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Sunday 25 November 2018

Nigel Farage Alleges Jewish Conspiracy

The Guardian’s Sunday sister title, the Observer, brings two more extraordinary articles from the indefatigable Carole Cadwalladr: one, featured on the front page and to no surprise at all ignored completely by the paper review on The Andy Marr Show™, tells how key internal Facebook documents were seized on the orders of Parliament recently, and the other charts Ms Cadwalladr’s pursuit of Nigel “Thirsty” Farage.
Squeaky paranoid finger up the bum time

For someone who seems to like talking to people, Nige is awfully reticent when it comes to engaging with Ms Cadwalladr. His staff won’t return her calls, he panics and has her calls cut off whenever she gets through to his LBC show, and it was only when she rocked up at a talk he was giving in the Australian city of Melbourne that she got to talk to him.

And it was not long before Mr Thirsty let his paranoid side show, as he made a quite extraordinary suggestion as to who was behind Ms Cadwalladr’s investigation. Would he do a proper interview with her? “Well, I don’t know! Maybe. It depends what mood I’m in. I don’t work for you. I don’t have to do it, do I?”. Then came “Well, who funds you?
She replied that the Observer funded her. This did not placate The Great Man, who shot back “George Soros, is it?”. Things did not improve as the conversation progressed. “‘George Soros doesn’t fund me!’ I say. ‘How could George Soros fund me?’ … ‘Well I don’t know!’ Farage says. ‘You think the Russians fund me!’” Does she? How would he know that? That’s one of those Oh What A Giveaway moments.

The former UKIP Oberscheissenführer then had another giveaway moment as Ms Cadwalladr asked why he’d visited Julian Assange. “LBC organised that … You seem to be so stuck in your sad little world. They sent me. LBC wanted the interview. You can’t seem to get that into your mind. Why would my press officer [there’s the giveaway], I mean my producer, come with me?” But it’s the Soros slip that is most revealing.
As she points out, “What ‘funded by Soros’ really means is: ‘funded by Jews’. It signals antisemitism to an audience without saying it directly”. Ms Cadwalladr also notes “[Arron Banks has also accused me of being funded by Soros”. And there’s the rub.

Banksy, who is one of Nige’s most faithful friends, has made a whole string of accusations over who is paid by George Soros (or, most likely, not). He even said “There are good Jews and bad Jews … then George Soros”. Farage made a number of highly creative claims about Soros’ involvement in politics, then said “Orbán's Hungary is standing up to George Soros and closing him down, I wish we all did the same”.

Soon after that, a pipe bomb was delivered to Soros’ home in the suburbs of New York City. Seems someone got the memo about “closing him down”, and took it literally.
What Ms Cadwalladr has revealed is that Nigel Farage is not merely a bigot, but a paranoid bigot. He’s on a hair trigger when Assange is mentioned, on any suggestion of involvement with the gangster régime of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, and especially when it comes to questions he may not be able to anticipate. In order to deflect, his first response is to dredge up the Global Jewish Conspiracy argument.

Which may not persuade Robert Mueller. And Farage can’t keep dodging him.

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Anonymous said...

This Mueller thing could get really interesting.

What if, despite its best efforts to the contrary, it stumbles on evidence which takes it away from its prescribed route? Will such be hastily bypassed - you know, as the war criminal Blair did with our very own "investigation" of British corruption in arms deals with Saudi Arabia.

In the USA there are plenty of corrupt precedents dating back to 1964......

Anonymous said...

Hmm, except Mueller is an old-fashioned G-Man who keeps securing convictions. If he finds evidence of criminality, he nicks people. Next question.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 23:38.

Hmmm, yes. Targeted convictions.

Let's see the results and his methods in getting there, including the leads he doesn't follow. It could all go, you know, sorta Warrenish circa 1964.

Not that I could give a shit about Trump and co. They're merely standard issue Yank spivs masquerading as politicians. In fact I'd laugh my socks down if they ended up in the Slam.

My suspicion is that it's all the usual tedious legalised soap opera bullshit indulged by different factions in a de facto one party militarised state. In which case they deserve all they get, whatever the Mueller yoghurt.