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Friday 9 November 2018

Another White Terrorist - Another Press Blackout

If a follower of The Prophet had told someone that he was intending to blow up a church or synagogue in a suicide attack, and that he had already obtained Semtex and a detonator from the Dark Web, not only would the cops be down on him like the proverbial tonne of bricks, it would be all over the national press. And after that, it would be all over the broadcast media. Then would come the usual array of pundits.
Severely adverse comment would be passed on Scary Muslims™. Trevor Kavanagh, Tony Parsons, Rod Liddle, Richard Littlejohn, Melanie “not just Barking but halfway to Upminster” Phillips, Doug Murray The K, and no doubt Julia Hartley Dooda, would have a field day. How different it is when the boot is so firmly on the other foot.

Meaning what? Well, if it was someone who specifically identifies as “White British”, and the intended target is a Mosque, that’s what. As the Wimbledon Times has told, “An anti-Islamic terrorist plotted to blow up a mosque in a suicide mission using a detonator bought on the dark web, a court heard … Steven Bishop, 40, appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court [on Tuesday last] for a brief five-minute hearing during which his case was sent to the Old Bailey”. And there was more.

He is charged with the preparation of a terrorist act and collecting information of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism … Wearing a prison-issue grey tracksuit, balding Bishop spoke only to confirm his name and address … He also confirmed his nationality to the court as 'white British’”. Do go on.

Westminster Magistrates' Court heard he was arrested after his recovery worker contacted police on October 28 following a conversation in which he stated he planned to carry out a bombing attack on a mosque …  Prosecutor Simon Drew said: ‘He told her he was going to make a bomb and blow up a mosque in a suicide mission … He went on to tell her he bought Semtex and a detonator on the Dark Web.’
So, media people, you’re all hot on terrorism, so who was up for covering this story? A suicide attack that could have killed dozens of innocent people. Well, Yahoo Sports has an item titledMan appears in court accused of plotting terror attack at London mosque”. And the London Economic has toldAnti-Islamic terrorist plotted to blow up mosque in suicide mission using detonator bought on dark web”. And, er, that’s it.

Nothing in the Times. Nothing in the FT. Nothing in the Telegraph. Nothing in the Guardian. Very little in the Mail or Sun. Nothing in the Express. And nothing in the Mirror. If Bishop had been a Muslim, all of those papers would have had something so say. So would the broadcasters, but there is little on the BBC, or ITV, or Sky News, or Channel 4. Can everyone now see why so many might not trust the media?

A potential suicide bomber is not news if he is “white British”. Food for thought for all those who claimed there were more Darren Osbornes out there. Because it seems there are.
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Anonymous said...

Difference is - here we have one lone white lunatic, conveniently filling the hopes of the powers that be that there is a terrorist threat equal to that from islam from the far right - and Islam is a war machine, see history of conquests.

Rich M said...

Anonymous at 17:00. 'see history of conquests'....... How do you think the Americas, parts of South Africa, Australia & New Zealand came to be dominated by white European peoples of a Christian heritage? And 'one lone white lunatic'......really, only one?

Unknown said...

BBC - https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-london-46103487
Mail - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6362075/Anti-Islamic-terror-suspect-plotted-bomb-mosque-Manchester-Arena-victim.html
Sun - https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/7677322/steven-bishop-revenge-mosque-bombing/
Indy - https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/terror-plot-muslims-mosque-steven-bishop-london-far-right-court-anti-islamic-a8620026.html

I imagine it will be covered further when the actual court date starts

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 17:00.

So all those white terrorists on both sides don't count in Northern Ireland? Or the white lynchmob that is the Ku Klux Klan in the so called USA? Or the white Afrikaaner mass murder apartheid regime? Or the white Belgian Heart of Darkness in the Congo, so well described by Conrad? Or the millions killed tbrough the industrial slavery which financed the racist British Empire? Or, going much further back, the invading Crusaders? Or the white Christian Establishment which endorsed all of it? And those are just a few elements of the centuries long horror perpetrated by the West.

In your rush to condemn an entire people you have somehow forgotten or ignored the homicidal precedent set by various white regimes. That's before we even get to current mass murder blood soaked invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya.

Then again, you obviously have no interest in reality. Not where it endangers your disgusting prejudices.

Anonymous said...

The west can't ever hold a consistent standard when it comes to "the other" whoever the other is at the time, remember that time when one of Bill Mahers guest said "but when a christian does anything do we ever call it christian terrosim?" And his reply was "no but who does it more?"

First apply the standard consistently then, it's possible to more accurately measure who does it more

Anonymous said...

Nobody addressing the point that Islam is a war machine l see, just the usual white guilt, we did this and that rubbish. Read some history. Show me a free and liberal muslim country, show me one that hasn't piggy-backed on Western civilisation by "cultural appropriation" of our technological advancement.

Disgusting prejudice? Asia Biba - I rest my case.

rich m said...

Anonymous at 00:44. Still not clear what you mean by 'war machine' here. If success of a war machine is measured by conquest of people, territory or collection of treasure then 'Islam' hasn't done very well compared to people of white European Christian heritage. But you don't address this. And if it's a choice of white guilt or mardy bum far right fever then I'll settle for the former.

Gonzoland said...

Anon 00:44 - "Read some history."
I suggest that you do just that. Start with Margaret MacMillans' 'Paris 1919: Six Months That Changed the World' and read how western victors of WWI carved up the Ottoman Empire and put autocrats in control.

Anonymous said...

So spreading civilisation around the globe and freely allowing anyone to take part is conquest? Free Trade, the Royal Navy effectively liberated the world, except those under the scurge of islam. Only in non-muslim countries are muslims truly free!

Shakespeare, Dickens, Newton, Turner, Gladstone, creative, civilising, White pride!

Rivo said...

Anon at 00:44: "...Read some history. Show me a free and liberal muslim country, show me one that hasn't piggy-backed on Western civilisation by "cultural appropriation" of our technological advancement."

You might want to read some history of your own - Western civilisation would never have got where it is without adopting arabic numerals, or algebra

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 00:44.


You call Islam a "war machine" with all the evidence of the last two centuries, many millions dead, racist genocide across the world, whole nations destroyed, economies looted then destroyed - now proxy wars in Yemen and Ukraine, both because of Western encouragement and arms sales. To say little of NATO attempts to trigger World War 3 and insane US efforts to cause yet another Pacific War with China.

By comparison, "Islamic State" terrorism is a water pistol against a nuclear arsenal. I doubt if you spoke up when the CIA created and armed the Taliban in Afghanistan or when the West broke its promises to Gorbachev and expanded NATO.

What you see now is an inevitable, tragic reaction to Western mass homicides and brutality. The same thing happened during the scuttle from various Western empires. People will only take so much before they hit back.

Your kind of uncivilised, indecent and racist mentality is the cause of wars and inflicted poverty everywhere. You will never understand or have the courage to admit you are wrong. Your disgraceful mindset is frozen in mid-nineteenth century ignorance and lunacy.

But nothing more can be expected from you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:24.

"White pride"?

I prefer Human Pride in decency.

Shakespeare and Dickens - describing murder and corruption in white societies.

Turner - A painter of industrialised destruction of the environment.

Gladstone - From a family of slave owners. A gunboat imperialist.

Western civilisation? When asked about it, Gandhi said, "It would be a good idea." How right he was.

Stephen said...

Anonymous - are you really putting on side because you have the same colour skin as some people who lived in the past? How many works of genius have you created?

Anonymous said...

You can be assured, Stephen, that Gladstone never "created many works of genius".

You can also be assured that Shakespeare, Dickens and Turner had genius because they delicted the aberrations of a corrupt society. Not even Hitler, Mussolini, Pinochet, Argentine juntos and Franco could eliminate dissent.

You might also note Orloff's script in the film Anonymous in which the Earl of Oxford tells Ben Jonson, "All art is political, Jonson, or it would just be decoration. And you are not a cobbler are you?"

Shakespeare also managed to depict Othello as a badly flawed human without blaming it on the colour of his skin.

Not that any of this will mean anything to you.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha Arabic numerals, that they don't use, originated in India !

You all go in live in an islamic paradise of your own choosing and enjoy.

History will not be kind to Ghandi, sit and watch children!

Anonymous said...

Anon might like to check out Indonesia the largest Muslim country on the planet. They have democratic elections. Admittedly their history in Timor is atrocious but they were aided by White Australia.

Plum Bum said...

Arrrrgh! The arse-trumpet trolls emitting claims of superiority.

Anonymous said...

Anon 06:06.

Interested parties might also want to check out US and British destabilisation of Indonesia when Sukarno joined non-aligned nations during the Cold War. There's a shortened account of it in The Trial of Henry Kissinger by Christopher Hitchens. Typically, the British had their weasel word for it when they called the covert SAS murderous jungle warfare and more overt military attacks "confrontation".

The same propaganda method was used during the enforced scuttle from empire in, for instance, Aden, Malaya, Cyprus and Kenya. The current tragedy in Northern Ireland is the last manifestation of it.

"Look on my works ye mighty and despair."

But some people have neither eyes or will to see. Not even on Remembrance Sunday.

Gonzoland said...

Trying doing Algebra (from Arabic "al-jabr") or Differential Calculus using Roman Numerals? It's difficult enough with the simple arithmetical process of multiplication and division.
The more screwed up Britain and the USA become, the more that insecure twats wave their flags and holler.
Come off it anons. If it wasn't for Indo-European influence, the women in Britain would still be hamsters and the men would smell of elderberries.

Rich M said...

Anonymous at 23:56 (assuming you are the same Anon through this thread). You still haven't identified this 'war machine', what does it consist of? Now Hitler, he had a war machine. It killed around 69,000 UK civilians in less than 5 years. He was also an artist, a painter, much better than the cigar chomping brandy drinker Churchill. Hitler could paint a whole apartment in a morning. Two coats! .......according to Mel Brooks that is.