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Wednesday 14 November 2018

Nigel Farage Nears Mueller Time

For those who sailed a little too close to the golden glow from those tasteless lift doors in that New York tower block, the moment of truth is fast approaching, as is the answer to anyone who doubted this blog’s previous assertions that some who had sucked up to Combover Crybaby Donald Trump might find themselves the subject of enquiries by law enforcement agencies Stateside - people like Nigel “Thirsty” Farage.
Squeaky felony indictment finger up the bum time

Because Nige is most certainly the subject of enquiries from those Stateside, and the kind coming from Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and his team. Worse for Mr Thirsty, those enquiries have also touched on the small matter of Julian Assange, the Wikileaks man who is still holed up in London’s Ecuadorian embassy.
Seemed a good idea at the time, eh lads?

As the Guardian has reported, “Robert Mueller is seeking more information about Nigel Farage for his investigation into Russian interference in US politics, according to a target of the inquiry who expects to be criminally charged … Jerome Corsi … said prosecutors working for Mueller questioned him about Farage, the key campaigner behind Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, two weeks ago in Washington”.
Guess who's throwing a paddywagon party?

That’s in addition to Farage already being a “person of interest”. And there was more. “Corsi said investigators for the special counsel also pressed him for information on Ted Malloch, a London-based American academic with ties to Farage”. Why is Malloch important? “Last March, Malloch said he had been stopped by Mueller’s investigators when he arrived in the US from the UK”. That’s why.
Remember him, Nige? You will eventually

Also, “Malloch told the Guardian he had been issued a subpoena and interrogated by the FBI at Boston’s Logan airport. He was questioned, he said, about his involvement in the Trump campaign and his relationship with the Republican strategist Roger Stone, and asked if he had ever visited Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks chief, at the Ecuadorian embassy in London”. And what did Mueller’s team ask Corsi?
Corsi said Mueller’s questioning focused on the theft of emails from Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee, which were published by WikiLeaks. US intelligence agencies concluded the emails were stolen in a Russian intelligence operation … He said: ‘The issue they went to over and over and over again was: who was my source with Assange?’” Assange again. The bloke who Nige visited, and was caught doing so.
So perhaps it was no surprise when Farage’s predictable response to Theresa May’s claimed Brexit deal “Theresa May’s Brexit agreement is the worst deal in history” (and no, he hasn’t read it either) provoked Tom Jamieson’s response “You might want to see who's named in Michael Cohen's plea bargain with Mueller before calling that”. Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen is expected to be indicted imminently.
And with that in mind, Jasna Badzak, who has first hand experience of Mr Thirsty, added “Sorry to disappoint you but no plans for any plea bargain for #UKIP #Farage. Charges followed by Supermax!!! #MuellerTime #BrexitRussia #TrumpRussia (Kassam and Wigmore on the other hand…)”. Ray and Wiggy too? Not to be missed!
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Anonymous said...

Will Mueller be running a parallel "investigation" into Yank (and British) "interference" in elections in, for instance, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon and Libya*?

You know, in the interests of international democratic principles.

* The full list is far too long for this comment section.

The Judge said...

Not for the first time, I'm baffled by your animus against Assange. Could you explain at greater length, or point me to where you've already done so?

BTW, the Clinton/DNC e-mails weren't 'stolen', they were leaked from within the Democratic Party; we have Craig Murray's say-so on this, and I tend to trust his view on this rather more than someone else running with the "It's all Putin's doing!" line, like the embedded corporate media have been doing for over two years with little evidence yet to support it.

Terry said...

Odd that a great legal mind like "The Judge" ignores Assange's flight from the proper legal process whereby he now finds himself in the impossible situation via his own devices.
So many who supported Assange have been bitterly disappointed in his decision to switch from "whistle-blower" journalist to partisan political player who in no small way helped install the ghastly Trump.

Terry said...

Anon's assertion that the US has much to answer for with their interference in so many countries often with tragic results ignores that Robert Mueller can only investigate one current matter and only act under the auspices of Congress and has no ability to do otherwise.
It's amazing how so many Trump supporters have only discovered America's past mendacious history and now invade the comment's sections everywhere on the net and always give the impression they are the greatest US patriots which they seem to believe means supporting the nutter currently in the White House whose grasp of the truth is tenuous at best. I mean you literally wouldn't trust Trump to tell you what the weather was like.

Anonymous said...

Terry 22:55.

I think you miss the intentional sarcasm at 15:13.

It isn't necessary to "support" Trump to point out the hypocrisy of internal and external US policies.

Trump is just another product of a bankrupt and corrupt political system. So were the Bush dynasty, Reagan, Obama and the Clintons. The actual policy differences are relatively minor. Trump is only "worse" because he's so obviously an ignorant lying spiv who uses the wrong language and can't keep his trousers zipped.

Hope this helps.