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Monday 26 November 2018

Tommy Robinson Promotes Bozo Brexit

Still desperate to be taken seriously as a politician, and apparently unfazed at the significant adverse comment that followed his appointment as an advisor on so-called “grooming gangs” and prison reform by UKIP leader Gerard Batten, Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, has continued the pitch to show his knowledge of politics, while promoting Himself Personally Now.
Lennon has decided that he knows more about the EU, and Britain’s departure from it, than those who actually do the negotiating and make the laws. In this, he has much in common with those who prop up bars and pontificate loudly, the difference being that he has a following outside the pub, which makes him more dangerous.

Here’s his schtick: “Thousands of French are are bringing Paris to a standstill because of a state 'green' levy on petrol. Meanwhile in Britain Teresa May consedes [sic] on Northern Ireland and now Gibraltar, goes back on every red line she said she would not cross and has betrayed the majority of the country and everyone just sits around and moans”. How does he know that’s what everyone does? Did he do a poll, or even ask around?

File that one under doubtful. But there’s more. “It's time to get out on the streets and show these traitors that the question on the ballot paper was should the UK remain or leave the EU”. Incitement and demonisation in one. Plus he ignores that we will leave the EU, should Theresa May’s deal be approved. So what’s his problem?

There was no question that asked soft, hard or in the middle. Just leave or stay. We voted to leave. Mrs Mays [sic] deal does not leave at all”. Once again, Lennon converts his opinion into fact. And, who knows, probably THE TRUTH as well. But do go on.

We should save the 39bn and go no deal, get out of the EU like we voted and operate on WTO terms. People need to get out on the street, ill [sic] see you all in London on December 9th”. And that’s how little he really knows about the subject.
If the UK reneges on its “divorce deal”, no other country or group of countries is ever going to trust us again. Also, you don’t just “operate on WTO terms”. Ask someone who knows the subject, like Jason Hunter, who handed Jonathan Isaby of Brexit Central his arse when the clueless Isaby tried to pull the “WTO terms” one. No other country in the world trades solely on WTO terms. None. Not one. Zero. Zilch. Not a sausage. Bugger all.

If Stephen Lennon wants to become a credible politician, he is going to have to realise that merely shooting his mouth off and then declaring that this is THE TRUTH is not going to cut it. Nor are all those whose jobs vanish as a result of a No Deal Brexit going to look kindly on someone who promised them a favourable outcome, but turned out not to know what the hell he was on about. Nor will the law enforcement authorities be impressed.

What Lennon is doing is to tell his followers that the kind of disruption seen in Paris over the weekend is what he’d like to see here. To confirm that, he tells them “People need to get out on the street”. Then he calls “traitor” on anyone of differing opinion.

This will not end well. But it will be someone else’s fault. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Tony SK14 said...

Didn't he notice that 700,000 people have already been on the streets, demonstrating to stay in.

Anonymous said...

You loathing for this man seems quite irrational, fanatical in fact! And constantly referring to him as Lennon is childish. Have you renamed all your Elton John albums? People are allowed to call themselves what they want Paul, sorry 'Tim'.

You should be concerned how this man's liberty and right to a fair trial was stolen from him by the establishment. You should be extremely alarmed that someone could be summarily thrown into prison without knowing exactly what he was accused of, and without even being allowed to talk to his lawyer. It shouldn't happen to anyone, whoever, whatever!

But then liberty and freedom of speech are not what the left epouses. What a future we face surrounded by totalitarianism.

Anonymous said...

"Robinson" will never become "a credible politician". Not even by contemporary measures. Which is saying something.

The fellow is a hysterical empty-headed moron.

He might, though, get a job at the Scum or the Daily Heil peddling street corner propaganda.

Anonymous said...

The 'gilets jaunes' protests were triggered by the fuel rise...the final straw. Macron is starting the process of Thatcherising France. Outside of Paris and the cities rural poverty is increasing. They've decided... enough is enough.
Whatsisname just wants to get in the boat with the 'Jumblies'

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:16.

Oh piss off. Just piss off.

Tim Fenton's home privacy was breached by "Robinson" during early morning hours. It was a clear attempt to intimidate, which of course failed. Tim continually exposes "Robinson" ranting and antics because of personal experience - more power to his elbow.

"Robinson" is a far right morally corrupt racist thug of the worst kind. One day democratic justice will catch up with him. The sooner the better.

Not that I expect you to understand any of that.

O O O'Hanraha'hanrahan said...

Anon 12:16
People with stage names are treated differently from criminals with aliases and quite rightly so.
The Law doesn't give a toss about SYL's opinions of what is right and just.

Shawcross of Peterloo said...

Re: 12:16 & 12:59

Mr Fenton's privacy was not breached. His home address can be found with a simple google being a company director, he is listed as "inactive"! Intimidation comes in many forms, such as these persistent blogs that insist on using completely unnecessary abuse, like the poster above, and smear tactics. You should be man enough to back up your assertions in face to face discussion if you use your keyboard as a sword. Mr Robinson does indeed do so when invited.

It would appear that if an attempt at intimidation was made, although I can't see it, it was successful - Mr Fenton cannot leave it alone!

Whatever we think of Mr Robinson no-one can rejoice at what happened to him in court. The Kafkaesque proceedings could, if a "populist" government gets in power, be initiated against the likes of Zelo-street. Think on!

Shawcross of Peterloo said...

and that O O O'H is the problem. If you are happy for the law the act improperly just because it is Tommy Robinson then you need to think again.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha!, such nice people we have on here.

Actually it wasn't "the early morning hours" or even near, you try to back your argument with lies and personal abuse. Thankfully we don't have "democratic Justice" but an independent judicary and the sooner this country gets back to the principle of Common Law instead of favouring certain groups defined by race/sex/religion/social status instead of their common humanity the better. Out of EU, out of ECHR now!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:16 – If Robinson Lennon Stephen Yaxley watsit doesn’t know why he was jailed then maybe someone should explain it to him in words of two syllables or less: it is obvious to everyone else. And you throwing the right to a fair trial into the mix is laughable – his actions could have destroyed a trial that was taking place and we all know the kind of rants he would have gone off on had the entire thing collapsed (and he wouldn’t have held up his hand to that either).

His whine about needing to hide his identity is beyond compare: we know who he is, we all know what kind of ‘man’ he is, we all know his past history and yet he believes that he can hide behind a different name and not be recognised. Why – so that his Fascist boot boy followers can dispute his previous brushes with the law as fake news, or maybe because he feels his real name sounds too posh?

Meanwhile Tommeh is sat on the bog in the house that your donations paid or, flicking through his copy of Mein Kampf for fresh ideas on how to raise the rabble and flex his authority. Emulating Hitler by being aggressively prejudiced is one thing; just don’t forget that he ended up dead from a self inflicted gunshot in a bunker under siege from the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

Well, there you have it, Tim.

Your "privacy wasn't breached".

What say you?

O O O'Hanraha'hanrahan said...

S of P
Ah, an apologist for a total scumbag.
Using the Peterloo Massacre, just like the National Front / BNP / Britain First purloined the Union Flag? What a twat.