience. And it gets worse, with the pretentious “Rumour reaches Guido that correspondence ... will be published by the inquiry later”. Like with all other attendees, then.

And the less than dynamic duo have now put the lid on their own can of utter cluelessness: while they are busy kicking Ken Livingstone (again) in the service of their beloved Bozza, at the main event, news has emerged that Hunt’s advisor illegally gave Junior access to market sensitive information. If the culture secretary hasn’t yet resigned, he needs to get his skates on sharpish.

Another fine mess, once again.

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sigil said...

Tim, perhaps you should refer to JH (in one of those Private Eye-ey ways that you do) as we do in our house, as "The Hulture Secretary" ;)