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Friday 9 November 2018

Raheem Kassam - Creepy And Obsessive

Some out there on the right have found the investigative journalism of Observer freelance Carole Cadwalladr so taxing that they have resorted to abuse. Her recent articleThreats, bullying, vindictiveness: how Arron Banks repels charges against him” details how the deeply unpleasant and dishonest Banksy responded to her enquiries.
The nastiness has, though, extended to at least one more of that cabal who assembled in front of the Gold Lift in homage to Combover Crybaby Donald Trump: step forward Raheem “call me Ray” Kassam, an appallingly immodest individual with much to be modest about, whose pursuit of Ms Cadwalladr has gone beyond attack into obsession.
Kassam has, in enacting his pursuit, engaged in straightforward abuse, but also projection, as with “When your eyes stop swivelling around your empty head and you stop squealing, ‘EEK PUTIN!’ at everything that goes wrong in your life. You low grade, low ethics, embarrassment to an entire profession”. He describes himself superbly.
This approach occasionally has a threat in the mix, too: “#CommieCarole can't even get basic facts right. I don't ‘work for’ anyone, thank you Carole. I work WITH many people around the world. You may now apologise and correct your tweet, lest I decide you are engaging in a campaign to defame me with a view to affecting future earnings”. He is the victim - and to prove it he will go to law (er, no he won’t).
These has been much more in this vein, from “You can't even get basic facts right you little totalitarian wannabe”, via “You’re not a journalist Carole. That’s why no one feels compelled to deal with you. Even the BBC know you’re a crank and they’re on your side!” to the ultimate projection “Have you been to a psychiatrist?
Kassam’s obsession includes jumping into conversations Ms Cadwalladr is having with others, as when Steve Hilton was responding to her: “Cretinous Carole is a conspiracy loon in the mold [sic] of Mensch. Ignore!” Kassam, as Zelo Street regulars will know, sought Louise Mensch’s approval in the past. But flexible principles, and all that.
And on with the creepiness. “Honey, I have hundreds of Patreons and have done for years. But thanks for the plug. You just got me some more support :)”. Honey. That’s not creepy at all. Much. Nor, of course, was his goading of Ms Cadwalladr with “Why didn’t you call in? We were hoping you would! Frigid old loon”. Frigid. That’s not creepy, either.
Nor, of course, was his ramping up the creepiness only last weekend to leer at his prey “I’m in your head, @carolecadwalla”. At that point, Ms Cadwalladr would have been entirely justified in calling the Police. Because this is bang out of order.
Raheem Kassam has not merely joined his pals out there on the Faragist fringe in hurling abuse at Carole Cadwalladr. He has gone further, far enough for his behaviour to be actionable. And it is high time action was taken against him.

After all, there is no-one more deserving of ritual and expensive legal humiliation.
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Anonymous said...

Methinks the Kassam doth protest too much.

Anonymous said...

For some reason that all conjured up an image of the school age Kassam strutting around the playground, and then bursting into outraged tears whenever accused of anything. Not a very loveable fellow, but not many parasites are.

DJMAX said...

Like his EU tie though

iMatt said...

Kassam calls Carol Cadwalldr a ''totalatarian wannabe''. And yet is happy to be associated with the totalatarian gangster idiot-in-chief Trump. Pure Uncle Tomfoolery at its best.

rob said...

Abuse from a far right bully activist is the most sincerest form of flattery you can get from them.

Just shows Carole is hitting the target as a good investigative journalist with a good team can.

Pity the BBC aren't more supportive as they can't be bothered for no apparent reason to do the work themselves and allow Banks & Co free rein.