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Saturday 3 November 2018

Red Roar Anti-Semitism Smear FAILS

All too predictably, after the latest claims of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party were aired, came the new media hit squad with their trawl of any and every Labour related account they could find. This meant another lame hit job by the equally lame Fawkes-linked Red Roar blog, desperate to equate anything Labour with anti-Semitism.
So any meeting that talked, for instance, about the Pittsburgh shootings in terms that did not put anti-Semitism up front of whatever motion was being discussed, was denounced as “airbrushing” the subject. And that kind of behaviour was inevitably attributed to those who supported Jeremy Corbyn, because, well, it’s written, that’s why.
Then the Red Roar overreached itself in no style at all as it told the few still paying attention “Labour members including councillors in Norton branch, Stockton reportedly voted down this motion condemning the Pittsburgh attack, after the proposer refused to remove references to antisemitism”. But it wasn’t that simple, was it?
Let’s look at where the Red Roar got that information - a single Facebook post from Labour member Steve Cooke. What the Red Roar is not telling its readers is that Cooke is a Corbyn supporter - he’s a member of the Peoples’ Assembly, as is his partner. That detail got missed somehow. I wonder why (er, no I don’t).
Steve Cooke's Facebook post ...

Worse, what Cooke’s account of the meeting concerned shows is that much of what happened was down to him and an elected Councillor not, shall we say, having a meeting of minds on the way in which the local party should approach issues of anti-Semitism and more general racism. Pre-Corbyn Labour establishment at its worst.
... which the Red Roar didn't reproduce ...

As to the Red Roar inference that Jezza is behind the alleged anti-Semitism, this is what Steve Cooke had to say on the left versus right idea: “the conflict over this issue does not follow the left-versus-right stereotypes presented in the media. Barbara Campbell and myself are easily the most leftwing members active in our branch (I was a member of Left Unity prior to joining Labour in 2016 and we're both People's Assembly activists) and we supported the motion. It was the longer-established, Corbyn-sceptic members who opposed the motion  There was more in the same vein.
... shows the party old guard at fault

The same pattern was followed a fortnight earlier when the CLP executive voted by eight votes to six against allowing me to organise political education on this topic. The pro-Corbyn left members mostly supported the proposal and the more 'centrist' establishment, mainly councillors, voted against”. But that is not in the script devised by the Red Roar’s backers, and so it does not warrant a mention.
Once again, the Red Roar has over-egged its pudding. There’s been an internal argument in a Labour branch somewhere in the North East which has nothing to do with whether there is anti-Semitism within the party. A motion got voted down. By the Labour old guard.

Still, someone will throw them a biscuit for the attack, so that’s all right, then.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes, the far right anti-Labour boot boys are warming up. It's all so predictable it's laughable. Or would be laughable if it didn't tell you how morally corrupt is British politics and its lickspittle media.

Take last night's "Press Preview" on Murdochised Sky "News". There he was, Sebastian* Someone-Or-Other from the Financial Times, a twelve years old bespectacled gnome from somewhere in Suburbia, telling students they are ACTUALLY LUCKY to be landed with fees debts running to tens of thousands of pounds, and that, yes, anti-semitism is rife in the Labour Party and "Corbyn's to blame." It was almost surreal. "Balance" was provided by a woman from the Daily Mirror. the whole propaganda garbage could be titled Carry On Right Wing Bullshitting.

Meanwhile, over on BBC "News" deeply unpleasant John "Blubber The Gutt" Pienaar was busy peddling the line that Labour was "overwhelmed" by anti-semitism. You can always tell when The Gutt's on a mission - the tone of his voice almost drips hate. Of course he neglected to mention it is lying propagandists like him who are trying to "overwhelm".

Yes, expect far right propaganda bullshit to gradually pile up in a rancid mountain of turds as a general election approaches. Any minute now the Maybot will appear, cringeworthy as ever, jerking on the ends of strings pulled by the usual grotesque PR crew. That's how low British politics and its media goons have brought this country.

*It would be a "Sebastian" wouldn't it.