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Saturday 3 November 2018

Nazis Chased Out Of Liverpool AGAIN

They never learn, do they? On the last two occasions the Wall Of Gammon™ have tried to march in the City of Liverpool, they have been prevented from doing so by the people of that city, and indeed the wider Merseyside region, turning up in far greater numbers and showing them the way back to Lime Street station. But today, once again, the far right turned up, turned round, and very soon turned tail.
Lime Street station, your final Gammon destination

In 2015, as Vice gleefully reported, “Neo-nazi group ‘National Action’ (NA) were forced to abandon their ‘White Man March’ in Liverpool this weekend when anti-fascists turned out in force to hand their racist asses to them. The anti-fascist crowd blocked NA from leaving the train station, threw bottles and eggs at them and broke through police lines to punch them in the face”. And there was more.

NA, whose members openly idolise Adolf Hitler, had about 50 supporters show up in Liverpool on Saturday for their much anticipated demonstration. They were completely outnumbered by anti-fascists, who prevented them from even leaving the train station they'd turned up at”. They didn’t even get out of Lime Street station. One enterprising group of counter protesters brought a “Get In The Sea, Nazis” banner.
Last year, it was the rump of the English Defence Legue who tried, and failed, to get far  out of the station. As the Liverpool Echo reported, “Anti-fascist protestors sat down on the ground to stop the march - and after a standstill, the EDL group turned back and held their demonstration in a loading bay at Lime Street station … Nearly 200 officers, 25 riot vans, mounted police on horses and officers with dogs were on the scene as exchanges between the two groups became heated”. And the final humiliation?

As the EDL were corralled by the Police and moved back to Lime Street station, the strains of Yackety Sax could be heard in the background. That’s the music that was associated with the Benny Hill Show. The crowd cheered and laughed. The EDL had been humiliated. But no, they never learn. So today was the turn of the Frontline Patriots.
Someone in this group thought it would be a good idea to enter the city not directly from Lime Street station, but to use the Merseyrail underground and emerge at Moorfields, north of the city centre. But counter protesters soon had that figured out. The Echo was, once more, on the scene to record this latest futile gesture.

The group had intended to march from Moorfields Station at its Exchange Street entrance along Dale Street to Derby Square - and a huge number of police officers were in place in a bid to safely escort them along that route. However - the small turnout for the far right group - coupled with the vast numbers on the counter-protest meant that they couldn't actually make it out of the station”. So what happened?
Eventually they were forced to run up the steps of the station and back inside … Those involved with the counter protest then ran to Moorfields' other entrance on Old Hall Street to ensure that the far-right group could not find another route into the city”. No Pasaran was what they chanted, and No Pasaran was what they meant.

When dealing with the Wall Of Gammon™, Liverpool invariably shows the way. The far right can be made a laughing stock and run out of town. Be like Liverpool.
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Anonymous said...

That'll have the Alf Garnetts of the Wall of Gammon spitting tacks.

Oh how we larfed.

damon said...

Is this a website where discussion about things like this is open and not heavily censored?

I’m not sure, but read this and looked at some of the links to the Liverpool Echo and the mayor’s tweet - and it sounds awfully silly.
I couldn’t actually see any “fascists”. Who are they? What did they want? Calling white people like me “gammon” is mildly offensive I find.
OK, it is kind of how you could call my skin colour. Particularly if I get too much sun. But really, it’s a bit unnecessary.
I remember some black kids in primary school used to get teased with the word “chocolate”. But that was decades ago, and it was only seven year olds who didn’t know any better.

I have to say it all looked like “virtue signaling” to me. Singing “you fascists are going to lose” etc.
The right wing people, if there were any, have no power whatsoever. Making a fuss about then is daft.
But this is Zelo Street’s way of being I think, and they’ll just carry on.

Btw, I saw an Antifa flag amongst the counter protesters. No worry about their infiltration of this event?
They are violent on a regular basis, both here and abroad. At least as violent as the EDL ever were.
I would have nothing to do with any protest who allowed them on it.

Anonymous said...

Antifa - anti-Fascists. I guess you might call them "violent" seeing they saw off the fascist hordes during WW2 in which it's estimated 80 million people died. I always suggest the EDL & similar take one of their protests to Red Square and see how the Russians who lost an estimated 20 million people might treat them. They'd probably only need a one-way ticket.

Anonymous said...

Fascists v fascists again.

Regarding TF's propensity to use disrespectful insults to those he clearly has an all consuming hatred for and which are unnecessary to the argument l would suggest using the word "gammon" in this context is racist and may possibly constitute a hate crime against a specific group in our community. And despite his claims he did not invent the phrase "Wall Of Gammon™", sorry!

Tim Fenton said...


I have never claimed to have invented the Wall Of Gammon phrase.

Gammon is not a racist term, as it does not refer to a race.

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:48.

It's not "Fascists V fascists".

It's EVERYONE V fascists.

Have a nice day.

Ferdy Fox said...

I don't think the EDL could ever be accused of engaging in "discussion" or even wanting to.
As for the term "gammon", it's about behaviour not skin colour but I don't suppose you'd understand that distinction.
I presume you don't object to the term "snowflake" or "remoaner".

Anonymous said...

I like the way one presumes on my behalf without evidence! I do object to all deliberately insulting terms - snowflake should be a term of endearment.

I am sorry to add it is you that does not understand the origin of the word. Amongst other things "Gammon" DOES deliberately refer to skin colour and is therefore insulting to people who suffer from rosacea like myself. Red-nose day is also not funny to sufferers but who cares about those who have no choice on whether to wear one or not, they must drink too much!

If you going down this road you cannot pick and choose regarding insults by who they are aimed at, they must all be a bad thing. A distinction lost by many "liberal" commentators in their desire to had insult to argument.

Grev Williams said...

Bit early to be on the cans mate.

Anonymous said...

Then put it down and save it for later!

Ferdy Fox said...

Anonymous at 13;57.
As you well know, "snowflake" is currently used by the right wing to denigrate the left. It's never used as a term of endearment. Neither is "remoaner" nor any of the many derogatory terms used against opponents of the right wing so your comment that the distinction is lost by liberal commentators is laughable. But that's OK as long it's an unbiased comment!

I'm well aware of the original meaning of the word "gammon" and I'm also familiar with it's current use so don't seek to lecture me on the subject.

Incidentally, I think you meant "add" not "had" but then I wouldn't wish to presume on your behalf.

damon said...

I’m pretty sure Gammon is about skin colour. I think I’ve heard that James O’Brien meantioning their middle aged pink flushed faces.
He earns two grand a show apparently, and he’s on air talking about the people who empty his bin.
The people too stupid to be able to be anything more than a dustman.
Personally I think it’s pretty rotten.

Ferdy Fox said...

Getting a pink flush as a result of hearing or seeing something with which you disagree is caused by a rush of blood to the skin. In other words it's a reaction i.e. nothing to do with skin colour however much the right, with their penchant for victimisation would like it to be.

Tim does a pretty fair job of exposing the lies and hypocrisy of the far right, the EDL being just one faction but of course, if you sympathise with the EDL then there's only one truth isn't there?
Try reading "1984". It's a book by George Orwell and it'll tell you all you need to know about how the far right works.

Anonymous said...

The public record shows fascist Mosley once tried to make a speech on Scotty Road, an area famous for its community spirit, solidarity and then-poverty.

He got on a soap box, opened his mouth to speak......and was promptly beaned expertly on the forehead with a half brick. There was no speech and neither he or his black shirts ever returned.

Some people never learn.

damon said...

Last post by Anonymous.
Would you be OK with people throwing bricks at the SWP or other communists they didn’t like when they pitch up outside the supermarket on a Saturday morning to sell their papers?

Chris jf said...

Your a bit simple damon