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Wednesday 14 November 2018

Nick Ferrari - You’re A Hypocrite

LBC presenter Nick Ferrari, an appallingly immodest man with much to be modest about, is not backward in coming forwards to tell anyone who will listen that he is a Proper Journalist, a man of the highest professional principle, and not at all like these ghastly New Media outlets which he dislikes with a passion. Especially those on the left.
Gammon in the morning

So it was that when The Great Man found himself on the same BBC Question Time panel as the Canary’s editor in chief Kerry-Anne Mendoza, he regarded it as the gravest possible insult, telling Ms Mendoza, in a newsroom diversity discussion, “It would be an unpalatable fact for you that the reality is that the people who were involved in the brutal racist killing of Stephen Lawrence would not be behind bars without the power of the Daily Mail, and that’s a fact, and the editor took a great risk and could have gone to jail”. Ri-i-i-ight.
Kerry-Anne Mendoza

Last year, in an article titled‘MURDERERS’ - of myths, Macpherson, and the Daily Mail”, Brian Cathcart concluded “while the paper’s actions involved editorial brilliance and probably had positive consequences, its principal claims are at best exaggerated and at worst unsupported by evidence”. Also, Paul Dacre was never in danger of being jailed.

Ferrari’s Question Time rant then continued “Never has the mainstream media been more important, because while I respect what people like that are doing [gestures dismissively at Ms Mendoza], and it’s great, and it gets kids involved … don’t forget, when you go to these sorts of utterings, which many times are like the mad ramblings of the man on the top deck of the bus, speaking into his hand, they have no journalistic backup whatsoever”.
There was more. “That is why we need to keep journalists, like the people who work on this show, on Question Time, who work on my radio show on LBC, because when you hear it from us, it will be true [my emphasis], or to the best of our endeavours it will be true, not just made up because …” By this time, many in the audience were booing him.

They might start up the booing once more when they see just how faithful Nick Ferrari is to his commitment that “when you hear it from us, it will be true … to the best of our endeavours”. And we now have an excellent example of just how true those endeavours can be, after The Great Man’s Sunday Express column from October 28th.
Javid dares tell us truth about abuse, says NICK FERRARI” screams the headline, with a diatribe on so-called “grooming gangs” telling “Study horrific abuse stories in places such as Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford, Bristol and Telford. It seems everyone from the police to the NHS to social services is frightened of standing up” and then claiming “One study says 84 per cent of those convicted for child grooming since 2005 are Asian”.
Two things here. One, the claim is for “grooming gang offences”, not “child grooming”. And two, this is the Quilliam “research” which has recently been shown to be, at best, seriously suspect, and at worst, not worth the paper on which it has been published.

After a complaint from Miqdaad Versi of the Muslim Council of Britain, the Express conceded the first point. They are yet to move on the second. But from Nick Ferrari, there has been nothing. So when he says “when you hear it from us, it will be true … to the best of our abilities”, he’s just being another Old Media hypocrite. No surprise there, then.
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Anonymous said...


I wouldn't buy a second hand car from that reactionary gimp.

Especially with right-hand drive.

Anonymous said...

They have never been able to keep their hands to themselves. Grooming is too polite a term, dirty so&sos is part of the usual expression on the streets of infected conurbations.

Andy McDonald said...

Anon at 18.25,

I know what you mean. They lure you in with the Jeremy Vine show, then before you know it they're passing you a copy of the Mail. Then it's on to the hard stuff. Its not called Express for nothing.

You emerge violated, bitter, and with a special loathing for the dark faced men. But since the initial entry by the right, you crave something harder and nastier.

Kids, just say no.

Anonymous said...

"when you hear it from us, it will be true". Oh really Nick?. Making such firm statements is not that wise when plenty of us from the 1980s are still around and still retain records of your time at The News of The World when they were splashing the cash around for tales & the "truth" was somewhat malleable when a page needed to be filled.

Anonymous said...

Anon 18:25 - He might be a disgusting individual but I've not heard anything about Ferrari grooming anything but his own mop. You want to watch out in case he takes offence at your comments.

Anonymous said...

If I had to choose between Mendoza and Ferrari I'd pick Mendoza six days a week and twice on Sundays - every week of every year.

Ferrari wouldn't get a look in until 2050. By which time he would've croaked and taken his far right nastzi opinions with him.